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    Toy Story 3

    i hated Cars, and hate Pixar for doing Cars 2
  2. Its a lot of fun, i havent seen anyone on, hopefully ill catch you guys on soon!
  3. Most goals are scored that way. (though the England goal was a gift to us) USA did a great job coming back, though if they played right the first half they wouldnt have had to. Def should have won though, that was a terrible, terrible call.
  4. i have to admit i was impressed by Italy today. They played respectful. They played a little rough and took there hits without crying and diving like crazy. I usually am not a fan of Italy because how they usually play but today i liked them.
  5. Yeah we did, couple of close calls on both ends, ill take the tie. Might not have been the prettiest goal by the US but t had enough power to roll through. Ill take it
  6. does the stick make that big of difference? Pulling off combos better? I am still debating getting one. For some reason i am having a hard time doing any of Codys combos, which is weird cuz i feel like i use to be able to do them when i first got the game. Maybe im playing cammy too much
  7. that was me when i was practicing Cammys 2nd ultra. I am learning some FADC stuff with Cammy but never used it in an actual fight. I might be better with it if i had a stick. I have the MAd Catz pad right now.
  8. This but with Cammy, I think i have gotten a lot better with her, started adding in some Focas attacks and throws that seem to work really well against Ken and Ryu players. Practicing her FADC combos but i prob wont be using them right until i get a stick. Also, FF13, havent played it since SSF4 came out but i want to pick it up again.
  9. been kind of busy the last few days plus i want to try and get back into FF13 and finish that up. I might be on late tonight after my soccer game though.
  10. if you go through the website they have stuff for other players to, i was watching the one with Cody last night. Also, i dont know why but i lost the ability to perform any combos with Cody and Ibuki(they were the only 2 i was training with) maybe it was just a bad night, but i was in training and redid their challenge modes and couldnt even do Codys-lp-mp or clp-cmp combo. It was very weird.
  11. i am probably the only person who didnt like the first one, so i have no interest in the 2nd one. I liked SMB Wii a lot better.
  12. This and its good to learn a few tricks, practice them in training then just go online and practice pulling them off. Even if you end up losing a lot, the goal is to learn tot pull them off online and in real fights. Just work about how to pull off the combos, moves etc. till you can do it without a problem. Dont worry about your rank, once you get everything down and learn what you need to learn it will go up fast.
  13. Sakura? I have a few idea and really want to submit something but i just picked up a new bartending job and the bull s**t training is taking up way to much of my time. Bartending for 5 years and i still have to do the whole thing, Damn Fridays, oh well, i am going to really try and get something done...
  14. so side note, i went on a embarrassing 10-12 losing streak last night, and i can honestly say, maybe 3 were actually better than me. I kept doing stupid stuff and afterwards think, why did i do that? lol Normally when i have a off night i just sign off and stop before it gets that bad but i kept playing, i beat a Gouken and Ken player then finally signed off. Anyway, that tier list seems off, not that i am an expert, just my opinion.
  15. i think i have been playing this game too much this week. And i have a numb thumb to prove it. On the bright side i learned some new combos and some nice ways to actually use Cammy 2nd Ultra.
  16. I noticed this last night when i was playing JHawk, i need to find more time to play and practice. Some good fun fights though.
  17. I should be on later tonight if anyone is up for some fights
  18. I was not a fan of Halo 3 and barely played it and then Modern Warfare came out and havent played it since. I played 2 a lot back in the day but now i just stick with MW. I also only played it online. I have never played any of the campaigns.
  19. I have gone against a few Adon players and they just spam his moves. I think he is a great offensive character but is annoying to play against. I shouldnt talk since i play Cammy and use canon strike a lot. I love using El Fuerte, in my opinion one of the most fun characters to play. His new Ultra is a awesome tide turner since its easier to catch people. Does anyone use Makoto? i am terrible with her, right now i use mostly Cody and Ibuki of the new characters.
  20. i have never really met anyone who EX cancels a lot online but i have met one or 2. I think being that the game is still new it will take a little time for the ranking to level out. I have gone against players who slapped me around but then went against another player i dominated right after.
  21. i am really liking Cody, i enjoy playing Ibuki as well but I am not that great with her. Also, anyone who requester me as a friend with PSN, i only have the game for 360 right no but i do plan on getting it for PS3 as well.
  22. that song they sing at the credits is awesome
  23. i figured he was a friend of yours, he was quite vocal about not liking Ibuki lol
  24. i am not going to lie i didnt get it at first, then i got it and realized I'm retarded
  25. i like it right now, until i can get a stick
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