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  1. Personally, I'd much rather have a handheld with power on par to a Gamecube with the capability of playing Virtual Console titles. That's all I want. There's no reason at all Nintendo shouldn't allow paying customers a legal way of enjoy older games on the go, something people with emulators and roms have done for years. Sony's PSP can play PSX games right out of the PlayStation Store which, to me, is a killer feature. ... ... Anyway, back on topic. Well, I guess since its all speculation at this point who knows. I remember seeing on the 'History Channel' a few years ago a 3D TV that had two cameras mounted to it that could sense where your eyes were looking and make a 3D image according to where you were looking. The problem was that multiple people watch TVs at the same time, which made that system kind of silly to have. With a handheld though, since only one person plays it at a time anyway that kind of system could work for a new DS. I don't remember how that system worked though, or what it was called.... not for the life of me. Who knows though. Could just be an accelerometer or two that lets you tilt the screen to see different views.. which really wouldn't be all that revolutionary really. This whole situation reminds me of the crazy speculation that went on when the "Nintendo Revolution" was first announced.
  2. Ported Wii titles to the PS3 will happen, regardless of your stance on motion controls. Even if they are ripping off the Wii, Sony is doing something very shrewd here. There is a small segment of gamers that are on the fence about purchasing titles or Wii consoles. This group wouldn't mind motion controls but don't identify themselves as one of the target demographics that Nintendo's Wii is aiming for. By making the Move available, Sony is stealing market share from Nintendo, essentially making the argument that Sony can do everything and more that Nintendo's system can do, play Bluray, and all of it in High Definition. Will little kids or old folks that love Wii Sports care? Probably not, but again, there is a very specific group of people that would love to play their Wii in HD, but Nintendo isn't keen on upgrading their system yet. Even I've said that I wish a few Wii games were in HD as I was playing through them, though at this point, I'm not entirely sold on the Move yet. This is a smart and calculated move by Sony, make no mistake. Instead of doing something risky like Natal which has yet to be proven, Sony chose a safer route that the current leader in the console war is using. ... ... and EVERYONE has always ripped off Nintendo! Come on people, stop acting like it's suddenly new. It's happened for two decades, if not through hardware then most definitely through software. *roll eyes* No doubt, Nintendo certainly innovates the industry, but in my opinion it feels like Nintendo doesn't fully realize their innovations like other companies eventually do. Nintendo has a history of it, and they've always fallen victim to it. This situation is no different than when Sony introduced the DUAL SHOCK controller in response to the Rumble Pak, or when countless numbers of adventure/RPG games came out after the original Zelda was released. Same thing, more polygons. Go figure.
  3. ... need to start saying that in actual conversations.
  4. One day a game will come out where the gameplay is enhanced by the sound of whining little kids, and this genius work of game design innovation will revolutionize the gaming industry. Heard it here first, folks.
  5. If the kid is 12, isn't saying much, and is just a scrub in the game then I can deal. I'm in my mid-twenties, and in an ideal world I'd like to keep age groups segregated online, just because the maturity levels can at times be issues. That said, there have been 12 year olds that are more mature than some of the people on mics with the most baritone voices. Ironically enough, the real issue for me are the people that should be mature (according to their voice) but act like a 12 year old without the mental capacity to think about the things they say. Honestly, I've had such a bad experience playing with these faceless people in online games that I avoid many online games altogether unless I'm at a LAN or something where I know the people I'm playing with. If you don't talk and swear constantly I can deal in most cases, but let's face it, at 12, a lot of kids just haven't developed that inner dialogue in their brain to determine if everything they are saying is nice or not... that's what it all boils down to. And the bad thing is, these kids that never really develop correctly end up growing into the douche bags that can't function in the real world and are naturally drawn to gaming and online circles. I don't want to listen to a screaming temper tantrum every time your killed regardless of your age, and unfortunately (in my experience) a lot of gamers never learned to think about what they say. That's the core issue. You have a brain. Use it. Is what you say something you'd say to someone (or do) in real life, in public? If No then don't say it. Follow this rule and everything will be peachy keen. (Sidenote: I've come across some great, friendly folks online too, but their numbers are few and far between, but I feel as if I should at least mention that as not to appear completely one-sided. Some gaming communities just have great atmospheres... when Phantasy Star Online first came out on the Dreamcast, I don't care what age those folks were, the community was fantastic and friendly, and it helped make the experience compelling. I feel like a lot of games are losing that...)
