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  1. my bad, thought I had until tonight to vote. Anyway-- Showroom Dummy's had catchy beats, wobbly synths, and sounded anthemic. Solid work! Skoshu's I would have voted for, very intricate and skillfully made. Good enough for OCR imo. Jonathan!'s was also great, live guitar and pretty faithful arrangement with some solos and stuff. Thanks everyone for taking the time to mix one of my favorite little VGMs Edit: Here are more tracks from SSSV that are worth a listen should you have the time and inclination: Far Bear Mountain The Battery Farm Penguin Playpen (which I suspect might be one of the ripoffs Nase mentioned, but if so, from where?)to me it doesn't get better than catchy little swing tunes with an old school vg soundset. woohoo
  2. yeah man I was 14 when I starting doing this. I'm 23 now. all kinds of weird s*** has happened in the meantime but PRC soldiers on. hopefully when I'm 80 I'll be beaming in PRC mixes via telepathy circuit. love ur OCRs, btw.
  3. I'm glad you added me! <3 VGM + Remixes lol, yeah thanks, and congratulations for keeping PRC alive.
  4. Hey guys! Just submitted an entry... It's been a long long time since my last PRC, but I saw Sir Nuts' awesome mix on Facebook and I had to get in on this.
  5. I chose this theme because it is simple but unique. I hope at least one person attempts it, or failing that, listens to it afresh.
  6. Yo, so I came across this today and was like "it's been a while why not do one?" then I finished my remix and went to submit it, but thasauce's page is glitched up or something because I can't. I even made a forum account, but I get an error message when I click the submit link. so... here it is. Bermuda Daydream http://tindeck.com/listen/mqyx
  7. *** My friend wonders which of these 2 keyboards is better for someone who is primarily a keyboardist but has a light interest in recording and sequencing music. Are the few hundred extra dollars worth it for the Akai MPK88, or does the Keystation 88 Pro basically have all the "Pro" a budget-minded college student could need/want? *** I'm basically posting this for him, without a good working knowledge of either keyboard, so if there's a better third option or any other relevant information, just post it up. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  8. Having read this thread, I reverse my pseudo-half-formed notion to see this movie and decide instead to not-see it.
  9. Hi everyone! I used to participate in ORC a lot, but not lately. I feel bad about bumping that really old ORC thread... then leaving without mixing up a single song. So tonight I make up for all my absentee-ism with a remix of Just64Helpin's Property, which I found to be a really fun source tune. It's quite short, and it may break your ears, but enjoy nonetheless! http://www.tindeck.com/audio/filestore/v/vinh-Improperty.mp3 Maybe some other month I'll make a mix that's less of a rush job and more of an epic journey. For now I'm happy I managed one at all. College apps are killing me... killing me!
  10. ORC! ORC! ORC! I'm in. Really like the BK mix btw. BK/BT have practically my favorite video game soundtracks.
  11. I hope a couple of people are... if not I guess enjoy the mix.
  12. I made a mix. Too little, too late? First time in months I've touched Fruity Loops or my samples. Very rushed...it's 2:00 a.m. PST and I have to get up at 5:45 tomorrow (today) for school. Made the process hellishly frustrating, turned out a not-so-polished finished product. Repetitive. It's not so bad, though the guitar playing is (while I'm better than this, I'm not that good). Characteristic excuses aside, I'm sad to see ORC die like this. But I've been gone for a while, so I guess I can't really talk. Here's the mix, kind of downbeat, just a little bit jazzy. The Swan Palm I would be thrilled for any competition. Want to finish your mix, Nuts? For old time's sake? (not actually that long ago, haha) Or anyone? Or are we done here... p.s. If ORC was revived, I would totally mix for it all the time! I'm getting back into computer music! Though I don't think I'll be remixing much video game music anymore. p.p.s. sorry to Nutritious, the source tune is kind of buried in there. But, er, you can make a game of finding it! Fun!
  13. Gee, I haven't thought about OCRemix, or this project, in a veeeery long time. Feel kinda guilty. Want me to finish my track? Edit: and listening to it for the first time in months, oh jesus does it need fixing!
  14. Argh! Forgot about updating the background piece! I'm done now at any rate... I'll send it to you and if it's not too late (and you think it's better than the previous version ) then you can replace it I guess.
  15. When remixing, I normally take a part of the tune and write some parts around it, meld that into an intro, introduce the tune itself, then chorus sections & building etc. etc. This is just most of the time.
  16. God, I bought an S03 when I didn't know how important weighted action would be to me as a piano player. I kind of regret it now, but at least it's a decent sampler. Shoulda bought this one.
  17. First VG song I ever learned for piano was the song of time, it's kind of a fun right hand part if you can figure it out right, and you can make the left hand as easy or hard as you want it.
  18. Thanks a lot for the tips, Compy! It's great to get some more experienced feedback, makes me feel much safer. I'll definitely follow 'em. Thanks again.
  19. Three months ago I got my first guitar, Epiphone G400 I beleive it was... I play it all the time though, so I think it was worth it.
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