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  1. I have to stand up and Applaud Avaris! Bravo to "The Last Fatima", loved it! ok now i have to go back and listen to the rest of the album
  2. i am very excited about this, i havent played in a month or 2, time for me to get back into it. I know what ill be doing after my soccer game tonight
  3. my stupid scanner isnt working, i can not scan my pic till tomorrow morning at work. : (
  4. thats a game i would not mind playing again. I loved that game.
  5. i recently just got back into this game, just hit 80. I leveled 77-80 just by doing AV. Alliance wins a lot on my server (Mannoroth) so i leveled up pretty quickly. I wish they did this sooner.
  6. so i caved in and ordered it. looking forward to listening to it.
  7. no hate, i could say that about 95% of the anime i have ever seen. I am a huge fan of Miyazaki films and enjoyed Ponyo a lot. In a age where traditional animation is dying he still manages to come out with great stuff. I guess its not for everyone though. To be honest, though it is considered anime, i dont categorize his work with it.
  8. i know its kinda old but i still love Ranma 1/2. Classic stuff right there.
  9. i also know nothing about this game, i will look into though and hopefully submit something
  10. if i ever find out what i did with the full sketch ill send it to you. It looks a lot better. That was actually the doodle i made while i was waiting for prints at work which gave me the idea.
  11. Agreed, my question was more if photos were acceptable over drawings like i did. I think you explained it all quite nicely.
  12. actually i converted the original artwork into vector art, each character is 3 separate layers of edited vector art. But i understand what you mean. I completely understand why mine wouldnt be accepted, like i said, i was wondering more about Cottus for future reference in case i decided to do something like that. i love doing stuff like that.
  13. Question, Did you do this off of photos?(i am assuming you did) Also,if it is, is this considered an acceptable entry? I only ask because i did an entry with a similar idea but wasnt acceptable since the original drawings of the characters were not mine. Which is acceptable, i only ask for future reference if Photos are usable instead of drawings. Does that make sense? This was my original entry idea: http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e195/Alexandro701/MarvelVsCapcom_Graphic.jpg
  14. bleh, i never found my inked drawing, but i found the original "doodle" i drew while i was waiting for my prints at work. Eh, hopefully that will work.
  15. i lost my sketch.... i have no idea where i put it and i didnt have time to draw another one. i did a graphic type entry, if its acceptable i will at least have that
  16. Couldnt find a thread on this, sorry if this is old news. I am not sure about this, as much as i love Spiderman 2 i dont know if he can pull this off. http://news-briefs.ew.com/2009/07/sam-raimi-warcraft.html Edit: i just saw its posted on the WoW website as well.
  17. Nice! i think you would be happier with either one. Unless you are in to Sport games, like madden and fifa. They are better for the PS3/360. I have all 3 systems, but i play my PS3 and Wii the most. I only recently started playing my 360 again to play some friends in SF4.
  18. lol clever, but that comment was not defending the movie. it was never about your opinion about the movie being wrong. it was about calling everyone retarded because they didnt agree with you.
  19. eh, cept that wasnt what i was doing. the comment was about people like you who call everyone idiots because they disagree with you.
  20. what the hell are you talking about. my whole point was about people like you who think just because someone doesn't agree with you, they are retarded. They disagree and you respond by acting like you just did. get over yourself.
  21. Your opinion is just that, an opinion. Judging someone because they dont agree with you is what makes me think lower of you, not your taste in movies. Liking the movie doesnt make you retarded. Telling people they are retarded for liking the movie, makes you retarded.
  22. Its just not for everyone. You're not wrong for hating the movie. There is no right or wrong. I dont think the movie was the greatest thing i have ever seen. It was not as good as i hoped it would be, but overall i thought it was good.
  23. Thank You!!! Its Transformers people. Giant Robots fighting. What did you think the movie was going to be about. Yes, this movie had a lot more comedy. I found myself laughing a lot. I even ended up liking the Twins. "The Vagrance", your friends essay is just a fan boy rant. He prob didnt like the first one either. If you didnt like the first one. You wont like this one. I do agree the movie was too long. The middle dragged out too much. The movie isnt AMAZING. But i found it entertaining.
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