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  1. The last boss in Prey, whatever her name was.
  2. Obviously, if it's going to look like this: http://www.imdb.com/gallery/ss/0453556/TM157.jpg.html?path=gallery&path_key=0453556&seq=15 Then you're right, it does look like shit. I'm going to wait until I see the damn thing before I give my final opinion about its' looks though.
  3. I find Wii Sports and WarioWare to be quite visually appealing, myself.
  4. Salad

    Nintendo Wii

    Still using the standard wrist straps that came with my system. I've had no problems with mine, and probably won't for good time ahead.
  5. Salad

    Nintendo Wii

    The only heat I've noticed from my Wii while in standby mode was the heat caused by the sun during the early morning hours, before I moved it to a position where it's less likely to recieve sun light directly.
  6. Salad

    Nintendo Wii

    On the Wii menu, hit the message button in the lower right... Open your address book... it's the button on the right. And there's your Wii code... If there are already entries, you can see your friend code by hitting - and thus going to the front "cover" of the address book.
  7. That puzzle wasn't really that hard... in my humble opinion, that is. It was quite fun figuring it out, actually. As was the Ice block puzzle.
  8. Posted one year after "Flurry of Frozen Fury", another favourite of mine.
  9. 786? Don't you mean 768?Anyway... 768Kbps translates to 768/8=96. If you're able to reach ~96kB/s or somewhere below that, then you're certainly making full use of your connection. How well you will be able to play depends on how much bandwidth a regular game of Smash will actually need, where the players you're playing with are located, and how stable your internet connection is.
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