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  1. So I've been playing the PC demo with my buddies. I LOVE IT. So many new toys to shoot and blow up. The game feels new yet retains a very similar feel, and I know me and my friends (all together in the same room, pseudo-LAN style) loved seeing the new gore effects and guitar swinging action. We even let out a few simulutaneous Oohs and Aahs, which was fun. GUITAR HERE! So many little things I enjoyed. I'm sure I'll ramble on and on about it later after this fangasm ends. I'm really looking forward to the full version. Also, zombies with body armor on are awesome!
  2. The Xbox360 demo has been live for over 12 hours. Bound to be some videos of it on Youtube by now. Just saying.
  3. Haha. Man, I love reading all the shit storm threads on Steam's forums for L4D2. Haha. While I don't think the crazy rage that people are having is necessarily appropriate, to be completely fair to those raging over the demo's delay, Valve shouldn't set a deadline, then delay it, then delay it again. I can see how some more immature/impatient people might be frustrated with that. If they would have been a little more conservative to begin with, this could have been avoided. I know Valve wants to get the game out to the people, but had they just said the game will be out conservatively on Oct 30th to begin with, then this whole thing could have been avoided. I think people just don't like feeling like they're getting jerked around. If you say you're gonna do something at a specific time you should do it. Is the delay worth the internet rage going on? Of course not. Am I a little bummed the demo isn't out when it was supposed to? Sure, I'm a little bummed. Not enough to be angry about it though, I know i'll get to play it in a few hours, so no biggie. It's the same thing that happened last year with L4D1's demo. I know me and my buddies are really looking forward to the demo. We had planned to meet up and play it today, but when it was delayed earlier today, we just met up and played L4D1 instead, and scheduled a meetup the next evening to play the L4D2 demo together. And anyway, Valve is always great to its community. Last year they extended the demo period for everyone after delays and problems occurred, and with all the extra DLC they offer a simple 24 hour delay is not a big deal at all. God help those people that are raging over a 24 hour delay. It's seriously ridiculous to see all this rage over a simple 24 hour delay. People are going nuts on the Steam forums. I like Gabe Newell and I don't like it when people dis him for his weight whenever Valve is in the news, but one guy caused a guilty laugh in me. I think he said something like Gabe Newell must have dropped a hoagie into L4D2's main server. Again, a very guilty lawl there. hehe. Anyway, the Xbox360 demo is live, and all the posts over at GameFAQS (ewww! GameFAQS msg board!) have a lot of cool info... that said, I'm trying to avoid big reveals in the game so I can experience it for myself with my buddies. Honestly, I'm really surprised by the majority of posts that like the new survivors as much as (if not more than) the old L4D1 survivors. Apparently, the chatter going on throughout the demo is a big improvement. Glad to see mostly everyone enjoying the new survivors. Anyway, off to bed I go for class in the morning, and by the afternoon I'll have my hands on a new toy.
  4. Man... GeoCities. Rest in peace. You encouraged me by granting me a whopping 10MB of space for all my crappy Netscape Composer machinations in 1997.
  5. It'll be a little weird without dedicated servers, but I'm not a huge online gamer so I can deal. For me, I'm honestly looking forward to the single player experience more than the multiplayer one. I, too, have never really got attached to any single dedicated servers. I can see the theoretical utility in having them, but more often than not it just facilitates digital cliques, which I loathe enough in reality, much less subjecting myself to playing/talking with them. Every once in a while on the old CoDs I could find a rifle's only dedicated server, but I honestly don't care that much to make a big hoopla about it for Modern Warfare 2. I guess IW just wants more control over their game. Maybe they can more adequately control cheating this way, which I wouldn't be against.
  6. I'll get on to preordering ZOE 3 after I beat Shenmue 3, Killer Instinct 3, and both of those new Snatcher and Policenauts remakes.
  7. Wearing costumes != Trick-or-Treating There are a lot of non-trick-or-treating costumed events going on all October for adults. Hell, most popular places people 18+ fraternize have a themed night set for it usually. It's fun (at least for people that don't think they're "too cool" for it).
  8. Kotaku's headlines are pretty good when it comes to breaking news and elaborating on it. I like it for that reason. That said, I could do without a lot of their "articles." Hell, whenever I read a title to a article like "XBOX360 vs. PS3 GRAPHIC COMPARISON: YOUR THOUGHTS?" I know it's going to be swarming with annoying fanboys, and a lot of time they tend to try and create buzz with articles like that. The site's comment section is absolutely annoying and should be avoided. Just too many dorks trying to one-up each other in larger quantity than other sites on the internet. No one is really useful, and everyone's comments usually some attempt at a clever retort. I hate that side of the internet. Seriously, why all the negativity? /veering off topic Still like their news though. And they get things quickly. You can sit on their site refreshing it and they'll have news coming in regularly throughout the day which I like.
