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  1. This is why i hate Justin Bieber http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/3pbi
  2. i use the madcatz controller pad, and i find some moves a lot easier to do while others are more difficult. Ex: Cammys ultra and canon strike are easier but her Hooligan Combo is a lot more difficult. Also, i am liking Ibuki a lot, i am doing her challenge modes and she has some nice combos. Some of the challenges are just impossible for me. No matter how fast i hit the commands it never seems to be fast enough. Still fun though
  3. def a good time, liking some of these new characters a lot
  4. Job hunting, i will be on after
  5. Game Tag: SeisCampi picking it up now
  6. i will be picking up my copy tomorrow morning, just send a request my way
  7. Great job as always, ALSO, For those who are looking for a cheap Stick, some gamestops are selling the SF4 SE editions for $40. I almost got it but i am just going to use the MAd Catz controller until my birthday in July and get the TE one.
  8. got my 360 back today, should be all set for tuesday
  9. me too, i always liked using spiderman even though he wasnt the greatest character. hopefully they will make him more of a useful character in MvC3
  10. i could not draw up my original idea. Just couldnt get it to look right but i did come up with soemthing else. Just have to color it in time.
  11. I ran into similar problems with Cammy. Sometimes i play and wint 6 out of 10 matches and other times i play and win 3 out of 10. I only have SF4 for PS3 but i am probably getting SSF4 for 360 since it seems most of my friends are getting it for that and a lot of people here play it on that.
  12. if you look at the silhouettes, it looks like Dante and Deadpool will be making an appearance.
  13. i do enjoy the game, i just dont play online anymore. i lent m brother my 360 so he can play Lost Odyssey. i will be getting it back in a week so we can play then
  14. I am not sure if there is already a thread about this, if there is, sorry i couldnt find it, but my friend sent me this today. http://www.planetxbox360.com/article_10306/Marvel_vs_Capcom_3_is_Coming_to_Xbox_360_from_Capcom i hope its a lot more balanced than MvC2. I didnt enjoy online at all, everyone uses the same characters and use the same recycled moves, it was boring and annoying... for me anyway.
  15. i use the MadCatz controller now for both PS3 and 360. I like it right now but i find some of Cammy's moves kind of hard to do.
  16. I am reading now that HORI fighting sticks for the 360 are very good, they are also cheaper, user revieews are pretty good, wasnt sure if anyone else has used them here and what they thought of them Eh i am probably over thinking this. Price wise the SF4 Fighting stick is $50 or i can get the TE Edition for $100. Spending the extra $50 will probably workout in the long run
  17. after giving it much thought i might actually pick this up for the 360. I have more friends who play the 360 version so i might cave in and get it. I am buying a stick to so i have to hurry and decide while i can still get a good price on them
  18. Maybe ill rent or buy a cheap copy for the 360, have to dust that baby off lol
  19. I think i am 50/50 against Balrog, i never really saw him as over powered. i have gotten my ass kicked by a really good balrog but i tend to do decent against most. I need to start playging again and get some practice in before the release
  20. Actually i will stay with Cammy for the most part even though i win and rank up better with Ryu. I just find her more fun to play. Probably going to play with the new characters and see how i do with them. Saw this video, found it pretty interesting http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/supersf4/video/6254296/super-street-fighter-iv-video-preview
  21. She gets backed up sometimes, im sure it will be up soon. I actually have free time so i plan on actually putting in a submission i didnt do 30 min before deadline
  22. love this time of the year, looking into getting tickets cant wait.... and i know there is a lot of Yankee hatred here but i am a Yankee fan, sorry, runs in the family. This doesnt mean i hate the mets though, David Wright was looking great today
  23. sounds good, friend request, PterPrker
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