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  1. Yep, I've been using Renoise since http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01251/.
  2. I love this song. Even better if you're familiar with the source.
  3. I'm always somewhat amused by the amount people have to say about sample quality... is the reason we listen to music really the production values? : ) Thank you for thinking and listening.
  4. Easily my favorite track from the album. The urge to let the world hear this track kept me going past the finish line with all the various parts of this project.
  5. I would just like to give a big thanks to Jose, David and Larry for putting an incredible amount of time and effort into pulling this off and making the whole process go smoothly. Releasing an album on OCR could not be easier or more rewarding. Thank you!
  6. Like in Purity ABG absolutely nails the countermelody and paints another wonderfully atmospheric space. Eagerly waiting the next ABG mix : )
  7. I downloaded this after seeing ABGs name next to the post and the FF VI image -- didn't read DJPs post at first and didn't know what source material to expect. As soon as I heard the beautifully imaged pads come in ~:30 I knew I was in for an expansive arrangement of the FF prelude. Love it.
  8. LOVE IT. It absolutely nails the sound of Lufia II as well.
  9. I had this turned on way too low on my first listen. Beautiful work, felt like a solid combination of tried and true trance and some very haunting and sometimes surprisingly warming melodies.
  10. I enjoyed this a lot. There is great use of space + compression (conceptually, not ye old DSP effect) here and I am a sucker for old-school demoscene style music : ) Congratulations! +1 to your tally of people who are smiling today because of your mix : )
  11. My older mixes were actually written on linux using SoundTracker... all the way up until the "Shooting Star Remix" to be exact... Now using Mac OS X / Ubuntu on an intel mac.
  12. well i've enjoyed this mix for years now and... reading your writeup again i finally tried to listen for the shamisen. absolutely ridiculous. who knew the shamisen was the master of the funk riff?!?!!
  13. Oh I should add... rock drummers really like to use the splash cymbal to emphasize whatever's going on aroudn them. : ) yh
  14. Yeah, more treble. Also your hihats are barely audible. Seriously, do you want us to rock out or not? : ) One other thing... the least compelling part for me in terms of arrangement is the riff that happens at 0:39 (and later again). The guitars are 1) mid range and dead, 2) just holding some notes in a fairly flat way. Organ is fine. The melody here could be building but instead it's just sitting there. I imagine a guitar an octave up kind of wailing on these notes, but that's just me... yh
  15. Hey Reu, Love your work here, great concept and interpretation. Reminds me a lot of that one track from the Kill Bill soundtrack (have no idea what it's called). 2 main issues for me: 1. Beat. Your rock beat, esp. the snare is really dead. Esp. a song like this it needs to really come to life. Maybe find a snare with some higher freq.'s? And also I don't know if you've compressed your beats but they're really getting drowned out by everything else. It would be nice if you could open the space up with the beat, but that's a matter of taste. 2. Guitar. Also sounds dead as other people have mentioned. Once the melody gets going and other instruments are supporting it, it's not as noticeable. It's hard to give over-the-shoulder tips on this one, but my two thoughts are maybe a touch more reverb, add some distortion (and maybe fluctuate how much this is applied, use on notes for extra emphasis), and pitch bending. You're using it to good effect, I think you could make it a bit more intense to really bring out the way you're articulating the melody. Totally different type of remix obviously but a real expert use of pitch bending to add tons of depth to the lead: http://djpretzel.web.aplus.net/songs/Secret_of_Mana_Dueling_Consoles_OC_ReMix.mp3 Anyway, these are all minor quibbles! The arrangement is fantastic, can't wait to hear this when it's done! yh
  16. well i usually like to leave these threads alone but i thought i'd thank djp, adhesive boy and the rest who have urged me to break out of whatever style it is i've become accustomed to. i have my limitations--some due to my lack of musical background, some because of hardware, software--but that's no excuse. hopefully i'll have something a bit different for you next time... i'm cooking up something that's sure to at least grate against your ears : ) thanks again to djp who always seems to have his finger on the pulse of every remixer. yh
  17. very nice... lots of nostalgic FFA themes in this one : ) I really like what you've done with the bassline. on another note... maybe next summer (when i have time for music)... FFA remix project?? : D yh
  18. I adore the beginning of this, it reminds me of the sigh after a big event. Like the super bowl. Or a milennial fair. And then as it picks up, it reminds me of the first steps we take as we move on with life. There is a lot of truth in your performance of this song. Thank you for sharing it with us. yh
  19. Some aspects of this reminded me of Delerium (the other side of Front Line Assembly). I was wondering if you'd want to do another version pushing that sound even further, taking out the orchestral elements and replacing them with that "ethnic" techno sound that Delerium achieves? It seems that it might even be possible to replace the choir with the tribal garble/chanting, etc. that Delerium is so fond of using. Just a thought... It would make for a completely different, but i think, equally creepy feel in the song... Anyway, good job, just wanted to share the idea. yh
  20. To me this rivals Love Hurts in originality and complete alteration of the context of the original song. The Zeal Theme, no matter how much we like it, has never really been the material for much emotional impact. Well, now it is. That distorted piano/lead really owns me btw. It represents emotional strain much better than some crisp, clean sound would. Hats off to Unipulator : ) yh
  21. I am packing up myself to leave for my first semester of college, and looking back I realize how enjoyable oc remix has been for the short time I participated in it during high school. I absolutely adore the Millenial Fair Theme, and I have always found remixes of it a little lacking simply because Mitsuda himself did such a wonderful job arranging it on The Brink of Time. The pure *energy* that went into the live version blew me away. But here is something new and fresh, I knew for sure when the drums began shuffling and the accordian began backing things up with a clean controlled vibe. All the parts, as usual, fit wonderfully together. And perhaps the most important thing about djp's mixes is this: none of it sounds strained, forced, or contrived. This sounds like a band just chillin' on a saturday afternoon with no audience but itself. Here's a mix with that special something -- when you've analyzed all the beats and chord progressions and articulations, when you've put it through the meat grinder of thought, you won't have gotten to it all. Just listen again, and there it is, whatever we listen to music for is right there from the founding father of oc remix himself. yh [edit: I'd written about Lahan on Creid by accident -- I meant to refer to Mitsuda's arrangement on his 'Brink of Time' CT arranged CD. But 'My Village is Number One' from Xenogears suffers the same fate as the millenial fair does for me -- it's hard to beat Mitsuda at arrangement.]
  22. I think brian eno's original idea behind ambient music is fully realized here: ambient can be both "out of the way," background for reading, working, painting, studying or whatever, but can also yield depth and beauty if listened to intently. This is some excellent remixing -- taking and using Kikuta's original theme to blend and tie together many *original* ideas. The care that goes into the blending and fading each of the elements is dead on. Subtlety is something that I find often lacking in a lot of remixes (I don't just mean detail, but subtety of details) and it's a quality that makes a mix "lasting." You will certainly hear something new, something different, every time you listen to this carefully. I imagine that even after the quality of samples and production have gone through the roof and OC ReMix is swimming in top-notch arrangements, down the road this will be a mix that gets frequent play. yh
  23. Love just about everything in this mix -- I definitely like the banjo, I think it somehow fits the theme very well. It keeps me from thinking "uber-ultra-trance using the Tal Tal Heights melody" and instead "Tal Tal Heights trance-style but keeping the same feel as the original." And I cannot express just how impressive that beat is -- it flat out owns the beats in a whole slew of "professional" trance songs. yh
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