  9. Had a party tonight I just got back from. I went as European pop sensation and advocate of inquiry regarding ding ding dong touching, Gunther.
  10. Okay, Halloween is in two weeks, and its just about the time when costume parties start showing up, and I know I'm not the only person here that enjoys a good costumed shindig. So who or what are you going as?
  11. Whoa, cool. Yeah, I just checked his IMDB page, Luigi's been on a lot of popular shows with smallish parts. Cool. Also... Bowser has won.
  12. Oh, I did read the text. The story isn't bad. The way they introduced new characters worked. It just feels really long-winded towards the latter episodes. For instance, all the back-story in Episode 7 was just tedious to go through for me, and the trend was that each episode's story part just got longer and longer. Those text driven areas just are not the series' strong point, and they kept getting longer and longer. That said, I wholly enjoyed the series, and it's a good little series. I wouldn't have watched them all if I hadn't thought it was pretty cool. The fights were very entertaining and really had some neat elements. I also really enjoyed watching the quality of the animation increase as the series went on.
  13. I can't believe I watched all of those in one sitting. *face palm* Cool. Each new episode has more and more and more and more text though, which I honestly didn't really care about. The fight scenes are pretty cool though!
  14. Episode 3 is the worst by far, in fact, it was a little painful to watch, but Episode 4 redeems it with some of Yellow's interaction with Black.
  15. http://www.megabot.tv/ Okay, so there is this new web series that is a parody of Power Rangers and/or Super Sentai (Okay it's definitely a take on power Rangers, because I doubt the creators know what Super sentai is, BUT...). It's kind of about what the Power ranger's would be like if they were washed up, getting older, and hating their jobs. It's been going on for about 4 weeks, and there are only 4 episodes so far. It's updated every wednesday, but i think they're just about at the end of the first season. The concept is pretty funny and the humor at times is hit or miss, but when it's funny I've found that I've really enjoyed the episodes (Especially if you appreciate a series making fun of the Power Rangers.) The interaction between Yellow, Pink, and Black are great too. haha Honestly, I'm really enjoying this. Anyone else watching this?
  16. lol! omg! where the hell did you find that?! haha. *right click* *saves* Tribute:
  17. Very sad! I watched that show ALL THE TIME as a kid. The live action sequences were like Sanford and Son meets the mushroom kingdom. It was great! RIP Mario! Also... I hate to admit it, but I lol'd at the game over music comment.
  18. No, no, no! Borderlands has been developed by Gearbox Software, not 2K Games. 2K Games is publishing it.
  19. Really enjoyed the demo. Really, Really!!! I am VERY excited, and I have been for a while! I worry though that the combat will get stale after a while. I honestly believe the game will only be able to succeed if the story is entertaining, and if the demo is any good indicator, I enjoyed it immensely. The opening was fantastic and a couple of the lines were laugh out loud funny. I also enjoyed JB's voice. This is a role that just suits him and his voice, regardless of whether you hate him or not, and the lines are pretty funny to boot. Good stuff. Looking forward to next week.
  20. I'll keep my eyes open on future developments.
  21. I'm excited, but I gotta be honest, the screenshots making the rounds just don't impress me all that much, not like the other retro games that have been redone. That overblurred background (and the level's looks) just doesn't have the same feeling as the original. Looks like LittleBigPlanet with Sparkster thrown in. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see Sparkster making his triumphant return from the good old Rocket Knight days (I own both the Genesis games and I played the hell out of the SNES version as a kid) but graphically, I'm not really diggin' the new look so far. Still, looking forward to more news.
  22. Rocket Knight Adventures! Genesis exclusive! Do yourself a favor... seriously. I bought the game for 6 bucks a few years ago. you could probably find it cheaper somewhere else!
  23. I say this in complete seriousness: I am legitimately comforted by the fact that I'm not alone! Hahaha!
  24. Every time I see a "max weight limit" displayed in an elevator I think of Metal Gear Solid. Every. Time. Even the rattiest elevators though seem to have at least 2 or 3 times the weight limit from that game though. Even still I'll quietly do some mental math, roughly calculating the total weight of everyone aboard, and determine the number and weight of any optically camouflaged adversaries that may be stowing away. I wish I was joking.
  25. So excited for this. Grabbing it as soon as I can!
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