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  1. Awesome stuff by Snappleman. Another mix that couldn't have been achieved without raw talent. Excellent work!
  2. the sax sounds awesome. Its a nice moody piece that calms my nerves. 10/10 Gr8 Job
  3. love it More more more kingdom hearts music please! 10/10 great
  4. Good song. The trebel is a little high for me though. Maybe if the main part was down an octave Id listen to it with headphones. Other then that... a very well organized, dance oriented tune. 8.86/10 Cool
  5. Man I can't stop bobn my head. A very addictive song Love when the deep guitars take over. 10/10 Awesome ______________________ "I cant eat, i cant sleep, so i sing myself to sleep, you know... self hypnosis!"
  6. arg... i feel like a pirate when i hear this song. I want a pirate ship for my birthday. excellent song 'Unknown' 9.98/10 awesome _____________ "Just because ure not paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you"
  7. takes my breath away. excellent song to listen to 2 calm your nerves. _________________ "...go to the hunting department of Wal*Mart and ask for antidepressants..."
  8. "...and those eyes, whoa... they look like lapis lazulies sparkling so bright... they make the morning radiant and right" excellent song! I image the girl of my dreams when i hear it. 10/10 awesome
  9. i'm diggin' the percussion at the beginning. It's what made me keep on listening. Music 2 my ears. I give it a cool 8.98/10 [needs a better ending(but wut do i know)] ____________________ "Now i'm out in the cold cold night all alone til the dawns first light i'm in a new state of mind"
  10. ahh... a very relaxing song. Listen 2 it b4 i hit the sac every night. An excellent opiate. 9.94/10 Great ________________ -_-z z z z "...dream on..."
  11. g8 tune! it makes me wanna play the original for SNES. Like right now! Great stuff. Sounds like the original only it's not. 10/10 Awesome! _______________ "I don't remember anything"
  12. very very nice song. Piano sounds gr8 wish it was a little extended in time though. Still a wonderful Christmas piece. 9.97/10 Sweet ____________________ HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  13. i have 2 agree w/ jordex on that. A well thought out piece. Listen to it all the time. keep up the good work
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