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  1. Yep, I've been using Renoise since http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01251/.
  2. I'm always somewhat amused by the amount people have to say about sample quality... is the reason we listen to music really the production values? : ) Thank you for thinking and listening.
  3. Easily my favorite track from the album. The urge to let the world hear this track kept me going past the finish line with all the various parts of this project.
  4. I would just like to give a big thanks to Jose, David and Larry for putting an incredible amount of time and effort into pulling this off and making the whole process go smoothly. Releasing an album on OCR could not be easier or more rewarding. Thank you!
  5. Like in Purity ABG absolutely nails the countermelody and paints another wonderfully atmospheric space. Eagerly waiting the next ABG mix : )
  6. "desert snowstorm" is one of the best remixes i've ever heard, period, and that's saying a lot--i've been around ocr for nearly a decade. keep up the awesome my korean brotha

  7. I downloaded this after seeing ABGs name next to the post and the FF VI image -- didn't read DJPs post at first and didn't know what source material to expect. As soon as I heard the beautifully imaged pads come in ~:30 I knew I was in for an expansive arrangement of the FF prelude. Love it.
  8. I had this turned on way too low on my first listen. Beautiful work, felt like a solid combination of tried and true trance and some very haunting and sometimes surprisingly warming melodies.
  9. I enjoyed this a lot. There is great use of space + compression (conceptually, not ye old DSP effect) here and I am a sucker for old-school demoscene style music : ) Congratulations! +1 to your tally of people who are smiling today because of your mix : )
  10. My older mixes were actually written on linux using SoundTracker... all the way up until the "Shooting Star Remix" to be exact... Now using Mac OS X / Ubuntu on an intel mac.
  11. well i've enjoyed this mix for years now and... reading your writeup again i finally tried to listen for the shamisen. absolutely ridiculous. who knew the shamisen was the master of the funk riff?!?!!
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