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  1. i think its a great idea. i actually already started and sketched out everything already. Still need to draw the back.
  2. well i am not "Really" good by all means. But the other night i went back on after being away for 2 weeks and went from 1300 BP to about 700 maybe even close to 6. So i played Non ranked "player" matches for a while and practice moves, combos and focas attacks. At least this way even if i lost it didnt cost me any points. After a bunch of games doing that i went back to "ranked" and climbed back up to i believe a little over 1200 now. Could have been luck but ya never know. I also learned how to deal with Blanka players by doing that. For some reason i have a hard time with them.
  3. If anyone with PS3 wants to play later on tonight, i finally finished my room and plan on jumping back on tonight. Be gentle, its been almost 2 weeks.
  4. nice works guys, sorry i didnt get one in this month. Ill be down for April.
  5. I never saw anyone use Fei like that. Wish i played this on 360 so i could play you.
  6. i will request you when i set everything back up, everything is in the middle of my room covered in plastic till the painting is done. I agree with Sagat. I feel like when it comes to him i just Cannon drill to get in close and then keep close. A player who just uses him cuz of his power house moves will fold under pressure and keep trying to either knee or uppercut you. Block - throw - repeat. I usually do pretty well against Sagat players as of lately. Even if i do end up losing, its usually really close.
  7. lol well i just hit 1000 BP last week but im always down to play, My PSN handle is: PterPrker
  8. Which reminds me, sorry to those who requested me as a friend. I have not been on since last week. I am currently giving my room a make over, spackle, prime paint, new carpet, the works. I will try and get on tonight if anyone is going to be around.
  9. agreed, Cammy is my main and i was impressed. I only recently started using her hooligan combos again. I have actually never fought any other Cammy online yet. Finally fought someone using El Fuerte and he owned me. I felt better though when i saw his rank. I would love to learn that character. He seems like alot of fun. I dont mind the Ultras, they do turn the tides a bit much but i have to admit they have saved my but more than once. I like the Super Combos, they are the strongest when mixed in with a combo. They are more fun to pull off. If they got rid of Ultras, i would not care. It might actually help me.
  10. Hmmm Zangief players for me are either really easy or really hard. its annoying because Cammy has no projectile moves. So it becomes a waiting game. He waits for me and i wait for him. I actually won once because time ran out. I basically get a move off then jump away. Her Hooligan combo/throw it actually pretty effective. abel is different, a good abel player is tough to beat. BTW another cheap way to rank up, set the timer up for like 10-20 secs, (whatever the lowest one is) get some quick hits in and stay back. Happened to me twice. (i didnt set it up that way the other person did)
  11. Fought a Abel last night. Epic battle, he won though. We were both on a mic. Nice guy. He was the first Abel i fought online and i was the first Cammy he fought. Good times. I just started doing ranked matches, lost a little more than i won last night but still ranked up over 600. Little by little.
  12. ummm im not sure, maybe 400. Im not online as much as i would like and when i do its usually non-ranked. I like being able to find someone and fight more than once. I went on ranked the other night and gathered up most of my points. I only use Cammy in Ranked. I would prob win more if i used Ken or Ryu but i like being different and i like using her.
  13. i had the same situation the other night. We started with a epic Cammy vs Vega match and we had at least 8-10 more matches after. i dont think either of us used Ken, Ryu, Akuma or Sagat. Anyone else surprised how cool Rose is?!
  14. i always feel good when i beat a Akuma or Ken. Most people who use these characters just spam the same moves over and over again. I use Cammy in almost all my ranked matches, i am getting better with her each time. i actually won 5 out of 8 matches the other night. I have seen a fair amount of E.Honda players as well. Though they usually just spam "Flying headbut" And his 100 punch move.
  15. HERE!!! Ill be on late tonight after my soccer game trying out the SF4 controller. I think i posted my name but just in case its: PterPrker Also, I also enjoy using Sakura! I have seen only one other person use Cammy online so far.
