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  1. Alright, so I've never gone online with this game, and I can't seem to find your server. Would someone mind giving me a hand with something of a how-to for getting online in the multiplayer? Or am I just not seeing the Hamachi server since I'm not on at the right time? Oh JK, why can't you be simple, like joining a starcraft game back when all there was were minimaps anyways...
  2. I'm gettin the torrent going. Hopefully I can manage a few games with you guys- I've only played the first Jedi Knight, but would love to have a run on this one. Anything a noob should know about online play? Howabout from a cracked version?
  3. I have a friend who was down at EB games today, and put down 120$ in preorders for a few different games, including Brawl. It, along with many of the others (Metroid, etc), were slated much later then expected. Apparently, Brawl is listed for December- how else to make massive amounts of money, but to release at christmas? This is also, however, unconfirmed. He did put money down for it, though.
  4. first things first- this is the site: http://www.geocities.com/therexmaster/ and this is me trying to post pics throw me a frickin' bone here
  5. HURRA!!! THAT MAKES 5 CANADIANS! or something soooooooooo............. does my sig work?
  6. eiffel 65...... ahhh yes, the pop group with the funny sound... I can just imagine it: full coverage, hype, hysteria. you go to the shop, pick one up.. go home, pop it in to your home cd player.... and... "Ieee'm robo, da bo DEE da bo daaiee, ya bo dee, ya boo dieee, I'm robo......" It's THAT catchy....
  7. Mmmmmmmmmmm...... nostalgia............. first comment; the synth "horn" is a little too..... obviously synthy.. but, the other musical samples are very nice, and I love the panning effects you got going there. as long as you don't expect this to be a "professional rapper" piece, and expect an "overclocked remix", this piece is very badass. Even if it does seem quite "oldschool NES", it all works very well, assuming that is the original goal. I think that the lyrics also sound very nice. kinda a counter-melody thing going on, and it just fits in very smoothly with the main melody. Slick stuff DJ. (PS: do you have the original lyrics posted anywhere for the enjoyment of the listeners )
  8. heh, I walked right in on that dark mana beast thing WITHOUT A CLUE!!!! somehow, I kicked it's ass the first time.(I was using the beastman monk, sorceress, chick, and the ninja, theif), it just suprised me when it transformed, revived itself, and grew another "head". That was a piss off. I still havn't beaten that game, because I can't pass the goddamn triple death jester boss. It's impossible to cast magic on him without BEING KILLED while standing still, the ninja was just too weak, and I had only 1 fighter(acually, a white mage/fighter too... )
  9. you haev no idea how hard for me that is. MM3 was my first NES game(other than SMB), and it was so amazing to hear this piece of music, after such a taxing game. I love this piece, but...... I can't really pick anything out good job, looking forward to your next mix
  10. *sniff*..........................It's beautiful................ an indirect birthday gift from a complete stranger(I think)........ wow... my birthday was on the 3rd, and I am now 16. Yay. now, to the mix itself: the intro is a little bit bothering, after a few listens, so, I got the free program: mp3trim off the net, cut it at 16 seconds, and voilà!! It starts right after: "I'll sing it to you", right on the laa,la,la,laaaa,la,la,*skreech*,la,la-a-a-a-a thing. it now has a very prominent spot on my top playlist! exeptional job Mr. FFmusicdj!
  11. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! I don't know what all you nasty, nasty people were taking hits of, but I don't give a monkey's _ _ _(fill in as you please) about your nasty opinions. I love this mix. Maybe It's because I haven't heard the original, but this is quality stuff!!! even if it may be simple, this is an absolutly awsome techno-ish mix, and yet still audably a Castlevania piece. I LOVE the high piched sections, and the whole ambiance of the piece in general. I've got this thing playing once for every three pieces in my 4-hour playlist! (entirely of OC remixs) A hearty cheer to Shael Riley!!! HOOO-HAH! HOOO-HAH! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!
  12. Yeah.... this is hilarious. It's the kind of song you'd put as the first track of your cd to make sure no one's going to steal it, or listen to it without you permission. (It works!) it makes you think: man, I hope this guy doesn't make one about what Cloud seems like, I'll never play zelda again. I'm scarred for life. interesting mix anyways.
  13. I like. I like alot. This is totally a very nicely done mix. This is the kind of thing you listen to, like, and contiue to like even if you listed to it looped for hours on end all by itself*. I haven't notived anything really "off" with this mix, yet, and I continue to enjoy it. Exellent mix from an exellent game. (ok, maybe it was horribly frustrating, but it's the thought that counts) *fine fine, maybe it wasn't by itself. But it could have been!!
  14. Ohhhhh....... DIG IT! oh man, I'm not a huge FF6 player, and have only really played it on an emulator, and I am not a huge industrial fan(at least i didn't think so..) but DAMN! THIS MIX IS NICE! I really do like the vocals, but my fav part has got to be the pumping bass at 1:20 or whatever. Ohhh, I can't imagine what this is like with massive bass boost. OHHHHHHhhhh!!! *shivers* this is a totally solid, and masterful mix. PLEASE make more like it! Keep up the good work.
  15. I agree, this is a great mix. but then again, how can you go wrong with ffVII's boss theme? some really nice techno in this, top notch. the ending/victory theme was nicely done, and doesn't sound BAD, but if you are listening just for the crazy driving techno, it kind of spoils it. but, I don't mind. this is my fav. FF in the series(EXECPT Tactics:D).
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