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  1. It's the tight control. I grew up on gampads and only got into PC gaming not too long ago. I tried playing l4d with some buddies on x-box and either wiped out my entire team by mistake or emptied whole clips shooting just over the zombies' heads or the ground at their feet. So damn frustrating. On the flip side, I can't do emulation on the keyboard. Platformers are a terror on a keyboard.
  2. Mouse. There's no contest. None. Specifically, I prefer point-and-click vs. the flight-sim effect
  3. Guess I should put some helpful info up here: First off, lemme just say that I'm not too picky. If you feel like getting creative, go for it. I'm easy to please. -Shirt size: Adult Medium/Large -I'll second (or third or fourth) the thinkgeek.com category of 'toys.' -DVDs (anything you think is good, my library is rather small), no Blueray -Books (Fantasy, Sci-fi, historical fiction, whatever, particularly the newest Wheel of Time by Brandon Sanderson, 'Gathering Clouds/Storm' or something -Games - I've got a DS, a PSP, and a PS2. My library is...eclectic, so this might not be a good option. -Whatever. Seriously, if you see something and you think 'o cool,' I'll probably get a kick out of it. Don't worry about a big price tag, spend what you feel like spending.
  4. I wouldn't worry about it. There are several of us that can't afford to put a lot of money into this. Thought, yes, but not necessarily $$. This is an early warning for whoever I got^^
  5. Long-time lurker, so this sounds like a great way to "give back" to this community. I'm in.
  6. Hm...wonder if it has any connection with Yorda from Ico.
  7. Well...I wasn't planning on ever buying a PS3... dammit...
  8. This sounds like a horrifying experience. I'm currently in a 3.5 and a 4e game. Their both fun, but I'm pretty much sold on 4e and won't cry a tear if I never play 3.5 again. My 3.5 character is Lazar Wolf Krogachev, the absent-minded and thickly (russian) accented artificer. In 4e I play a goblin (a la Warhammer online) rogue who doesn't know he's a goblin and has never seen another goblin before. Half the people at the table can't understand most of what comes out of my mouth when Gimlet talks. All-in-all, I have a ton of fun with table top. It is sometimes hard to admit to playing them, though.
  9. Ah, gameboy. My first system was the red "Play it out loud" line they came out with after the original gray. I've purchased every serious upgrade since the original (not including things like gameboy pocket, GBA SP, etc.). My next system didn't come around until I got me an N64. So, for quite some time it was just me'n'my Gameboy. Good times.
  10. Seems to be the best I can do, Darkesword "The year is 2672. Almost 700 years ago, the people of this world destroyed themselves with the ancient magiks of destruction and chaos. *cue scene with jets dropping bombs and nuclear explosions* The land was changed, the very mountains moved, and plains now rest where oceans once roared. Now, one unwitting hero will unleash again all that was made to be forgotten. Only two things stand between him and calamity: An old king, last leader of the people of earth, strives to catch the hero before he can make this earth shattering mistake. The creatures of the very earth itself. In order to prevent the destruction of the planet, the land funneled the power of the dark magiks to fuel enormous and terrible colossi. Iside each of these creatures lies a key. What drives this young man to such a task? A sleeping princess? A terrible demon? Find out This Summer comming to a theater near you www.zomgotc.com" Let's hear some more "awesome" ideas
  11. This...might force me to rent it. ya know...for the lulz
  12. Seriously, if they don't show eight hours of Wander riding around aimlessly and periodically holding his sword to the sky as a kind of celestial GPS...well, screw it, I ain't seein' it. Kidding aside, I loved the game and don't want to see this movie. Part of the beauty of the game is that it really did leave the ending up to interpretation so that, while some might be more accurate than others, you pretty much get the ending you want.
  13. I never bothered watching 2 and 3...and yes, the first one is still amazing. EDIT: for ridiculous misquote
  14. I remember originally playing FFVII and thinking "Wait, why don't you just fall for the guy instead of getting all hung-up on an old crush. I mean, this is the main character we're talking about." After playing CC, I realized the error of my ways.
  15. Keep in mind, some of us vote on things other than strictly "is this picture visually appealing." When someone displays a lot of creativity and pulls it off well, for example, I can really appreciate that.
  16. Honestly? I just thought it was hilarious. I'm so glad this thang got some renewed interest.
  17. I'm actually developing a theory that taking firm leadership of this thread causes bans to happen. Not suggesting the judges hate this thread, but I AM suggesting that there is a correlation that can't be ignored. As such, I ain't touchin' it! On-topic, I think we should let the winner of November choose the theme for February and go from there. Also, posting the pics of the two people that entered in December would be cool, too.
  18. Thanks for the opportunity. It was a fun little project. Glad you had no problem finding what you needed.
  19. I just pmed you, obviously disregard what I said about when I can get you a recording; either I get it in by the 13th or I don't.
  20. I might be interested. Whether or not I can act or have the neccisary ability would be up to you guys.
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