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  1. If there's one thing I've learned in my 24 years on this planet, it's that you'll find time to do what's important to you, for better or for worse.
  2. Yeah, definitely. I'm completely cool with that. Solidarity. <3 Gray Fox. Raiden's parents are killed by Solidus in the 1980s, and I didn't really think about it, but Raiden is adopted by Solidus, very similarly to the way that Frank Jaeger adopted Naomi after killing her parents. I think there are a lot of parallels that can bolster the Raiden/Gray Fox connection (I mean, while leaving out the obvious "they're both tech enhanced ninjas DUH" argument). I wonder if there are more parallels to these two characters... So if Raiden is a kid in the 1980s. Null is a teenager in the 1970s. Frank would be... in his late 20s/early 30s by the time Raiden was born, which means he could lineup by either being a direct child of Gray Fox (which is probably unlikely) or being some kind of clone, which is probably what went down. Makes sense, and keeps that series' theme of cloning alive. Cool. Color me excited. That pic of Raiden/whoever with the black bandana over his eye makes the character look even more bad ass. Anyway, I like this Gray Fox/Raiden connection. If that's not how it is, I will be sad.
  3. Okay, so I don't usually fanboy over-analyze teaser pictures, but tonight I am. I'm taking a look at the Famitsu scans... the one with Raiden and Big Boss on it. Raiden's eyes are blue in MGS4, but they're brown in the scans. Maybe its the lighting. Maybe its a retcon. Just saying. Maybe it's not Raiden? Maybe its Frank Jaeger. Probably too far of a stretch, but it'd be kind of cool if Raiden was some kind of derivative of Gray Fox/Null/Frank Jaeger. Maybe Kojima's dividing chapters by distinct passages of time rather than just locations this time... ... oh who the hell knows. All I know is that I'm officially excited.
  4. Well, 2009 is almost half over; if it's going to be the year of the 360 it needs to get started. Sony's been pumping out consistent exclusives every month. There are too many AAA games coming out for the PS3 consistently to definitively say 2009 is Microsoft's. There are some great exclusives coming out for the 360, but not nearly enough to outshine the other console entirely. This article is mostly conjecture and speculation. Plus half of his guesses involve release announcements which wouldn't really apply to 2009 anyway, even if some his guesses were true. No sources either. And I lol'd at trying to guess what Kojima is going to do. Trying to understand that man is silly. I would argue that if there is going to be a year of the 360, it probably won't happen in 2009. It would be more likely to occur in 2010 if it even happened... honestly though, both Microsoft and Sony are getting their stuff together at this point in the console race. Both are releasing good content and while Microsoft is doing well in sales, Sony's releasing a lot head turning games lately. Honestly, I don't think we'll be able to say 2009 or 2010 is the year of the 360 or PS3.... just because they both have a lot going for them right now. I don't like wild guesses. I read a few of the articles on this site before, and he was making wild guesses just like this, months before. The same site a year ago was claiming how GTA5 was going to be a PS3 exclusive, which is completely ridiculous. I really wouldn't take anything this site says seriously unless you can find confirmation on other places on the net.
  5. @ kittykar download the demo. At first you'll be like, "Psh, a 1 hour demo... try 15 minutes chump!" but then you'll keep playing it... and then you'll want more P vs. Z. *serious face*
  6. You know, my buddy played the 1 hour demo and honestly bought the game just to show it to me. Everyone I know that's played this game is addicted to it. I know I am. haha. ... and the music is pretty catchy!
  7. ... *vehemently stares* *stands up from chair* *stare continues* *slowly claps* *single tear*
  8. http://kotaku.com/5261810/rumor-first-footage-of-team-icos-project-trico Seriously. i watched it and was amazed. Platforming with a friendly colossus-size creature basically.
  9. I just finished watching the ending part of MGS4 again... you know all the way through... all ... *blinks* 1.5 hours of it. I really forgot how much of a badass Raiden was. I'd be totally cool with Raiden as a lead in a new game... ... regardless, I'm still hoping for Snatcher!
  10. Strike911

    Star Trek

    Gundam ftw. And I went and saw this movie a few days ago and really enjoyed it. That is all. I've already began integrating "Are you outta your Vulcan mind?" into my regular speaking patterns.
  11. Hoping for SNATCHER. Possibly MGS5. No doubt Kojima jacking with people. Watch it be some weird, new IP with a number in the title.
  12. At least you don't get 9/11 conspiracy websites. '
  13. I would totally approve of a claymation Earthbound movie. Metroid, Metroid, Metroid. I don't know how I feel about any of this. . . .
  14. It wouldn't be Sunset Riders without them. I always loved that game. I always had a tough time playing it though...
  15. Exciting. Loved this game. An update makes me happy. Although honestly, if they're going to the trouble of remaking the game to play exactly like the old one, I wouldn't mind some new bonus levels either. <3 Neon Night Riders.
