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  1. If anyone cares, here's a devuvuzelator by Stardock for when you're streaming games. Now if only the damned networks would do this before sending out their broadcasts I'd be very happy. http://www.stardock.com/labs/devuvuzelator/ And seriously, what's up with damned refs this year? Do those damned horns have mind control for bad calls or something??
  2. Star Fox 64 remake for 3DS? Totally sold. That's all I need to hear. The fact that they've included MGS3D is a bonus. And Kid Icarus looks fun as hell. Sold, Nintendo. I've bad mouthed your Wii in the past, but damn do you guys know how to make exciting portable stuff. Well played.
  3. Awesome. I've been out of school for a while, and every now and then the urge to learn something sneaks up on you. Thanks for posting!
  4. Make fun of me if you will but seriously... Yanni. I've casually thought a few of his tracks would be a perfect fit in some kind of introspective title. Hell, almost 90% of this stuff could fit as a JRPG town theme.
  5. I personally like to think of my musical adjectives as descriptions for corpulent individuals with poor bathing habits. @ The Vagrance, This is good info.
  6. An awful soundtrack thread and Armored Core is still not mentioned. Sure, you can cite maybe 1 or 2 good tracks out each AC title's 20 some odd tracks, but the rest of the tracks are a mess of awful and bad sounding synths, strange often out-of-pitch arpeggios, and gratuitous over use of out of tune sound effects (oh, and don't me forget the unpleasant drum loops). And what's worse is that most of the tracks are all 4-second loops droning on and on and on. The tracks that are good are usually the ones that avoid being electronica. I mean, take almost any Gundam OST and play it along side an Armored Core title, except turn off AC's music. The experience is fifty times more amazing. Seriously, try it. When I learned this, it was a great moment of realization... almost like the time I realized the nutritional benefits of Lucky Charms and Cheerios were 99.99% identical (give or take some magnesium). Just wow. It made Armored Core's experience so much better to have decent, thematic music. Droning 4-second loops (hidden in a 5 minute techno song that makes you want to scratch your ear drums out) do not do the series justice. The only song of the all the AC games I can remember was a unpleasant track from either AC1 or AC2, and it sounded like an electric banjo being water boarded. In fact, I think it's one of the tolerable ones in the series. Anyway. EDIT: Yeah I really want to blow up mechas to this crap: My God... who thought this last one was a good idea? This, my friends, is a perfect example. A distinct random set of loops with no real musical vision or focus. It's all just unpleasant, sloppy sounding cuts and loops masquerading as "music." Why?! why?! This is what my nightmares sound like. This has touched a nerve. I'm going to sit on the couch and drink some lemonade and watch a TV show about kittens (STAT) before an artery in my neck explodes. *sigh* A travesty! Don't get me wrong, Armored Core is fun series that I've followed since I was a kid, but it's not without a few serious flaws, number 1 on that list is the music imo. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go listen to the G Gundam soundtrack on Youtube. Domon's theme is calling to cleanse the palate of my ears. Good day.
  7. Youtube is messing up for you because you're not using Netscape Navigator. duh.
  8. This! Well, I remember being completely blown away by the first Killer Instinct when it first came out. And anything with digitized sprites really looks awful now too *cough* Mortal Kombat. And those old games that used live video footage of real actors. They distinctly remind me of the blossoming early-90s PC gaming market. They were just awful and full of hokey cheesiness. Still, at the time it was the bee's knees (as the kids say). Haha. Speaking of, I occasionally see my old Rebel Assault II CDs in my CD collection time and time again. Good low-resolution times.
  9. The bots are beginning to become self aware. Their posting is becoming more relevant. Curse you Skynet. Come on, they should have said the Wii balance board AND THIS IS WHY I SAY THIS... how many people bought WiiFit, what, 12 million? I'd be willing to bet that not 10 million pounds have been collectively shed. Nah, but really why did they not mention the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Add on. I spit on them for mentioning the Steel Battalion controller. That thing is cool, I don't care what they say. I cherish mine. And I hate to admit it, but when I was like 12 I got my folks to buy me one of those Aura Interactor giant wanna be pre-Rumble Pak things for like 20 bucks at some discount store, you know, when people in 1993 KNEW it was garbage and discount stores started picking it up. I might still have it in a box somewhere. I may go digging and where it to pretend I'm from the past of the future. And I think I have one of those R-Zone things packed up in a box somewhere too. Man that thing was awful, but I'm still a sucker for futurist designs regardless of how crappy they are.
  10. The things you could do in game were pretty awesome, but the demo just lacked personality in my opinion, something I think a game like this really needs. Burnout will inevitably be compared to the title, and Burnout's in your face, personality filled presentation really fleshes out its crazy racing experience. Split/Second, while it has some really awesome effects and the gameplay is fun, I think it could have benefited from a more over the top presentation. They have a really serious and overtly "cool" presentation, and while it's slick to look at, I really think it hinders the game as a whole. The game is about a reality TV show about racing and blowing things up. I guess if there's a game that can have over the top cheese injected into it, its this game, but its missing from the title. The title is cool, but ... it almost feels as if its taking itself a little too seriously. The game just doesn't ooze personality like other lesser titles do, and that upsets me. It could have just been the overly filtered and low volume music though. That would have helped. I certainly would like to see what the final product plays like. It is definitely interesting. The first time I saw the plane crash and the air traffic control tower fall I giggled in delight. The sheer level of action going on in the background of all things is intense. It was a nice change of pace to see things going on around the race, rather than only on the roads. Nifty. Nice to see destroyable levels too. I love that...
  11. I already have Portal, but I know someone who doesn't have it. Is this one of those trial deals where you can try it for X days until they make you pay for it, or is it seriously free Portal for whoever signs up?
  12. Thanks man, glad you dig everything. I appreciate the kind words. Yeah, send me a link. :)