  6. I guess I should get around to watching Tron one of these days... ... not entirely sure how I managed to avoid seeing it this long.
  7. It makes me really sad when these newer companies die. They often make interesting titles that go against the grain of all current top seller lists... and in my opinion, these kinds of developers are the last bastion of hope for the game industry so that consumers have options outside of first-person shooter's and GTA clones. I guess that's what people buy though. Bad times. I too hope their latest game gets localized.
  8. Do these figures include marketing budgets or just the development? I'd imagine marketing would near about twice these figures. Too Human making the jump from PlayStation 1 to Gamecube to Xbox360 was just bad planning. You're just asking for trouble in a scenario like that. Wikipedia says that Too Human cost 80 million to develop. Hm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Too_Human MGS4 and Shenmue on the other hand, while expensive to produce, contributed to many of my happiest memories in gaming. Totally worth every penny. From what I've read don't think MGS4's figures were ever confirmed by anyone, and the amount was disputed by various people inside Konami HQ and KojiPro if my Metal Gear trivia is up to snuff (which I think it is). That number could be more or less. Edit: Does make me wonder how much Super Mario Bros on the old NES cost to make. Could've sworn I read something about it at one point. Anyone know?
  9. When I first started playing I also had that criticism, but as you play the game for like 10-15 minutes you start to really get drawn in. At hour 3 or so I distinctly remember saying to myself, "wow" upon seeing a few characters interact with each other. It's not photo realism, nor is it destroying the uncanny valley, but it's a pretty hefty achievement imo. The game looks great, especially in motion. I just finished the game, no spoilers here, but this game is ALL story and a few of the final reveals at the end of the story really pay off. It's the kind of story you can go back and watch through different eyes after learning the story. Pretty cool. It took me a an hour or two (maybe 3) to really get into the game, at first I had to get used to doing mundane tasks which bored me at first, but after a while I realized that the game is allowing the player to peer into the lives of the characters, and after adjusting to the gameplay style the game was very compelling for me. The character's are just living their lies: at times it's quiet and at times it's stressful and action packed. The game definitely has its faults, it's not perfect, but this is one of the few games I've played this generation that I feel has genuinely moved the medium forward a few pegs in terms of storytelling and emotional attachment. Unfortunately, I'm not one of the people that cried during the game, though I've heard a few people have. The game is moving, and some of the scenes are heart wrenching enough to make you feel for the characters as if they were actual people. It's not the most revolutionary game ever, but it is a breath of fresh air, and on a technical level has achieved something special that will surely be included as important and influential games of this generation. This game is ALL story, that's its strongpoint. Gameplay, not so much. If you're planning on playing this game, avoid spoilers like the plague, because the game can't be nearly as compelling as it was for me if you know what's going to happen. I'd almost suggest just staying away from forum posts, articles, and threads of any kind so that you can appreciate the story as it is given to you. If you're looking for something different play this game. I don't know that I would call it fun, per se, merely because it's so deep and sad at all times, but it is damn compelling.
  10. Thanks, I'm still working on it. I'm trying to add a few more parts to it, as is, it needs a few things, but ... yeah.
  11. I'm really glad I happened upon this thread. I was on the fence about picking up Halo Legends, but because of this thread, combined with the lack of glowing reviews on the internet, I might just wait for now... ... instead I'll pick up Gotham Knight.
  12. I couldn't program for my life, lol. This was built in an open-source game development utility called Construct. All I know is that it uses Direct-X and people can program games in Python for added custom stuff. I just use the program itself and its GameMaker like interface. I'm not a programmer so yeah... I'd like to think of myself as a game designer, but people with tags like that are a dime a dozen... non-technical hobbyist maybe? lol. *shrugs*
  13. Maybe I'd feel different about this situation if the game that was so expensive actually was good or contributed to the gaming industry in some significant way. I'm shocked by the number of people bidding on this thing... ... but hey, if people have the money for something and they have the desire to purchase it, then more power to them, crazy as it might seem. Lord knows if I had plenty of cash lying around I'd buy stuff that people would think I'm crazy for... like hundreds upon hundreds of arcade machines that I would play the living hell out of.
  14. i was considering MvC2... but ... Street Fighter 2 HD Remix looks cool too... I'm on the fence... 7 bucks isn't much though... ... *groan* I know what's going to happen... I'm going to end up buying both.
