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  1. Just a video right now. Sorry about no real executable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbNlz0WhOQ4 It's just a little thing I'm working on for my gamedev/gamedesign portfolio. I need to redo the graphics for the ships, because I know they're crappy, but they work. And the texture on the buildings could be better. The movement of the player (mecha) is buggy too, I realize, but it works. Basically you're a mecha blowing up police, in a city, and you can change into a faster, jet with less firepower. There are multiple types of weapons. - Basic Gun (average) - Shotgun (weak but scatters multiple shots) - Vulcan (weak but fires quickly) - Rifle (strong, but slow) It's not final by any means, and is more of a concept. The video demonstrates weapon changes, bullet time, a brief transformation into the jet at the end, and very basic enemy ai (if you even want to call it that, lol). Upon uploading this, I realize I forgot to show how the jet can use missiles and lock on to things. Ah, well. A little spinning green cross hair fades in and a missile flies into it. Not missing much. lol. Again, it's just a little concept to further fill out my game design portfolio. It was a fun little distraction to build and I just thought I'd share it.
  2. Definitely. Wall-E is a great example. It could be done ...
  3. I bought Assassin's Creed 1 at launch. I will not do that for Assassin's Creed 2. If people tell me it has more going for it than AC1, then sure, I'll pick it up later. AC1 was fun, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Assassinations were few and far between, missions were the same one after the other, and there was no replay value. Sure I had fun playing through it, but... I'm done with that. The best thing out of Assassin's Creed was the fact that I can make Solid Snake wear Atair's clothes in MGS4. There I said it.
  4. ... okay I have a couple things to say.. I can get behind some Hollywood adaptations... Cowboy Bebop? Sure. Okay. Might be a fun watch. Akira? ... okay, I can deal. Robotech? Sure, I love me some giant robots. Metal Gear Solid? Okay, I can easily see that one, too. ... but Shadow of the Colossus?!?! I can't get behind that because the experience, the world, and the solitude are all like characters in their own right, and very rarely have I ever seen Hollywood achieve that correctly. Combine that with the people we know are involved in creating the thing, and you have one big giant rape of an excellent concept. I'm sure they'll get the Colossus fights down right, but everything else that made SOTC what it is, they'll completely forget. If a good director was in on it, there were only two characters (excluding the horse), and there was virtually no dialogue, then I would completely be in, but ... otherwise, sorry... ... this is a rape of one of my favorite games. *sigh* I swear, if it's not in that weird Latin/Japanese/English whatever the hell hybrid, made up language that was in the game... I will be pissed. WRITING? What writing? I kid. Shadow of the Colossus should be an animated Studio Ghibli film, not some Hollywood epic.
  5. I'm being completely honest here... When I'm feeling down, just a few minutes of Pilotwings is enough to put me in a good mood. Specifically when playing as birdman. Man, and if there is one franchise that I think would be perfect for the Wii, it's Pilotwings. I enjoyed the SNES version, but the N64 version had a lot of style going for it that the original lacked. Did Pilotwings sell well on the N64?
  6. all hiding and fleeing? Silent Hill Solid. ... had to. Honestly though, the only game that I can think of off hand that is constant fleeing is Pac Man... and it would be a better comparison, but I can't think of a clever name for it, so I just won't bother. I'm cool with a reimagined Silent Hill. Having to flee is cool, but I've always liked a dash of fruitless combat... when you can completely mop up enemies in survival horror just doesn't keep you on edge and scared. Now when you can't kill them... that's some suspenseful stuff right there. Hopefully this no combat thing will add to the suspense and scariness, and not be an annoying gimmick.
  7. Need more of this. Will drink it straight from the bottle.
  8. Try zooming in a little bit.
  9. My facebook account doesn't work on the main page...
  10. I'm working on a project and I want to attribute this guy's site. I had it once before, but I can't find it now. Thanks.
  11. Here's a synopsis of Phantom Hourglass: OMG PIRATES. ship upgrades, ship upgrades, PIRATES, dungeon, dungeon. PIRATEs. The end. See, now you're good to go with Spirit Tracks and you're not out 20 bucks.
  12. Cool stuff man. Love the intro and first part especially. Also, kind of thread hijacking, but what are your rates? I might know some people interested in your work. You can PM me if you'd prefer.
  13. Yeah, I like that feeling too. I remember it most vividly from Ocarina of Time, the first time you see a castle in the horizon.
  14. Well, they had boats with engines in Phantom Hourglass, walking Mech cannons in Twilight Princess, and ... stone and wooden rails were used 1-2 thousand years ago with human and animal power pushing it, it's not that big of stretch for Nintendo to have engines adapted to land vehicles at this point... ... would be kind of cool if Nintendo was gearing up a gentle transition in time period to the series. I mean, I know it ain't happening because Nintendo refuses to solidify a real story with Zelda, but hey, at least the setting feels a little fresher than usual. While I loved the sailing portions of Phantom Hourglass, many people I talked to said it was pretty much like being on rails, I can understand... but... haha... this new vehicle doesn't help that criticism... at all. lol. Anyway, good times. I might pick it up. Phantom Hourglass was fun, but I don't know if it's worth my money on day 1. I'll think about it.
  15. not real. Even says so in the description. bladestorm footage (same people that made Dynasty Warriors except more emphasis on strategically using units), and the Battlefield theme music.... and... the zelda font that everyone uses for fake zelda trailers.
  16. ... it's one of those songs, its decent but you hear it so much in movie trailers and commercials and commercials before movie trailers that you just try to block it out after too long. I could've sworn one of the older FIFA games used that as their lead track too.
  17. lol. Oh, the OCRemix, you cards. It's nice that things have subsided since back in the day. There were a couple months there (maybe a year or two ago) where every topic I went into someone was like OLD . Seriously. Glad those day are over. On topic, pretty cool stuff there. Definitely could be cool gameplay wise.
  18. Heh, yeah, I know. >_< haha. I've been working on it here and there. I have most of the song ready to go, but it just gets boring, so I'm thinking about tweaking it a little bit. The problem is that I've been crazy busy with school stuff so working on it is going a little slower than I wanted it to.
  19. Yeah, I love time travel scenarios and paradoxes as much as the next guy, but where's the gameplay? Any substantial info available yet?
  20. Hey, I don't know about your state's laws or anything (hell, or if you even live in the US) but over where I am, the state allots one free credit score lookup... thing. Free of charge, as a free service to everyone. I've done it only once, but your state SHOULD have some kind of official way to look up your credit score for free, every year. I'd imagine there's chance that it wouldn't, but I think it's a pretty standard practice. It's handy, if anything, just to make sure you don't have any false transactions that you never made or wonky errors that might hurt you a little... happens occasionally. Knowledge is power! I've actually heard this same thing before being healthy for your score, providing you do pay it off. I think I was watching some credit seminar/tv broadcast thing on PBS a year or so ago when they said it. Hm.
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