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  1. i threw something together, its pretty bad but oh well,
  2. id love to but i only have it for PS3
  3. Youll prob never see a remake of 8..... because it was terrible
  4. Awesome, thanks, i will prob pick one up soon then before SSF4 come out.
  5. does anyone here use the official SF4 fight stick? (The White Box) i am finding it on amazon pretty cheap and i am thinking about picking one up but the reviews are very mixed so i figured i would ask here.
  6. i gave bonzai some suggestions that i think will work, just waiting to get feedback then go from there. So hopefully the new theme will be posted soon.
  7. one of my favorite nes games i have no problem extending this months theme if it means more entries, i will talk to bon about it and take it from there. if not i have a few ideas and will try to come up with a great theme.
  8. i was unable to get past the sketch stage but i am going to submit what i have. Better than nothing. I have been too busy looking for jobs and working on my website this month.
  9. i am excited about Ibuki, well im excited about the whole game. I never really had too many complaints about the balance of SS4. I use Cammy and win enough fights to keep me from not wanting to quit the game, as long as that doesnt change ill be happy.
  10. cant wait, im excited about the new characters. started playing sf4 again recently to help pass the time. MvC2 is getting annoying
  11. i have a sketch, just need to scan it, but my scanner isnt acting weird right now. should have it ready for next week though
  12. Agreed. Shadow Hearts 2 is one of my favorite RPGs of all time.
  13. i enjoyed lost odyssey a lot. first few hours i wasnt a fan, but it picked up and i fell in love with it. hopefully youll have the same experience
  14. it was late when i read/wrote that, i could have missed that. I wasnt trying to be negative Anyway, Voted! Great work guys
  15. i think your lack of knowledge in knowing these games is why you didnt understand them. its nice to see people writing reviews/critiques though
  16. damn, for some reason i thought the deadline was this weekend, oh well, ill save what i have for something else, great work everyone!
  17. DJ Mighty


    this is awesome, it this made me think of this http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1924722
  18. no more spidey movies with horrible dialogue?? This makes me happy, maybe this time they will write the character of Mary Jane right.
  19. i like this theme but one of my favorite remixes is from Chrono Trigger and i feel i have done too many Chrono pics, but i am pretty sure there is 2 or 3 other remixes on this site.
  20. DJ Mighty


    youre right that they missed the point if thats what they were going for but in my opinion i dont think they were. They reminded more of the races/tribes in fantasy books i read. Taking the concept of being one with nature and adding a magical element to it. i saw them of more native versions of elves, But i understand and agree seeing it in your POV.
  21. i sent in my WIP of Steam Punk, never got around to fixing it up and finalizing it, i also sent in a Holiday themed piece. Sorry if it looks like it was kinda rushed and thrown together... its because it was. Happy Holidays Everyone!!
  22. geez, i do have something but its not much, i can submit it by the end of the day. been crazy with me with job searching and moving preparations.
  23. i left my work at my job but i will try and get my scanner wokring so i can submit somehting
  24. i couldnt get half the songs to work but the half i did sounded pretty good. i think its crazy after all this time the soundtrack to Chrono Trigger is still so popular.
  25. is lost odyssey considered steampunkish? Eitherway i am really going to try an get something in this month. Portfolio work and job searching has been taking up a lot of my time. The world series hasnt been helping either.
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