  16. We're actually really fortunate to have someone on the team with some business experience, so we're cooking in that department. Thanks again everyone for the kind words.
  17. It's going to take us for a ride. Excited. Picking it up first day.
  18. I can't really say anything definite right now. Quoted for truth. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I'm glad everyone is digging it.
  19. This is absolutely fantastic stuff. Really brings back a lot of memories from the old Dreamcast days. Cool drum samples too.
  20. Sorry for double post. MUSIC SAMPLER IS online HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f18nRkXzyxI Just a mix of a few of the songs.
  21. We are working on the web site as I type. The music in the beginning, is admittedly a little darker than some of the other ones. There are a lot of lighter (and more fun) jazz tunes that aren't in the video that fit a little better. I'll upload them as soon as possible. Controls. Yeah. That was one of the big hurdles, but it works pretty well. You basically move around with the joystick and have three buttons at the moment. A selection button, a cancel button, and an inventory button. Our programmer went to great lengths to get the radial menu system working. He ended up creating a really cool system that is pretty intuitive. You just walk up to an item in the environment, select it, then pick your interaction from the radial menu that pops up. Easy as that. It's really simple and effective. The radial menu is used in the inventory as well, so everything is uniform. It flows really well. Again, props to our programmer because he really designed it very well. We were really concerned about the controls from the get go. Point and click IS the standard, but we came into it knowing we wanted to develop on a console, and our input system feels very natural with a controller. It's easy. It's not cumbersome like some of those older adventure games that were straight up ports that used a D-Pad to control a mouse cursor. I shudder at thinking about those. haha. The voice. Hmm. You know, I love Monkey Island, but I wasn't necessarily trying to emulate Guybrush. Now that you mention it though I see the similarities. The fact that you say it sounds like Dominic Armato is a mega huuuge compliment though. I honestly just tried to voice a wisecracking, hot-headed, smart ass the best I could. lol. Thanks for kind words guys. Me and my team appreciate it.
  22. EDIT: (August 6, 2009) I know this is a 3 month old thread, but I wanted to update everyone! New Video of our new engine that we entered into Dream Build Play 2009. We updated the engine to full 3D. It's not perfect, but we're pretty happy with it. It has come a looooooong way from the original build, that's for sure... and in a relatively short period of time. Wish us luck at Dream build Play 2009! There are A LOT of really good games in the competition. You should check out all the other entries on Youtube if you're into the indie games scene. -------------- -------------- So I've been working with a team of mine on a game for a game development competition at my university called CGEC at the University of Texas at Dallas. For 7 months we've been developing a little adventure game hopefully to sell over XboxLive. Out of 14 starting teams, we placed 2nd which was $7500 bucks. Additionally, we also got the innovation award which is an extra $1000. It was really exciting, we were judged by a lot industry veterans. Eric Hellcats Parker was there, and a guy from the late Ensemble Studios. A Gearbox producer and (I think their former) lead concept artist helped us out in refining everything. It was a really good experience... and I got money. It was a short little 15 minute demo and everything was a real blast. I made all of the music, wrote all of the dialogue, did all the audio engineering for all the sound effects/voiceovers, and I also voiced the main character. Here's a link to a video. It's not entirely exciting because it is an adventure game after all... you have to experience it. The judges (again who were all industry vets) said the game was fun, Eric Hellcats Parker said particularly he liked the pacing and that he enjoyed the humor (from my dialogue baby!) which was a relief to me. The fact that he himself liked playing our game really makes me happy, and he told us he doesn't usually even like Adventure games. I think what sold it for the innovation award was our radial menu system and the humor. Honestly, I'm a little miffed on how we got the innovation cash, but the judges voted for us, so, yeah (?). Go figure. I would have honestly given it to the iPhone people. Here's our vid: We were up against a lot of other games, iPhone games were popular. 1st place went to a great iPhone strategy game! It had a really cool art style. We're planning on releasing a finished releasable title hopefully in the fall over XboxLive. Haven't quite pinned it down yet, and we're ditching the 2D sprites for 3D modeled characters. Our team also talked to a guy about investment too. So we're moving right along. So yeah, good times.So in a way I'm also thanking the OCRemix community, because I've learned a lot from the community over the years, and wouldn't have been capable of mixing much less making music without you guys, and I can honestly say that OCR quite literally has put some cash in my pockets for the first time. So... thanks all. Maybe I should buy a t-shirt. ALSO, I want to upload some of the music. I made about 7 tracks, and the video only shows like... maybe a tiny piece of one or two songs... and they're hard to hear over voice/sound/blah blah. So I'll do that one of these days in case any one cares. EDIT: MUSIC SAMPLER IS HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f18nRkXzyxI
  23. EDIT: Sorry. I'm a dumbass. Posted in the wrong forum. I'm moving this. Sorry.
  24. Some games make no sense. That's true if by "some games" you meant the zelda timeline. har har har. I see wut you did thar. lawl.
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