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  1. It was an interesting movie. I went with low expectations and came out not WOW'd but satisfied. I actually felt the fear of the people throughout the movie. The motion sickness camera was not that big a deal to me but at the beginning of the movie I found it unnecessary. I've walked with a camera in my hands before and it's never that damn shaky. Anyway I liked the movie though I don't care much for a sequel even though I am curious to know where the monster came from. On a different note, I've been trying to find a good picture of the monster on the internet but I've had no luck. Has anybody come across one with views of it from all sides?
  2. anthonium

    Nintendo Wii

    Eh it doesn't surprise me. I've been expecting this for the last two weeks but it is still disappointing to hear. I even made my sig just for the feb 10 release. *sniff* On a side note, nice sig Frustration Raptor.
  3. Is the bar where your links are placed supposed to come out by the sides? It looks a bit weird to me.
  4. I finally beat the game for the first time with 60 stars and I have to say this is the funnest game I've played in a long time. Every time I loaded it and played I had a huge smile on my face. There's just something about Mario games and beating them that always feels so rewarding. Definitely one of my favorite games EVER. Now to work on 120 stars. One thing I wonder is how they'll do the next Mario game. It seems like going back to Mario 64 style and not keeping the whole gravity walking around planets thing would be a downgrade.
  5. While the game looks cool I also don't see how the blocks are generated depending on the music.
  6. hahah Zirkby. I love this thread. I'm going to try do draw some stuff on my own though drawing and then having to scan it is annoying. If only I had a Wacom.
  7. When I first read about this I thought it was ridiculous but after looking at the pictures I can see how they somewhat fit in though Yoda is more of a believable character in Soul Calibur than Darth Vader who looks too...futuristic.
  8. Cool final smash for Snake. I'm thrilled to see Olimar and that's a definitely a character I didn't think would be added to the game. Here's to hoping that Geno will make an appearance as well.
  9. The next Half Life game should be like this. That was really cool.
  10. Self gifts I bought a couple of weeks before Christmas: - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Super Mario Galaxy - The Orange Box (PC) - Wii remote controller Christmas day gifts: - A great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner with my family. - Very nice pair of jeans. (The fabric is awesome) - Cool as heck soft fabric type jacket to match the jeans. - A sweet looking stainless steel bracelet. - Two very nice business like dress shirts for work. - Little atom shaped massager with these glowing lights on it. Feels good! I'm happy
  11. I've had this game for about 3 weeks now I think and it has to be the funnest online multiplayer for pc that I have ever played. I have so many laughs in this game. I never see anybody from OCRemix group on though. :\ Anyway here's a video that I'm sure all TF2 players will love. My stomach hurts from laughing so much:
  12. Not only is it free, but it's GOOD. Great job man I love this. Edit: Just finished listening to it all. This is so catchy and awesome. MORE PLZ THNX
  13. anthonium

    Nintendo Wii

    I just bought a 2nd Wii remote controller and synced it with my Wii and started testing it out on the Wii's main interface but if I go to Wii settings and try to pick an option it won't let me. Is it because you can only do so with the player 1 (P1) remote or is there something screwed up with my (P2) remote?
  14. The graphics look a bit strange to me. Not bad just different. Kind of like a sketch look to it but I'm sure they'll improve on it as time goes by.
  15. Well I just got the game so anybody wanna play online right now with me? My friend code is 5498-2342-9823-2123-8471-9312-6840-1243-5687-9867-3012-4809-2764-3891-6853-1234-5678-9101-1112-9876-5432-10713-123i1poujtiowhhndfjkhoihsasdioujpoijek21nl32l1n
  16. I bought the game on black friday and so far it's the funnest online multiplayer game I own. I love this game1 It is the first time I ever play team fortress so I was bit confused since everyone else already seemed to know what they were doing plus have every turn of every map memorized. I still haven't done that. My favorite gametype is capturing several points while other team defends. As far as capture the intel goes I have yet to see a map where anyone wins without going to Sudden Death. In TwoFort it's almost impossible to get the case and I find it to be a pointless map for getting the intel but it's still fun fighting there. Anyway why not add each other to friends list and form an OCRemix TeamFortress2 Clan? If you run into The Big Cheese that's me.
  17. Just because Hirokazu Tanaka did it doesn't make it great. I know how the original goes and this is pretty much the original with a whole bunch of random sounds thrown in. Might as well have thrown in some "YEAAAAAAAAAH" and "OKAAAAAAY" with some unts unts. Anyway yay widescreen support.
  18. Am I the only one that thinks that DK Remix was lame?
  19. Damn his AnimeRemix of Naruto Medley makes me sad. http://www.animeremix.org/remix/40/
  20. Such awesome piano playing by him: My condolences for his family and friends.
  21. Bahamut out for money? You spent what I think is about $1300. I know you're looking in for profit but damn I'm really out for money because I can't even afford to spend all that to then get profit. I spent about $55 today and already I felt like I was pushing it. lol.
  22. Yeah the thing is when I remembered I could get it online it was too late. I checked the site and it was all sold out online which is why I guess it said In-Store Pickup: Not available so I suppose that is why it was not there when I went. Could it be that everyone bought online so there were none available for the store or does the store keep some apart for those that did not order online to buy at store? Either way I didn't find it but hey $35 beats $50 so I'm happy. Also, 3 Wiis and all that other stuff? I thought you were broke! and why 3 Wiis?
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