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  1. i admit, i stopped playing this game back in the day because the puzzles were too hard lol
  2. For those who play the PS3 version I will be playing on my PS3 for a while, send me an invite if you want to fight!
  3. sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but my friend sent me this and it just seemed appropriate.. http://www.hulu.com/watch/183228/the-jace-hall-show-street-fighter
  4. i had so many ideas but it has been a crazy couple of months with new jobs and everything i keep getting side tracked. I have a sketch i didnt want to use but better than nothing, trying to add color and submit something, might not be readyt ill tomorrow morning, hopefully i can make it
  5. i was playing it but i went back to SSF4, i didnt even know there was DLC
  6. i actually enjoyed those characters a lot. Yang was one of my mains. But I am a little sad Alex wont be making an appearance.
  7. i am excited about this, i have time to do this and i have a few ideas. depending how soon i get started will determine which one i do...
  8. i actually have free time this month, I will be entering this month.... though I am not sure what I am doing yet...
  9. So happy they are bringing him in, loved him, hope they still bring in Alex
  10. So, the other night when I was bartending, a glass shattered in my hand. nothing serious but one of the little cuts i got was on my thumb which is making it very difficult to play right now, ill be back when it heals...
  11. really, I find him one of the most fun fighters to play with...
  12. damn, have to close the bar tonight, but i will be around tomorrow
  13. HA HA it would have been, the win was pretty funny, especially when you have your teammates laughing and cheering during the fight
  14. So I made my return back to Street Fighter 4 and jumped into team battle. I was doing ok but as some of you already know, I am terrible at fighting Chun-Li players, so this guy kicked my ass pretty bad the first time so the 2nd time i decided to play a wild card, I figured i would share the results with my friends at OCR...here is what happened...
  15. SeisCampi will return next week, i am still playing Dragon Age on my PS3 but I have been wanting to start playing again for a while... Sorry, the dark side just feels so good...
  16. ug, i blame for sister for deciding to pop out my nephew a week early, i am going to save my entry for next month...
  17. Agreed! I loved using Alex in SF3 I havent played in a while, been catching up on other games but plan on jumping back into it again soon
  18. 100% agree! The game itself was one of the last rpgs that pulled me in emotionally. Lost Odyssey had some depressing stuff, (SPOILER.....i guess) That whole scene where he meets his daughter and the following parts after. WTF
  19. agreed, i am up to the final part now and to be honest, i kind of dont want to do it but i figure i am almost there why not. I liked the idea where all the characters were split up, i think they should have done that for more of the game. It liked the different scenarios they were in and changed up the fighting a lot since you had to fight with what you had. We all agree about the story so i wont get into that, but the biggest thing i noticed was the lack of a good villian. Same thing with 12, there was never a connection with a villian that made you hate or like him. Also, some of these levels are just plain boring, Gran Pulse was awesome and came at a good time because i was about to throw the game out. But the last part i am in now if just a terrible design and boring.
  20. same exact thing happened to me lol i will be getting back into it soon, if anyone wants to play but doesnt see me on you can always try to IM me, AIM sn - AlexTheMighty - i play FF13 on my PS3 so you might not see me on XBox Live a lot
  21. i had some graphic/illustration work that took up my time this month, i was going ot try and get it done in time but failed... sorry
  22. Damn what a game... nice job USA
  23. Agreed but i was referring to more thats how goals this World Cup are being scored. There has only been a few goals so far this Cup that i can actually say, "wow, that was a good goal" Off the top of my head , one was Germany, Greece and US (Donovans goal yesterday) Group C is a mess right now, More importantly England is. However, with the last game on the line i am looking forward to them stepping up and taking control. Having Lampard, Gerrard control mid field and Rooney doing what he does best and enforce. The US should def beat Algeria, they dont deserve to be in the next round if they dont.
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