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  1. I could try.... lyrics aren't usually my strong suit, it takes me a long time to come up with them. PM me the details though and I'll see what I can do.

  2. Can you let me know when the next episode of RWTS is? I'd like to get back into advising for it!

  3. Game designers choose themes, gameplay elements, bonuses, and direct the art and music of the game. Once I get the hang of it it sounds like it'll be a blast!

  4. It's in Chicago, I'm learning to design slot machine games. :-)

  5. I've been so busy! Just moved and started a new job. Things are pretty great!

  6. I can also do whatever parts you think I'd be ok at.

  7. Tatl and Tael sound pretty interesting. I wouldn't say that my lyrical skills are great but I can try to help out.

  8. It sounds interesting, I could probably do it. What did you have in mind for me?

  9. Do you already have second teammate?

  10. fantastic! if you're looking for my other good stuff you should check out the favorites list of my tindeck page cause there's a lot of subpar ones on that account too. :D

  11. And anyway, w/e, you're still my biggest musical cheerleader. By far.

  12. You'd better go on to win the GMRB cause I don't want to lose to a loser :P

  13. i try to put a positive spin on things :P

  14. hehehe you're starting to sound like my compo cheerleader :P

  15. On skype i'm ladywildfire05, but i'm not on often. i'm not sure exactly what tracks i'm picking, but i'm pretty sure it/they are from the game gear sonic titles. And i'm planning on doing some sexah untz with them.

  16. i was jw how horrendous the pattern in your forum sig would sound if you played it. :P

  17. i got the album in the mail today, thanks bro!

  18. Oh herro there, fellow profile visitor :-)

  19. dude, i've wanted to learn to snowboard for a long time. never gotten around to it tho. things are pretty awesome in bethworld, as usual, tho definitely having an above average weekend :D

  20. Sup, dude? How's life treating you?

  21. once you see it, you'll shit bricks

  22. I'm a nerd. I made a few awesome gsdd spreadsheets at work. You should be proud of me :D

  23. my favorite main adept was Jenna I think. I also wish they told you a bit more about Alex too

  24. Good good. I think I found a new inspiration for this one. I'll work on it tonight. I'm thinking middle-eastern deserty now.

  25. All of the WIPs I have are on the FB page. I'd love for you to listen to them all! However, I will say that I've not worked on many of them in ages and probably won't for a while either, so no hurries. Just that any feedback is better than no feedback, ya know?

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