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  1. Okay, those are certainly some better reviews. I'll consider going back and fixing it up, but it's been a while since I wrote it. I should check back on threads I make more often, I thought this one was pretty much dead after my last post.
  2. Glad you liked it, dude. If you haven't heard it yet, download "the Mother is in Control" under Super Metroid. It's not the same, but it's got a lot of similar style.
  3. Not everyone writes everything raw in midi. I think most of this was mixed in Acid after I rendered pieces out to WAV. I do things differently now, but Orion Platinum isn't the best software for lengthy guitar pieces or sampling in general. I'd use more of the source if there were any, but there isn't. I actually wrote more based on the source than you might notice, but it isn't readily apparent how the synth lead comes out of that. I know I had a pretty direct line of thought. I see that the reverb has muddled the mix a little, It's not the reason for the lack of definition, though - mostly I had a very vague concept of how to mix it spatially, and it didn't fall into place like my Super Metroid piece did. Crappy speakers to mix on pretty much put the nail in the coffin for the EQ. I tend to listen to a lot of things like Razed in Black, which is pretty similar, if more professional. They use the same sort of elements, but RiB definitely blends better than this track managed to. I don't agree that you should keep the string and synth/guitar elements seperate, but I'm pretty open-minded about how instruments can be put together in a sense that most people don't relate to. Thanks for the criticisms guys, I'll try to keep them in mind if I do another piece based on this. It's hard taking criticism even if I ask for it, sometimes. I tend to look back on things and think that for my abilities at the time it was very well composed, but it's still not what I wanted it to be. I'm glad to see that you all could still appreciate some of the parts, and that lends me hope to salvage some melodies out of the piece. It's more likely that I'll do something just outright original with them, since I had very little to take from the cavern theme.
  4. Funny, because I wouldn't consider it to be too "muffled", but I think I know what you guys are getting at. I don't think the guitar was EQ'd very well, while the rest of the piece stands pretty well without it (albeit much less interesting). I mix very differently now, so I don't think I can really go back into this one and change it. I might take some of the ideas I had and do a seperate piece, though. This is one of the first ones that I started messing around with amp-modeling in, and it shows that I know what I want out of guitar now. Pain in the ass to have to teach myself these things, but I don't really like being "taught".
  5. Okay, so I've had this remix gathering rhetorical dust on my harddrive for the past few years, I don't even know if anyone remembers that I promised the community this mix. I'm offering you all the ability to download it without digging into my personal website, with the request for opinions and feedback. Since I've had the mix for quite a while now and haven't had any ideas to improve it (or at least any that I've implemented), I want to see if you guys think it deserves OCR status. If not, please make a constructive suggestion if you're going to offer criticism. Click here for the track. It was supposed to be a pretty high-energy track, but it seems to have lost its glow for me.
  6. Christ, this exploded everywhere. I'm sorry I haven't had the time to mess with my remix, life has been hectic and I usually need a lot of time to gather ideas for music. Got kicked out of a relative's place for no particular reason, picked up more work, and had to find a new house pronto. As a result, I haven't even been thinking about it. I'll probably still go out of my way to finish the remix, whether or not it gets added to the final remix album.
  7. Very organic, very delicious. I don't normally like orchestral mixes so much, but this one is very precise in its mood and progression. Kudos on what sounds like beat-sampling from Metroid Prime. Main menu/intro theme for Prime aside, I wish they would have tapped a few OCremixers for the Prime soundtracks. That would have been epic.
  8. I'm back in Perth, with unfortunately no further progress on the mix. I tried to record guitar in Cleveland, only to find that some of my equipment didn't work properly with my laptop. If anyone could put me in touch with a good/dependable guitarist for this project, it would be much appreciated. The mix, as it is, has a GOA/Psytrance undercurrent with industrial tones, and I am looking to make it harder.
  9. Sweet. Congrats, Jake. That's probably every remixer's wet dream come true. Try not to lord it over everyone too much.
  10. I'm in London at the moment, and am going to be in Cleveland for about a month. I'm going to use some of the time to meet up with some friends and get guitar recorded for Endgame. Hopefully, I will be able to finish the track after this.
  11. I love the theme from OMF, and it would be fun to mess with, but I don't really see any changes making it better. It's already pretty slick.
  12. I'm a big fan of all of the Metroid games, and I'd love to do something with the Metroid Prime music. We'll see if I can get around to it or another MP track in time. Count me out on "symphonic" mixes, though. They bore me a bit.
  13. Hey, I've been sort of AWOL since my last post. I'm going to be jumping back into trying to get something done with this track. If anyone else wants to give it a try, or share ideas, feel free to.
  14. Hey there, glad to see Revolver up on the list. I'm having a little trouble with the mix, it's gone a bit stale. I might need to trash a good chunk of it to get creative again - I hate the feeling of just going through the motions trying to write anything. Also, since the Endgame track doesn't have a lot to it, I was wondering if it would be out of the question that I borrow here and there from any other songs on the soundtrack - I would still keep it predominantly the Endgame mix, if I did. I'm planning on investing in a decent set of headphones to mix with in the next few days, so that might lift my spirits a bit.
  15. Well, that shits me. I started doing a mix of "Endgame" because I got that mixed up with the Intermission track being called "End Level" on the list of available tracks.. I suppose I'll have to hold that one off for later. I'll still give the other ones a whirl, and see if anything sticks. You alive, TO?
  16. I'm interested, and I'll be having a look over the available tracks to see if there's something I can work with. Thanks, TO, for the email.
  17. Of course, I don't spend a ton of time here, and don't have the time to spend reading this whole topic along with the previous one - but the way the Google ad banner stretches the width on the first page is just outright irritating. I'm on 1024*768, so this shouldn't be an issue. I was already very satisfied with the previous layout, and still haven't gotten used to the new format. I understand that many people were calling for additional functionality or fixes, that it must have become apparent a redesign was in order - I still have grown accustomed to the older design, and wish you could have left out so many unnecessary changes to the layout. As a person who's a bit distanced to the site, it's easy to see how the previous format was just superior in ease-of-use.
  18. The DS lite's gba cartridge bay isn't deep enough, so gba carts stick out of the system. It's not horrible, but that might bother me a bit. If you're looking to save cash, there's nothing wrong with the original. I love mine, take it everywhere (something that did not happen with previous gb/gba incarnations)
  19. Oh god, this is great. Just suits my mood perfectly. Thank you so damn for this song.
  20. Awesome, seriously. Haha, sorry for rambling so damn much.
  21. *laughs* I should have known. Some people were pretty excited about hearing me talk on the show (yeah, I was, admittedly)... Guess we'll have to suck it up and download next week.
  22. I was wondering when someone would give Earthbound its due. *thumbs up*
  23. Whoa, very nice interpretation. I reckognize the source, even. Shivers rocks, btw. Absolutely loved the game.
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