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  1. Very nice man. Good work. I wonder why nobody did this before with OCR remixes. I know there was that radio show but still this is nice.
  2. Alright, regarding the wavebirds I posted earlier. I would sell them for $20 each. You can still smell the new in them. That's how barely used they are.
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    I'm surprised. I thought this thread would get more posts. Could it be the whole securom thing and not many people got it? I bought the game and I don't regret it especially since I don't plan on upgrading this computer for ages. I don't think the game lives up to the hype it had but it still is a good game. I just hope this doesn't turn into one of those "10+ expansion pack" like games.
  4. anthonium

    Boom Blox

    I've been following this game for a long time now as it always caught my interest. Now I'm glad to see the reviews about it are good. I'm sure it'd make a great party game. As for buying it...unfortunately I have been buying too many Wii games lately so I'll have to wait for a while.
  5. I really recommend this movie to any comicbook/super hero loving fan. Great acting, good amount of humor, incredibly realistic looking IronMan, and just an overall FUN movie to watch. If you do go see it, stay after the credits.
  6. I'm curious...I know the online portion of the game sets you up with people around your same skill level but how does that work if two people are on the same console? How does it decide? I take it the skill level is decided on the Mii name you play with so if two people are on the same console there is a skill level for each?
  7. Yeah I'm aware of that but it just takes away from that feeling of accomplishment you get when playing GP mode with up to 3 other friends right next to you. I was sold on this game until I heard about only 1player GP mode. It's a big deal to me so I don't know if I'll be buying this game or just use that money and get Okami instead since I never played that game.
  8. I don't understand Nintendo. They went from "no to online" to "online only" now? From what I've read in many places this game hardly has any playing value for offline mode so I take it anybody without a fast internet connection shouldn't even buy this game? Anyway I have very fast internet but I hardly have time to get online to play anymore and when I do manage to play a game I usually have friends over to play as well. I can forgive the poor battle mode but who is the idiot that decided offline GP mode no longer needs to be for more than 1player? What the hell is the reasoning behind that? For me that's been the deciding factor on whether or not I should get this game. I'm sure the online is great but in my case I was looking more for a great offline experience as well (like Brawl). End of rant, not of rage.
  9. It doesn't cease to amaze me how idiotic some people can be. Honestly HOW do you expect to get away with plagiarizing when it's obvious you'll be found out especially by making it easier and posting it on a popular site. I just don't get it...
  10. What was Deviantart's joke? Also the muppets rick roll = awesome
  11. Makes me wish it was a real movie despite Link's BUSTED looking face. Reminds me of those cheap scifi channel movies that you know is going to be horrible but still take the time to watch. The only realistic Link costume I've seen has been Legolas in LOTR.
  12. Do mine plz http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=384769&postcount=65 http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=384770&postcount=66
  13. Hmm could the wingless come up with something better than Jose's concept which is pretty much loved by all? This I wonder...
  14. How exactly do you achieve things like the axe spinning in the air or an item falling in stop motion anyway? I'm completely clueless in this area.
  15. That was amazing. I loved the humor, I loved the voices. Everything was perfect. I had to make a youtube account and subscribe. By the way just how long did it take to do make it?
  16. That's a good setup Bahamut. I have less than that actually on the new desktop I just build this past weekend and the game runs smooth as hell for me. Intel Core Duo 2.40Ghz 4GB Ram 300GB Harddrive Nvidia GeForce 7800GT Windows Vista Home Premium I too decided to get Vista because it was actually cheaper than getting XP Professional and because I wanted to get an OS that will be supported for a long time. After reading this is in an article I figured I should get Vista. Anyway I look forward to TF2 gaming with you all sometime.
  17. I actually posted that video a couple posts up...but anyway it does look like it'll be fun. Up to 12 players racing online and 12 as well for battle mode online. As for the snaking discussion I don't even care much for that since I never relied on it so I never used it. This game has always felt more about fun to me than actual competition. Speaking of apparently battle mode is not free for all. People will be divided into teams of six. I don't know Nintendo's mentality on this...perhaps they don't want to single out one individual as as a loser so they rather people lose in teams?
  18. Well it's a different development team than that of Smash Bros so I wouldn't worry too much about how much time was focused on it. The game had been announced to be worked on since a long time ago. Regardless though I'm worried because of the new incentive to attract casual gamers the game will feel way too easy. I also fear it will be like Mario Kart: Double Dash in terms of replay value and quality and that if Brawl is any indication, the online experience won't be that smooth. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong in all these and hopefully the game won't be pushed back...
  19. This is hands down my favorite online multiplayer on the pc. I LOVE THIS GAME. Anyway I'm already in the group. I don't like how steamID works though because for example you have a forum handle yet your steam id is different than that handle, and then there's the nickname you choose which shows up in game. Kind of like my case... Forum Handle - anthonium Steam ID - 1117chronicles In game nickname - The Big Cheese
  20. Battle Mode TFpZFt8h0tI I love how the old SNES Battle Course 4 is there.
  21. Well I'm done with my idea. I thought there would be more submissions. Anyway I suppose I'll just print out my own idea and laminate it just to see how it looks.
  22. Err I'm not sure about this so I figured I'd ask here. For the online mode, is it possible for two people on the same system to play online against others or is it only one person per system when online?
  23. You're not alone. While I do not think it is crap, it does seem a bit like a dull experience to me but not something I mind playing through. I just consider it a decent side feature.
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