  13. How on Earth has this thread gone this far without THE LOOK OF LOVE?! EVERYONE NEEDS THE LOOK OF LOVE! ABC - THE LOOK OF LOVE SAMANTHA FOX - TOUCH ME Hell, all of Michael Jackson's stuff. (for great justice: DEAD OR ALIVE - YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND Damn straight! Almost all of my favorite tunes were made in the 80s. Most of them are cheesy as hell, but damn do I love me some macaroni!
  14. People are earnestly trying to assist you, don't be a dick.
  15. http://www.tototek.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_8_11&products_id=39
  16. I really really reeeeeeeaally want to go....... will look into this.
  17. I signed up for these forums in early 2002 after I just had downloaded the FruityLoops demo. I played around a little bit with it, but By September of 2002, an AWFUL Perfect Dark remix of mine made it through the judges panel (it honestly shouldn't be online... it's really bad! Just reading the comments/reviews section for the track makes me facepalm). Since then, that's been the only remix I've had on Overclocked, and I think I've only tried to get maybe another 3 or 4 through 5/6 years ago. In the last 3-4 years I've probably only worked on one or two game remixes, partially because I felt limited by using source tunes, but I've made zillions of new, original tracks that are sitting on my hard drive. Making original tracks for fun really pushed me to explore new things and has added a lot of tools to my music making abilities. Producing music just became something that I just did when I had spare time. Then it became something I needed to do as a therapeutic thing. I don't think I have "talent" per se, but I can make a funky track here or there. Here I am in 2010, and my style has certainly changed a lot. I'm amazed that it's been 8 years. I can't believe it at all. The newest tracks on my website are at least 3 years old... I guess I should really keep adding new things so people don't think I've completely stagnated. lol. OCRemix really got me fired up to try new musical things, I entered a few gaming competitions as a musician (last year specifically) and fared pretty well, and now that I'm out of the university, I'm making game music as a part-time job in real life. So... I owe quite a bit to OCRemix and the community here for moving me in that avenue. Much of my newly adult life has been influenced by digital music creation and this website/forum. I really need to get back into remixing.
  18. Hey, thanks. Yeah one of the first 20 remixes I made was an old Cradle remix from GoldenEye. If that's the one you're talking about then it's probably the one I made Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. lol.

    I appreciate the kind words.

  19. Definitely has a cool retro throwback vibe. Well composed and fills me with nostalgia.
  20. I have both RKA and Sparkster on my Genesis which I've played through a hundred times. I thoroughly played through Sparkster on the SNES as a child also. My only problem with Sparkster on the Genesis is that, graphically and superficially, it felt like a step backward from Rocket Knight Adventures. The art just wasn't as inspired, imo. Sparkster on the SNES was a lot of fun to play, but yeah, completely different games. SNES version was pathetically easy in comparison to the Genesis title(s), that said, there are still a lot of memorable moments in the Super Nintendo version. ... Rocket Knight Adventures is still my favorite. I like the fact that you can do damage with direct sword attacks. The graphics are just more fun and appealing imo.
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