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  1. Well I went to BestBuy at 5am (opening time) to get Orange Box for the PC at $25 but the line was extremely and ridiculously long (spanned across 3 more stores next to BestBuy so I went to Circuit City instead. Got into the store pretty quick and bought Orange Box there although they had it for $35, then drove back to BestBuy and they didn't have any more Orange Box so I'm glad I managed to get it at CircutCity. I then drove to Office Max and got my 2gig SandDisk SD card for $13 and that's all I got. I do agree with Bigfoot. I saw laptops with poor specs and people buying them like crazy. They had to hand out vouchers in the line for those there for the laptops. Some HP Vista laptop with 2gig memory, some crappy graphics card, and like 3.2gigz for $850...WTF are people thinking? Oh it comes with a free crappy printer and free crappy digital camera...wow... Anyway in the end I spent about an hour and half to get those two things and I'm pretty happy with my purchase.
  2. I'm going to be going to the store that gets the most people...BestBuy. It opens at 5am. I'm going for the Orange Box (PC) for $25 and Office Max for a 2gig Sandisk SD card for $12. That's about all I'm going for. Perhaps I might also be getting Resident Evil 4 for the Wii for $20 at BestBuy. I'm not going to be waiting in line though. I will be there at 5am when it opens.
  3. Well I just started the game so I can't really say much about it. I've only gotten my first star and yes the enemies I've seen so far are pushovers but then again so were the ones in Mario64. Mario64 was a pretty easy game as well and it was still a joy to play. Then again it was the first game of its kind like that so that may be why but still if Galaxy is anything like Mario64 or better then I know I won't be disappointed.
  4. Woot only 5 more days! I hope the game takes at least 40+ hours to beat but that's because I always enjoy Mario games and I want to enjoy them for a long time.
  5. anthonium

    Nintendo Wii

    Well considering I have big hands I think it will feel quite comfy despite its silly look.
  6. anthonium

    Nintendo Wii

    You can still get them for free. The current controllers and consoles already come with wii remote jackets. They are doing this for those that got them before this change. If you want to order yours just go here but be prepared to wait quite a while for it to ship but hey at least it's free! http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/jacket/jacketrequest.jsp
  7. anthonium

    Nintendo Wii

    Even if it says you exceeded the max requests that doesn't mean it went through. The first time I did the order it failed to load the confirmation page. I tried other times and I got the exceeded max requests message so I waited a couple of days, tried again and my order went all the way to a confirmation page telling me my order number and so on. I also received a message by email. That's your guaranteed way of knowing your order went through. Unfortunately I ordered mine weeks ago and the status says "back ordered" so I guess it will be quite a while until I receive my wii remote jacket. *sigh*
  8. Well I just installed MediaMonkey and I LOVE IT even though I'm not much for organization. It has it's own built in player but as I said earlier you can use Winamp as its player. It really has great organization. I suggest you try it out: http://www.mediamonkey.com/index.htm
  9. Wow so far this has been my favorite update! This game is gonna have tons of things to mess around with. I can see why it was delayed.
  10. I use Winamp. I don't care much for organization. I just pick a file and play. heh. I've heard good things about Media Monkey as far as organization goes and even better is the fact you can use MediaMonkey to manage your library in conjunction with Winamp as the player. It has both a free and pay version: http://www.mediamonkey.com/product.htm
  11. You should. It's from the first Donkey Kong Country. Anyway I did like this update even though it was not that big a deal. It makes me wish they brought back Donkey Kong in a true platform game like the old DKC series not the garbage they've recently been doing with him.
  12. MushroomWayMadness: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00224/
  13. Well I'll be checking it out though now that I've tried Pownce I do like it a lot better than Twitter.
  14. I don't think I can wait any longer for the final cd! *smacks head on table* I was listening to Antigravity today again and was like !!!! It just sounds like I'm being taken somewhere else. Somewhere good that is. lol. Anyway I look forward to your cd. You really have a gift.
  15. Good idea but I know it most likely will never happen. *sigh*
  16. I think I just peed myself a lil
  17. Well my name is EmGee on there so feel free to add me to your buddy list.
  18. Perhaps I should not have called it a Mario Kart clone as Kart Rider is a game in its own just with some similarities with Mario Kart. I wouldn't judge the game based on the experience I had playing Mario Kart games. For me Kart Rider is a fun game. Item Mode may seem like item whoring all the time but after a while you realize there is some skill as to when you should use them. I hope people give it a try before brushing it off. It'd be fun to race against fellow ocr members.
  19. Yeah they did and also some game called Audition: http://www.nexon.net/
  20. So as the thread title states...I came across Kart Rider, a cel-shaded online Mario Kart clone. I realize it has been out in Korea for a while but just recently it's been released in English. The game download is 232mb and should work on most computers with a decent graphics card. Kart rider consists of two types of gameplay. Item and Speed both supporting up to 8 players max. The game also has a single player story mode which rewards you with in game money to buy items and characters. You can also pay real money to get things ahead of time but it's not necessary. The game begins with a tutorial which then gives you a Rookie license which you can use to race against other rookies as it will not allow a higher level racer to beat the snot out of a lower level one. To read more about it you can check out the Kart Rider wikipedia entry. And if you're curious to see it in action there's several videos of the game on youtube. I hope some of you give it a try! Oh and pardon my messy post. I'm not much of a thread starter. Kart Rider site: http://kart.nexon.net/ Kart Rider wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kart_Rider Kart Rider youtube vids: http://youtube.com/results?search_query=kart+rider&search=Search
  21. Haha that's the funniest update I've seen. The videos do work but you just have to click on them over and over til they finally load.
  22. anthonium

    Nintendo Wii

    I started filling out the order form and right at the last step once I hit submit it takes me to a white page so I don't really know if the order went through or not. I did not receive any email either. I suppose I'll try filling out the order again a couple of days from now to see if it will give me some type of confirmation. Hopefully it didn't screw up and say I already placed an order but it still didn't go through the system. Edit: Ahh crap I tried to place an order again and it says I have exceeded the number of wii jackets I can get. I guess this means it went through or so I hope.
  23. anthonium

    Nintendo Wii

    WHOA! I'm glad I read this thread otherwise I wouldn't have known about this. Awesome! Gonna order now.
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