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  1. thats pretty much me every month. i never get to actually finish or do a fully finished piece. i just submitted my sketch this month, which sucks cuz i was really excited about doing something from Shadow Hearts and i think it would have came out really good if i was able to color it.
  2. My little brother is def more excited about SOM then i am but i cant wait to play it again and bring back some old school memories. Games now a days dont give you that same feeling. Though eternal Sonata is starting to do that to me. Twilight Princess a little (yes i still havent beaten it. I have a full time job and bartend. give me some slack.) I hope they bring Secret Of Evermore to VC. I LOVED that game. must have played through it almost as much as Chrono Trigger back in the day.
  3. american dreaming, hello brok., Chrono Ganster and Roc Boys flow really well together. some of the others dont seem to mesh well like "Party Life". I dont think the melody goes well with it. You major problem is the bad sound quality. To be honest i would like to listen to this again and give it a better review but you need to work on the sound. You need to go over the volume levels with the bass. It muffles everything out. Play with the EQ a bit. I think i would like more of the songs if there wasnt so much crackling. at first i thought it was my headphones but it sounds really bad on my computer speakers as well and they are pretty good speakers. its just too loud. i havent played with sound in over 5 years so hopefully you understand what i mean, i cant think of the correct vocab.
  4. you know i never understood that. Im not bashing on him, but doesnt he get his ass kicked like....99.9% of the time. Other then an android fight i swear i have always seen him lose. Before anyone bashes on me, it is possible i missed episodes/parts of the series where he won alot more. Im just asking......
  5. for a kung fu movie it doesnt look bad. However, i was never a fan of the show, i border line despise it, so it wouldnt bother me as much as everyone else. Plus, if it was like the show, the movie would be 4 hours long with all the gathering of Ki or what ever they do when they just stand there for 3 episodes. I dont know if i will see it in when it comes out, but i def will when its released for DVD. I admit the video games are fun as hell!
  6. lol i just thought of one, looks like i will be submitting one after all!!
  7. damn, i actually have time to do a full drawing and shading. too bad im not a big fan of Mecha's and have no idea what games even have them, so i will most likely not be submitting anything...
  8. VOTED!! I need to actually FINISH a piece of artwork next time. I would have loved to see how mine would have looked like if i gave it more than 30 min.
  9. bleh, i had such high hopes for this project but i have been so busy with other work i could not put the time i wanted to in it. I wasnt going to submit it but to show my support i loaded the sketch to Illustrator and put something together. Not bad for a 45 min job i guess but it looks like a 10 yr old did it. Oh well, Enjoy!!
  10. Still learning the game but im always up for a challenge. I have it for PS3. My PSN name is: Pter Prker
  11. just got the game yesterday, did a quick practice with Xianghua and ran through Arcade real quick. So far i love it. Not as fast as 1&2 but i still enjoyed it alot. I havent played the series in a long time so it will take me some time to get good again with it. I have it for PS3 and ill post my PSN name when i set it up. Ill prob get my ass kicked but you have to learn some how!
  12. i am mad at myself for not finishing my art work, i never got past my sketches, http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e195/Alexandro701/oathkeeperoblivion.jpg
  13. I wasnt able to finish my work but i sent my sketches to show support.
  14. been a busy month for me, all i have is a sketch right now and im nowhere near done. i will give it a try to finish but i wouldnt count on it.
  15. if someone threw me over a ledge i would remember them............
  16. everyone has there geek moments, i was watching previews at the movies before WANTED and there was a ABC series coming out called Samurai Girl, and they played the music from BUFFY: The Vampire Slayer (series), and i decided to say out loud, "Thats from Buffy". Hummed the next verse and sure enough i was right and when i realized what just happened i put my head down and ate my popcorn.
  17. I have still yet to finish FFXll but i want to and eventually will. I have a problem lately staying involved in just one game. I still need to finish Zelda TP as well. As for FFX-2, i loved the battle system. Fighting was alot of fun for me but the story eventually started becoming very uninteresting and boring, and the Charlies Angels theme got more annoying as the game went on. My goal was to just finish it so i can say i did but i wouldnt do it again. plus i think it made me a little bi-curious for a little while.....
  18. Geez, there is alot of hate on this thread. Personally i am looking forward to having a portable version of the game. I am also hoping if the game sells well they might make another game for the series. Everyone is allowed their own say, you dont want to buy it, then dont, i dont know what the big deal is. As for Chrono Cross, i enjoyed the game very much. Characters were not as lovable because there was just to many to focus on them. But over all i thought it was a great game the small connection CT was done nicely. To me it helped relate to CT enough to make me happy.
  19. In case anyone here didnt see this yet... http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/080702/law041.html?.v=101
  20. awesome, thanks for the update/info everyone im happy about Zidane, he is one of my favorites
  21. I dont know if this has been posted before, if it has sorry but someone at work just sent me this and kinda blew me away. Not sure what the story is or anything but i figured i would ask here.
  22. lol, i am looking forward to seeing them all. Hopefully mine isn't to over shadowed.
  23. Just sent mine in. Ran out of time so its only about 90% done. If i have time before deadline after my soccer game i will try and add the finishing touches. Atma please let me know if i didnt send it right.
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