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  1. tourist wakes up to a room shaking. "Holy shit earthquake!?" "No honey it's robo-jackson moonwalking us up early, just try to ignore... HOLY SHIT DUCK!" blindness-inducing lasers flash all over the place "Phew that was close!"
  2. Holy shit of ALL people, why don't the media actually interview someone who was actually IN the campus for fucks sake... I propose you GA voice your thoughts and what you have seen. If at all possible slam the media for making such an asinine choice to even interview what I would call a certified dumbass.
  3. Speaking of which I have yet to see anything about what the hell were they doing during those couple of hours. Edit: From the video feeds I've seen they haven't stormed in during it all. Perhaps considered trying negotiations as it was happing. I don't know...
  4. That's opening up another mess... One side, with the possibility of a student downing the crazed gunman, something like that could have prevented the major loss of life. In the other side, the argument that the gunman could have been a crazed student that just happen to plan a massacre out of resentment/revenge ala columbine style... yeah no matter what its a mess of an issue... Although to my understanding the campus police are not allowed to carry guns as well.. If this is true wtf were they thinking...
  5. ripe for meme birth rofl Next thing you know the planes are crashing down at vegas because the lasers either blinded the pilots so badly or blasts incoming planes for shits and giggle.. Ooh here's another one, its actually a secret government project for missle defense program involving a 50 foot robot
  6. Certainly beats the ominous idea of urban/suburban internal terrorism starting up; of course this doesn't make the situation any better
  7. I agree, TP's OST didn't leave much of an impression on me; unlike OoT and LttP's OSTs. Midna's theme (both origninal strings and piano) though is memorable.
  8. Goodluck with it then. If anything... you can try simple and have the song build up over the course of what ever length you would have it finalized at (or would like to) and perhaps make a climatic and satisfying end... just my $0.02
  9. Like Goten-X I like it as well as it's quite solid... The only problem is that it resembles too closely to the original song. Maybe if you had the guitar playing in a different style along with putting in something original into it (just to be clear I'm not saying you didn't) since it really sounds more like an updated or "remastered" rendition of that song which for some reason I can't remember, even after playing that MMZ game alot lol... again it just seems more like a remastered rendition (which I liked in any case) rather than a REmix... But hey I don't play instruments/synthesize music I just listen to them so... kudos to you to making it. Wish I could be more helpful
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