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  1. Hey there. Please review the OCR facts about song distribution information, Klowd1661. It's been years since I looked at the document, so I can't answer your question with accuracy.

  2. http://digg.com/gaming_news/OverClocked_ReMix_talk_Super_Streetfighter_II_Turbo_HD_Remix David Lloyd (aka djpretzel) and Head Submissions Evaluator, Larry Oji (aka Liontamer) are interviewed at Fidget about OverClocked's work on the superb new Super Streetfighter II Turbo HD Remix OST. DIGG THIS!!
  3. That gave me goosebumps. *The good kind* I never imagined anyone dancing to it except me! lol!! Thank you guys for making my day today. I dont know what else to say other than I feel really inspired.
  4. wow another rican from the bronx doing funky remixes. thats crazy! anyways, great remix! keep em coming!
  5. Its funny you say that DCT.. he's only getting better and better.
  6. I dont think i've heard a remix like this before.. ever. and the singer.. omg. If i had to put a pricetag on this remix i would say its expensive. I had to look at the title countless times to make sure I read correctly.. Zelda 1.. not zelda2, 3, etc.. Taking that old melody and redefining it the way it was, was quite a creative move dedicated to what remixing is all about. 10 out of 10. absolutely worth everyone's disk space.
  7. now if only someone would remix the first stage song. that one is embedded into my skull. love it.
  8. finally a battle of olympus remix. good job guys! superb!
  9. good job. i think the old-school techno vibe was ok. hehe reminds me too much of my old tracker days 10 years ago. anyways, we need more life force remixes grrr.. this is the second remix of the same tune.. Life Force has SOOooOOoo many good tunes to remix. Even the first stage tune is great, although a bit hard to remix. Especially if someone remixes stage 3's tune.. omg thats so damn hot.
  10. great mix. it reminds me of the day i went to kenny chou's (aka C.C.Catch) house in queens ny. hmm that must have been like '95? boy how time flies. I remember him showing me how he pitch bend riffs on the korg and being like wow.. hahaha.. sigh.. those were the days. im just glad someone still remembers these rare pc game musics. one must fall was probably the most commercial of the mod scene music composers. I wish i was good enough back then.
  11. i was amazed when i first heard this. this is high quality house groove here. Im impressed, and a nice job with the distorted guitar near the end too. I was kinda disappointed with the melody though. There wasnt too much inspiration in it, and the piano just felt out of place. maybe if it were a synth? or maybe if the piano had harmony. it sounded too dry. I also have to complain about the beat. It's house, but the beat just doesnt seem to grab me. It sounds to repeatative and too plain. its NOT bad, dont get me wrong. some of my beats end up the same sometimes. But as the rest of the remix's calibur is concerned, the beat just seemed to be overshadowed like the piano (while listening to the remix, i was able to compose another house beat in my head). I was also going to do a sakura alpha2 remix, but i dont think it can compare to this. this is good stuff. I love the vocal edits btw. really good job!
  12. YAY YAY YAY... waited for someone to remix this tune.. thank you. this gives me chills. memories. i was going to remix it too.. it would make for a great freestyle remix. good job with your remix btw. i love the synths. Im not feeling the drum samples much though. shrug
  13. OMG PO! IS BACK!!!! OOoOoOoOooOOO You have to download it just because PO! is my fave OCR mixer JAZZY R&B SOULFUL CHRONO TRIGGER UP IN YOUR GRILL. POoooOOo! dont leave, please make more and more.. and if you wanna collaborate on a house mix, HOLLA! btw this theme always reminds me of Outrun.. i wonder why
  14. if only i could get this guy to play trumpet whenever i needed .. simply just awesome.. just freaking AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE! download this.
  15. The wingless has sure grown from his life force remix. I'm just cleaning up the orgasmic mess i made when i heard this new addition by The Wingless. Holy hell those are some awe inspiring samples, and the use of them clearly shows careful study of playing them. the keyboarding and composition of the piano and organ makes the wingless look like a pro. sigh.. if only i could be this good! the break down intro at 2:54-2:57 was well thought out and gave me goose bumps! my only regret is that the drumbeat is filtered. i was hoping it was full filter off, highs on eq way up, and crispy. but thats my taste for this genre of music.
  16. i still dont know why this wasnt posted sooner. i had this for a very long time, and is easily one of the remixes played frequently in my playlist.
  17. i just got my good set of headphones to work again (i crazy glued them back together), and wow this track sounds much better that before on the crusty gamer headset i made it on. I like it!
  18. the transitions are a bit too much for me, unfortunately. =/
  19. this is something i love to listen to. i just wish it was mixed properly :/
  20. Thanks for the compliments! This remix was actually a little difficult due to the original score having the same root through the whole thing. But as you noticed i changed to root during the breakdowns to add more feeling. Yea, i agree the sax could have been more improvised. That's something that I need to learn. Sax playing styles, and how to program them. However, Gecko Yamori really did help a lot more with that sax than it sounded before. But yes, I was afraid to improvise the sax because of my lack of skill with it. This probably makes the remix more conservative as it sticks to the original melody as much as possible. The eqing of the piano causes some people to have clipping on their end. I dunno why, maybe because im not a skilled audio engineer and have very little knowledge of eqing. But it sounded great on my end, with my eq set to dry, and when set to high bass and treble boost. so i dunno.. Im gradually learning music theory and history, but i'm glad that you all appreciated my latest remix. Expect more to come very soon!! I didn't come up with the title till i was near completion. The remix sounded sexy, and now you know the true meaning of sexy trunks.. (Sexy Gloves didnt sound sexy enough)
  21. everything here sounds so good. all the synths, the effects, everything just sound so good. Im like amazed. But i do have something itching me with this remix. The root never changes. It would be great if you continued the measures at the end of 3:02 and changed the root. But i need to hear the original first.. dont even know what the original sounds like. this really itches me that its always the same . Good stuff from my boy, Gecko! I hope to hear some more house beats though -
  22. im so glad this got through. It sure does sound like general midi on a wave table sound card, but i must say, I dont care hehe. I like this piece a lot for the score. Its very jazzy and im quite impressed. Next time you gotta get some better samples though, BiTMaP... k? This rox.
  23. I'm always moved by this score, and this remix compliments that score so well its uncanny. I was immediately brought back in time to the 80s. The percusion could use work, but I wouldnt change the way it is. It makes it feel more 80's. Definitely does grow on you after a while. Good job all around!
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