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  1. I originally came for FF6 and ChronoTrigger, it wasn't too long after I rediscovered my love for Super Metroid and Tetris again and had to DL the remixes.
  2. Yeah, pretty easy, but I STILL think X-Samus (original and mutated) was just as easy. I agree to the remark that Omega Metroid was nothing more than a plot device, not a boss. Ultimately I thought that all of the bosses were a bit...easy so... For underwhelming final boss battles I'd have to agree with the remarks about PoP:SoT. Perhaps I'd say the same for Tales of Symphonia, while it was a good fight, it wasn't anything remotely special, and it was probably easier than some of the other battles. The Motherbrain in Super Metroid was somewhat underwhelming now that I think about it. Actually, a lot of final boss battles are pretty damn underwhelming; Zelda ones however are still pretty damn epic.
  3. Back_Lit

    EvE Online

    >_>; We don't even have a Titan, or was that the joke? We've killed a Titan fetus (Operation Coathanger) in JV1V (that was scary module lag...30minutes).
  4. Back_Lit

    EvE Online

    I'm part of the power flux Goonfleet all the way baby, yes I am a Goon and yes...I still fly a T1 frigate from time to time. Eve is a great game just because you get the same training benefits from a hardcore gamer as if you were a casual one. The only difference is that more hardcore players will have more money and maybe better equipment. The real equalizer is time spent subscribed to the game, and THAT is where the game shines in my opinion. Instead of rewarding people for playing 16 hours a day, it rewards those who can't devote that much time (you set a skill to train and it trains in realtime, even when you're logged out so its great in that regard). I've gotta say...EVE is my first MMO that I've ever really liked. Asheron's Call was great but there was grinding and I wasn't into that, and since EVE isn't as much of a grind (from my perspective anyway) it makes it a lot more enjoyable to play PS. For the Swarm.
  5. I saw them linked from www.gamesarefun.com yesterday, it looks pretty good but those damn eyes serious creep the holy hell out of me.
  6. I've sort of reached the point where console gaming for me isn't a huge draw anymore and I basically continue to play consoles out of habit. I got drawn into EVE by a friend and became hooked. Its got a learning curve that actually leans backwards and is just that deep. If you are serious about games just being too simple...give EVE a go I guess. As for simple gameplay being a problem, what the hell? Mario is still a blast because its so simple. Drunken Mario speed runs are by far one of the most enjoyable things you can ever do. Lots of simple games are just sheer fun no matter what, and the difficulty of the gameplay itself can just make it...well...not fun.
  7. QFT&Fun [EDIT]: Stupid new minimum posting requirements....
  8. Doesn't matter, they are going for a merger anyway
  9. Back_Lit

    Sony PS3

    I'll be honest...when I saw the topic name I laughed for about 5 minutes. And in answer to the question, no-one buys the system and it flops.
  10. Offering + Thief Glove + Locke/Shadow = FUN
  11. Back_Lit

    Xbox 360

    The 65nanometer ones? Unlikely, and besides they don't run any faster, they are merely are smaller, run cooler, and require slightly less power.
  12. Deviant Art has a lot of good ones, but this one is just great. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/41443753/?qo=463&q=Zelda&qh=boost%3Apopular+age_sigma%3A24h+age_scale%3A5
  13. Back_Lit

    Xbox 360

    Bahamut I love you to death right now, because of you I got myself a shiny new 360 premium for $258 I am going to play the shit out of this thing...once I break my terrible EVE addiction...
  14. Back_Lit

    Nintendo Wii

    QFE. I am in the EXACT same boat you are. I ended up buying the damn guide because I HATE finding the damn keys...and I hated it in Metroid Prime too. Still, I can't wait for Prime 3
  15. Secret of Evermore...nothing more needs to be said about this game for me.
  16. Sadly thats a game not even a developer could love.
  17. Puggsy for the Genesis. Its not the best game ever, but I like it
  18. Considering the smallest DS cart is 1 Gigabit (128 meg) I think its entirely possible for them to shove the entire game onto 1 cart, thats with the removal of cut scenes though and replacing them with in game engine cut scenes. I'd expect 8 Gigabit carts to make an appearance at somepoint. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely? Probably not...
  19. Took me since Christmas eve, but I finally beat it. Ending was...eh...I think OoT had a better ending than TP. I think OoT still stands as something of a better game than TP, but TP accomplished what OoT tried to, give the player the sense of an epic Hyrule. The boss battles and just the epic feel of the game really cement this as being the most epic Zelda of all.
  20. Back_Lit

    Xbox 360

    Ok, I've been debating about getting a 360 or a Wii for a while and finally decided to get a 360 now and wait on the Wii till the games I want are out. The games that made me decide to get a 360 are Dead Rising, Lost Planet, and Gears of War so far. What are other reasons to buy a 360?
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