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  1. Graphics are what get us interested in a game initially, its nothing more than a shallow way to grab our attention and interest. However, like that hot girl you're are talking to, if her personality doesn't exactly it if for you, you start losing interest and then you walk away. Basically, graphics grab our attention, but we stay for the gameplay. I guess you could say that you don't need the BEST graphics, but good graphics are important so that you can garner interest, but if you really want to make more sales via word of mouth you have to have good gameplay to back it up.
  2. Aren't the Darknuts basically Iron Knuckles?
  3. For me MM was an improvement from OoT. MM isn't the classic Zelda story, its something new and different, which is probably the BEST improvement from OoT. So to me MM is the better of the two. I think the Castlevania series just keeps getting better with time, the 2D games anyway.
  4. Ok, I was playing TP and I noticed something odd...Link was missing one of his bracers, specifically on his right arm (GCN version). Did he always not have one or am I nuts? I'm not even kidding about it not showing up, all thats there is the black wrap thats undernearth. I swear, if I can't find an answer I'm going to go nuts.
  5. God, just grab a random NES game off the ENTIRE catalog and I bet you'll pull a crap game...yes, a lot were bad. But...Bebe's kid, I can't remember if thats for the NES or SNES, but it was TERRIBLE.
  6. Upgrade to OS9 or OSX. I can't even THINK of a OS7 program.
  7. Here here! I can't imagine anyone calling Majora's Mask OVERRATED, underrated and unappreciated for sure, but overrated? As for a RARE game on a Nintendo console...yeah...I'm really excited after the travesty that was Star Fox Adventures (I know Star Fox was shoe horned into it but still). Anyway, DKR is somewhat overrated. Played it recently with some friends and realized just how shallow the gameplay was =/
  8. Actually I didn't laugh, instead I hit my head on the wall.
  9. D&D eh? Our crew is into D&D, not seriously hardcore but we are running 3 campaigns currently. We started playing on and off back in HS and have rolled up dozens of characters because we always lost sheets or we didn't play enough and we forgot everything that was going on...blah blah blah. So we casually play D&D, maybe once or twice a month if we're lucky. That being said none of us have had above a lvl 2 character.
  10. OoT was also something of a shorter/smaller game than TP. TP just FEELS too huge to replay from my standpoint, though I do intend on playing it once more for a speed run.
  11. Hehehe, I'm so glad my mother decided to place a reserve on Ocarina of Time for me, I ended up getting a gold cart so v 1.0 baby! Blood, chanting...and whatever its all there.
  12. I'm about 13-14 hours in and I'm really enjoying it (though it seems to go a lot faster than previous ones). The music tends to play with older songs a bit and I've got to admit its a bit of fan service, but I do like it. Only complaint...that damn water temple...I don't know if I've developed a complex because of OoT's water temple but this damn thing is driving me nuts =/
  13. The only reason I get that is because I saw Tokyo Breakfast...
  14. Back_Lit

    Sony PS3

    Not entirely true. I had planned on getting a PS3 because I didn't have a PS2...but then the price, SONY's PR, and now this have all gotten in the way.
  15. Here is a little story you lot will probably enjoy. I call BB to find out if they have any copies of TP for the GCN in today, which they did. So I drive down and snag the second to last copy (apparently have had 20 in at the beginning) and bought it. After going home to check up on my mother I foolishly mentioned that I had bought Zelda for the GCN. Suddenly I see this shocked look on her face and am asked, "Why did you buy that?!" "Because its been delayed for about 2 years and more than patiently waited for it?" "Well that was stupid, what if someone else bought you it already?" "Considering it JUST came out in stores today...so I'm going to guess you bought it too?" "Ordered it online." So, to shorten up the somewhat dull tale (I suck at telling stories) I end up having my copy of Zelda confiscated till Christmas where I will be finally enjoying my purchase...Nintendo delays are one thing but come on!
  16. Now I can finish my damn HW for physics AND get 8 hrs sleep. Thanks a lot!
  17. Sorry about not having enough info to solve the problem, I was posting by memory =/ So here is the EXACT problem, though it still doesn't help from my perspective. I don't have a clue how to solve this, we never did one in class or lab lack this. The ones we did gave us the mass of the water. Anyone have a clue? (I don't think I need the mass of the water though).
  18. I have a physics question too actually. A 200 gram piece of metal is 30 degrees Celsius and is put into a beaker of boiling water, how much heat energy does the metal absorb?
  19. Damn you December 11th being in the middle of finals week!
  20. Lil Mac in SSBB...hmmmmmmm that sounds pretty slick, but I still would like Mach Rider to be in it
  21. The flying dragon thing from Soul Blazer.
  22. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - Jinx While Jinx is actually not all THAT tough at your higher levels I am trying to beat the game below level 20, which is the only challenging way to play the game, and I can't beat him at lvl 13 =/ damn
  23. Actually I can't think of a boss I ever had a really difficult time with...except for one, and only one...The Mongoose in XIII *glare* dirty bastard always gets a cheap shot in on me at the last minute --; And what was so hard about Meta Ridley in MP?
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