  16. damn i only saw the forum for this yesterday, i would have liked to submit something. Oh well, next month
  17. Loving the game. Love Cammy. Still trying to figure out Focus attacks. Still awesome though. I have it for PS3. Feel free to invite if you see me on. Gametag: PterPrker
  18. 2 more video game moments for me were: 1: finally giving in to my friends and playing WoW and falling in love with the environments. 2: Realizing how much pointless time i was wasting in a game that has no real meaning or ending. (note: i HATE raiding sooo boring and i was known as what WoWers call a "casual" player who just did it for PvP) Sold my account to a friend of a friend and stuck with console games. I felt so free!!! Though i admit i recently started playing again, im alot more casual about it. But after playing a BG last night with 100 Death Knights Slaughtering me before i got a heal off (Priest) i think im going to cancel my account today.
  19. That actually reminds me of a moment i almost forgot. As i was waiting for my friend to get out of the locker room (i went to watch his ice hockey game) There was Marvel Vs Street Fighter. I was playing and these 2 kids came by snickering and commenting on me playing. I had another friend by me and we were both lost. Finally one kid joined and i won using Ken and Spiderman. I think i ended it with spiderman which apparently is insulting. (i guess spiderman is known as a cheap or gay character, IDK) Anyway, i fought his friend next who i caught in a combo that ends with a web throw, which resulted in his friend screaming and teasing his friend saying "Wow, you got caught in the web throw". To make it worse i caught him maybe 3 more times with it. So i won again and they left. Seconds later a group of like 10 kids came by. I fought three more and won. The last kid i barely beat the first time and he beat me the 2nd. I didnt have any more quarters and on top of that i feel like i made my point and felt it would be better to leave. It was a big geek moment for me. They all said good job as i left and my friend went up to me amazed saying he has never seen anything like that before. I never have experienced anything like that either, and never did again but it was def something else. Ill never forget the feeling of having 10 kids ganging up on me to beat me in MvsS. it think it was more because i was using spiderman. The OOhh's and OOoOOooO's made it more intense during the matches. I was a Jr. In HS when that happened.
  20. The first game that prob gave me this effect was Chrono Trigger and illusion of Gia. I just started getting into RPGs and Chrono Trigger was the first Turn Based RPG i got into. I remember staying home from school playing it and didnt know you had to take the two pieces of the Masamune to Melchoir. I went into the prehistoric era and battled my way up the peak thinking thats where i had to go. Then i kept trying to fight lavos who kept killing me. I finally figured it out and continued the game but my characters were so strong from fighting so much that i blew through Magus castle like it was nothing. Illusion of Gia will always be one of the first games that just drew me in. I loved everything about that game. Prob the most recent, which isnt really recent but Shadow Hearts 2. That was prob the last game i can remember that drew me in emotionally. though i have played good games since then, nothing has drawn me in like that. maybe im just getting old.
  21. take Batman serious?!?! Hes a comic book character. What is there to take serious?!? The movie wasnt really about the joker but the fight for Gothams Soul aka Harvy Dent. Though Nichelsons Joker was good, i wouldnt say it was better. Point is, they were playing two different Jokers. I dont know what you mean by Ledger took it too serious, and to be honest, i dont care. I doubt from your rant that you would be able to clarify and his performance was nothing but gold. I like Bale as Batman, def better than Clooney. Though the movie might not be for everyone, As an overall movie, I think it was a well made movie from soundtrack to camera work. I dont think youre wrong for not liking it, i just thought your rant was BS.
  22. I am taking a break from Warhammer to try and give WoW one more chance. My friend wants me to play again so we can do arena again. Leveling takes so damn long though. My old account i had a 70 Hunter and 50 Priest on Detheroc. Right now i have a 40 Dran Priest on Mannoroth. I have a 40 Blood Elf too from earlier this year. I am determined to level a priest.
  23. wow, i sold this game such a long time ago, i didnt realize people still play it soo much.
  24. LOL i was and still am the same. Until i read this thread i didnt know i was saying masamune wrong. I have always been a HUGE fan of the game (my first battle screen RPG i played, way before FF) and i have met even bigger fans and we all said it the same, MasaMewn. Oh well. its kinda like that RYU (Rye-U, Ree-U) and Tidus (Tie-dus, Tea-dus thing)
  25. damn i forgot to vote, sorry guys. i sent a last min PM, hopefully it gets in, in time. and it it helps i have no idea who is male or female on this site.
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