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  1. I'm excited, but I gotta be honest, the screenshots making the rounds just don't impress me all that much, not like the other retro games that have been redone. That overblurred background (and the level's looks) just doesn't have the same feeling as the original. Looks like LittleBigPlanet with Sparkster thrown in. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see Sparkster making his triumphant return from the good old Rocket Knight days (I own both the Genesis games and I played the hell out of the SNES version as a kid) but graphically, I'm not really diggin' the new look so far. Still, looking forward to more news.
  2. Rocket Knight Adventures! Genesis exclusive! Do yourself a favor... seriously. I bought the game for 6 bucks a few years ago. you could probably find it cheaper somewhere else!
  3. I say this in complete seriousness: I am legitimately comforted by the fact that I'm not alone! Hahaha!
  4. Every time I see a "max weight limit" displayed in an elevator I think of Metal Gear Solid. Every. Time. Even the rattiest elevators though seem to have at least 2 or 3 times the weight limit from that game though. Even still I'll quietly do some mental math, roughly calculating the total weight of everyone aboard, and determine the number and weight of any optically camouflaged adversaries that may be stowing away. I wish I was joking.
  5. So excited for this. Grabbing it as soon as I can!
  6. Strike911

    Nintendo Wii

    been playing muramasa too. I like it. I've only played one of the two characters to finish, it has a fun fighting system and a cool style. There were a few times where I said wow while playing the game. The graphics at some points look amazing.
  7. I can't believe people are arguing over the distribution ratio of speed areas vs. platforming areas. Come on, please. What does it matter if the game is fun? Hell, its not like Sonic has gone through more radical changes than a switch speed/platforming ratio. What you should really be concerned about is the sonic to sonic's friends ratio. That's what really makes the games good or bad. *falls over*
  8. Strike911


    I have bought into this hypefest already... ... I really want to see this movie.
  9. Hey this is really cool... ... I only wish the samples were a little higher quality.
  10. Before I say anything I want to preface my post with this: Please finish this mix!!! To me the piano feels a little flat. To me its begging for a more crisper sound, but that could be just my opinion. It definitely could use a little spicing up with a little reverb or delay though, and the distortion is crazy when two notes are played at the same time on the piano. The drums could use a little variation as well, I really wanted to hear the drums go somewhere but they stayed consistent throughout the entire mix. The cymbals sound great and really emphasize each part. I like 'em. Keep at it please.
  11. New games are great, don't get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy them, but I don't think I can say definitively that I like new games or older games better than the other. There are a lot of old games that are near and dear to my heart, but I still look forward to new games and ideas that are fresh and innovative. I think that's the norm. Sometimes trying to play a game from an older generation is difficult just because it doesn't have a lot of features that are now standard today. Saving games is a big one, but smaller things like refined user interfaces and just friendlier controls help things. Even the wow-factor for graphics can fade over time for some games, which during their time could have been revolutionary and kept people immersed. It's hard to go back and play an old game sometimes since games as a medium have evolved to something more user friendly. That said, sure enjoy new games. Hell, even love them, but I can completely understand how people might enjoy older games too as good gameplay is good gameplay. Most games just do not age well... Everything has a chance to be "new" once. And all those newer games will be old after time. It's easy to understand why people can get favorites. Even people like "new" games and hate "old" games will have favorites that stick with them... usually at least. And in twenty years, games like Dead Space will be in retro lists and people will say "THAT GAME SUCKS! OLD!" and 10 year olds will hate Halo because in 2030, Halo will be like Contra is today... kidding, kidding. ^_~ But you see what I'm getting at, I'm sure. Modern Warefare 2, two decades from now, will be like old NES games to kids in the future... man, that is a really weird thought. haha.
  12. I love that Remi Gaillard vid! The original vid, I liked it in the beginning, but it became harder for me to watch the longer it went on.
  13. I highly enjoyed the movie. That said, I felt like some of the scenes did run long, but then again, it is Tarantino. I too felt like the trailer had more of an action vibe to it, but I still REALLY enjoyed the suspenseful situations. There were some really great characters on all sides of the film and the latter half really shined. Christoph Waltz as Landa was probably one of my favorite characters ever.
  14. Please send my condolences to the fellow. Kidding! ;D Congrats. Hope you have many fine years together.
  15. Hey good stuff. I've always enjoyed celtic music ever since I was lucky enough to find a radio show that played the stuff consistently a year ago. I'm always surprised by the quality of music in this genre for how completely dirt cheap the cds are. On a different note, though they dip into different genres occasionally, I'm a big fan of the duo called "Secret Garden." They have some absolutely fantastic tracks too. Good links!
  16. Man... I don't know what to say. There is asshattery afoot, and I for one don't like it.
  17. I swear some of it sounds like presets from reFX Vanguard... vanilla presets.
  18. Please? Please? Please? Not holding my breath... but quietly hoping... controlled breathing.
  19. Strike911

    District 9

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one too. Yeah, I kind of wish they didn't show the robot in the trailers. Seeing some of the things it could pull off was really cool.
  20. Oh man. I love this thread. So many resources I missed! lol!
  21. Didn't know about that site. Cool.
  22. What music have you been listening to in surround?
  23. I have to be honest, previous Eidos games from the last 15 years have NEVER interested me. So when I loaded up the demo and saw the company's logo pop up I said to myself quietly, "Oh, great, another shitty Eidos game, with weird controls and repetitive gameplay... why did I download this...?" Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed playing through the demo. I also didn't like the detective mode. I don't like scanning for things... it broke up the experience imo, but fighting, the stealth, taking people out with stealth moves was a lot of fun. The voice overs are great (to be expected honestly) and the game drew me in. The game really focuses on the Batman series' strong points, and from the small little demo I played, it did it well. Graphics are nice too. I would consider buying this... but I might wait on it until the price drops since I have very finite resources and desire Scribblenauts in September.
  24. Strike911

    District 9

    No spoilers here. Just got back from seeing this movie. Cerrax's post above is spot on. I was honestly shocked by how violent the movie is, and by the end, I was craving to see the violence. It's strange. By the end, you're entirely like "YEAH!" Quite a few people in the theater were "OOH"-ing and cheering when anything violent happened. It was pretty cool. I don't want to ruin it by saying some of the things that happen, but the first time you see some of the stuff, you're like "DAMN...!!" then after you take in a breath you're like "That was awesome!" haha. That's the only spoiler free way to explain things. And fortunately they do it a few times. I loved the effects. They're subtle and feel very natural even though its all sci-fi. I really dig this movie. All in all, I enjoyed the movie. I loved the ending, but it seemed to end a little abruptly, imo. Loved it though, and the social commentary on how refugees are treated is interesting to make parallels with.
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