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  1. i agree with bringing in 360 and Wii. But its more then just bringing that in. You have to make people want to play it there other than at home. So you would have to invest in a huge screen, throw some couches and nice chairs around it. Also, in my opinion, HALO 3 Tournaments. With the game being so biig you would be insane not to hold those. Working out prizes is easy but that should help bring people in. You can do that for many games, Mario Party, DDR, MVC2, etc. Throw a reasonable fee in there and that should help make some $$. I think you can do well doing that.The furniture and TVs would be costly but i think its a good investment. Of course figuring out WoW tourns would be good but that might be hard to pull off.
  2. distance my friend......if your MM silence shot is god....then again it also depends on what spec they are, if you get distance on a lock by the time he gets close enough your pet and serpant sting will do him in....this is what has worked for me anyway
  3. dude, there is no nice way to say it but your video card is crap, i believe they recommend at LEAST 5700, but your getting the Macbook Pro so it wont matter soon anyway sucks that you feel you were ripped off but to be honest i believe it was already stated that you could not enter until 58. You can always just get a port though.
  4. im actually impressed, i have a lvl60 and im happy with it, the 2 sec arming on our traps sucks buto ur Arcane sot got a sweet boost. Get ready to own Priest with silence shot, its a gift from heaven, it pretty much owns casters.....warlocks cant fear and priest cant heal when they are silenced. Havent really gone against mages yet but im sure it gives us a nice advantage over them as well.
  5. I picked up Children of Mana yesterday, i like it. Its pretty simple but fun. It will do until something better comes along for the DS.
  6. Anyone hear anything about CHILDREN OF MANA?!?!?!
  7. Just a heads up, Thangnam is my brother. Horde or Alliance?
  8. As hunter, as long as i have good distance i can own a warlock, but if you start close, you stand a good chance. I know this is a Horde bias forum, but im a Alliance player. And though most people shit on shadow meld and Night Elfs(mostly because its made up of mostly young annoying noobs)i for one love it. Not just for hiding but for fighting purposes, defensive wise in BG its great for surpise attacks, throw you pet in prowl and you can send him to distract and then wont notice me going out of SM to set up an AIM shot. I also just chill in the path of who ever is carrying our flag so they run right into me, i time it so i plant a trap just as they get to me, they never see it coming. SM is the reason i went Elf over Dwarf. And though i hate the fact we always lose in AB and WSG, Alliance aint all that bad, i kinda wanted to be horde but all my friends were Alliance,and i kinda like having everyone hate me, makes the game more fun when i kill them...lol. See ya guys in Azeroth!! Detheroc/DjMighty/Alexandras/Proud NightElf/Hunter
  9. when readin WOW post here i am come to realize that everyone here seems to be Pro horde(well until recently) i started out as a horde, but by the time my troll priest was at level 32 my friends wanted to restart in a new server and we switched to alliance just for the sole purpose of trying our something new. In a recent post some one claimed people who are horde are more serious players as if belittling alliance players. I could be just mis interpreting everything but thats just what i get from reading this forum, so i guess my point if any is why alliance is looked down upon so much?
  10. WHAT!?!?! Hunters cant emote while Feign Death anymore.....WHAT THE F"#K seriously though what hunter actually stays in FD long enough to emote anyway
  11. so....any one here on Detheroc?
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