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  1. I much prefer remixes that make use of original sound effects over those that do not. For the most part. I like this, Mister Coat.
  2. It has recently come to my attention that there are no Wario avatars. Here are some suggested tools for fixing this site bug: LT: The sprites designs are kind of lame to me, but I took the 3rd one. It's a funny pose, even if his foot gets cuts off.
  3. i hate him and i am glad he is gone >:[ Okay, not really. Good luck, fellow. I hope that you arrive at your destination in life without any flat tires or other things that can be used as a metaphor for something bad in life.
  4. When you download the torrent, there should be an option to only download certain files. It varies between clients, but you uncheck them from the file list or something. Try checking the properties of the torrent.
  5. I'll help seed the 1-1000 torrent for a few weeks or so after it finishes downloading. YAY INTERNET
  6. Slightly more compact and shiny-looking. I like it. Have the banners been removed from the top for good now? I usually have them adblocked, but the white space reserved for them was still there before. And the search box is cute, too ^__^
  7. haha it's a kitchen sink get it
  8. LT: Looks MS Paint quality. Get an actual scan of a face and scale it down.
  9. I never beat the final boss in "Where's Waldo" for NES. oh wait there wasn't one.
  10. I haven't even heard this yet, and I'm laughing aloud (in class, mind you) at the title and comments regarding this remix. Can't wait to listen to it later! edit: yep, I like it! Sounds kinda like what Kupi and I have recorded actually...
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