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  1. i feel the same way about spiderman
  2. I have not had my computer all month, I finally pick up can pick it up tomorrow from Apple, so ill be good for next month
  3. I use Hsien-ko, I Should be on this week if you want to play
  4. I finally got around to practice a little, I'm still terrible but let me know is any PS3 owners want to play. I added a few of you, but feel free to add: PSN: PterPrker
  5. i think i need to take a break online, ranked anyway. This whole matching system is pretty awful, the moment i ranked up i was set up against guys who were 115-50, needless to say, after a while, it just wasnt fun watching the 100th Dante/Wester team destroy me. I know i need to practice mission stuff, but i dont know if its my SF 6 button game pad controller or what, but i can never pull off the last 2 moves of the combos lol and any combos i learn never work online. That aside, still having fun with it. anyway, anyone with PS3 expect a request soon!!
  6. Trust me, I am far from God lol i can barely use 3 characters in the whole roster But i know what you mean, its like COD, apparently everyone is the best at the game.
  7. so I still have a lot to learn with combos and I have barely played with most of the characters, but I decided to take the three i was training with the most and try online to see how it is. Other than everyone using Dante, it was pretty mixed up. It was pretty fun, i went 4-3 using my three Darkstalkers (Hsien-Ko, Morrigan, felicia) Ill take it. Amaterasu is a bitch to fight so far. Ive only seen one person use Arthur and he seems more of an keeping distance annoying type of character.
  8. so i finally got to play it last night with my gf, she played on simple and was unleashing crazy combos on me. So far i like it a lot i need to really sit down and play it though, I am assuming you have to unlock certain characters? I feel free to invite: PS3: PterPrker i will eventually get a 360 version and play with everyone again on there.
  9. BUMP I totally forgot about last month so hopefully i can come up with something fun this time around!
  10. i thought i read or maybe heard that there is actually 2 more characters to be released.
  11. ug, i dont know why but i really dont care about akuma at all. I still cant believe they are not using megaman.
  12. yeah youre right the whole thing has already been confirmed fake
  13. the Green Goblin pics look pretty real. but I guess we wont know for a few weeks still. I dont know why but i feel like if they use megaman its going to be the battle network one...
  14. i love it that he made a star wars reference in that clip because i always saw FF12 as a FF version of Star Wars.
  15. the theme starts right after the title
  16. its bad enough 4 out of 5 battles online are against Ryu or Akuma, we dont another reason for people to play as them
  17. i am still early into the game, I like it a lot but the fighting is a little hard to figure out right now. Will prob play it later tonight
  18. i actually just started getting back into anime and was gonna ask for suggestions, i will look into this first
  19. its impossible to sign on right now, i might try later, i reactivated my account to give the expansion a try, I am on Alliance on Mannoroth
  20. i can have something for you by tonight or tomorrow if that helps
  21. totally forgot about this... i will try my best to get something in by tomorrow...
  22. damn, i completely forgot to vote, nice job everyone.
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