  15. see, what we really need are pics of the ugliest game company logos...
  16. Death Vegas is very cool and exactly the type of stuff I'm looking for. Yeah, I'm aiming for more of a turn based game that isn't so much twitch reflexes as it is strategy. Again, my prototype doesn't have turns implemented yet, and only demonstrates how one unit can affect the perception of the other, as well as an automated Offense and Defense mode, which honestly was really difficult, but it works. It is way too fast and again, only accounts for quick combo exchanges rather than real strategy at this point. A menu based system is kinda easy though for attack defense. Just a bunch of if-thens basically. At the end of that video, the guy that made successive hits forced the defender's reaction time to dwindle and, in fact, speed up. Yet, when the guy losing attacks, the slow down in time for the winning guy's reaction time is still slow enough for him to react. It is too fast though. It's way too fast (because of my limitations in knowing how to actually program) but again, it functions as a proof of concept. Slowing down time much slower than I have it makes the program go fruity since it's an amateur way of doing it. If it were slowed down and accounted for properly and the addition of complete stops where the player can input his command after a successful exchange occurred (where to attack, to move away, etc.) then that's more of how my vision works (which I'm working on). It's turn based with an element of making the right timing for blocks, again, which is the only way I could figure out a system where an eventual failure to block would occur. I started this prototype a year ago, and its the best rule system I could figure out, outside of using only stats which I think is kind of boring. At that point there might as well be no defensive instruction required at all. The problem I ran into was that if you allow people to input a defensive move consistently with no time limit, they will rarely be wrong when they play the game enough. At that point game will have to rely only on character stats rather than strategy or attempting to affect the balance of the fight. So I'm working on a system where stats affect not only the amount of damage done, but how susceptible to failure a character can become in the middle of a fight. More experience means less chance to fail, which both relies and doesn't rely on stats, which I find appealing. I'm going to check out Dissidia. Thanks also for posting Death Vegas. It has a lot of similar elements that I want to take a look at. Still, my eventual goal is more of a strategy based rpg style (sans menus). I appreciate your guys' input. It's actually helped clear a lot of issues for me in nailing down this rule structure! One day down the line, I'd like to try and get my programmer buddies and me to start working on some kind of game like this, so ... this is just an exercise in game design, rather than actually making a real game. Still, this thread has been valuable.
  17. Okay, don't laugh at this, but this is what I've got so far. My system utilizes the passage of time based on how well each unit is doing. It's the best I could do to convert perception and morale into a tangible game mechanic. Basically the better you are playing, the longer you have to perceive incoming attacks to defend. An algorithm controls how slow time goes based on how well each side is doing. If momentum swings one unit's way, the other unit has a shorter chance to block. Based on how quickly a unit blocks an incoming attack, they can gain bonuses, like counter attacks or swing the momentum their way for better chances at landing a clean blow... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs062dgGCHo This is a super basic demo, movement isn't integrated, no one can die, and the player only has 3 attacks available which is not enough for real strategy... furthermore, the idea of turns isn't yet in there... quite, but really to use turns I just have to limit how many attacks each player can do, and what their final position is (are their arms in the air, are they off balance, etc.). Distinct combos aren't in there either. It's a prototype, not even alpha. But it kind of works. The time slowness has to be slowed much more, and in a final version I'd want time to completely stop when an exchange has reached a particular point or if one player has left himself open to attack... in that situation both player would input there next action according to what they both see (move away, move forward, guess where the next attack is coming, etc.). Also, in a final version some more powerful moves would take longer to wind up and then attack, as well as the lag required to pull the weapon back into a fighting position.
  18. I smell a new forum contest brewing!
  19. Well, there goes another one. ... we'll never get our bills paid if we can't keep the customers in our restaurant... combine that with old man Atmuh chasing visitors off the front patio.
  20. Yeah, I think it was in the middle of MGS3's development, although, I'm not sure. It's been a few years. lol.
  21. Always been a fan of Kojima Productions and the simplicity of Namco's.
  22. I gotta be honest... playing both of those games was like incessantly pounding my penis with a hammer. They're great for me for one playthrough or so, but my skill level is far too low to enjoy them over and over again. lol. /jealous
  23. omg!!!! That was actually pretty funny! The crowd made it!
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