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  1. Any of the singing mountain songs are good in my mind. I think this is my favorite of them all though. Because it's not all bleeps and bloops, and it keeps the orchestration side of the song. the drums are great, although quite repetitve, the aren't obnoxious or monotonous. Wow, this truely is a fine song. just be careful not to repeat the same segments of a song more then twice without adding or taking away something. A+
  2. great remix, very nice and calming. I love this song much more than the original, although I found that Blind's remake of it was 100% perfect. Give me a second....my vision is getting a little blurry from my tears.... ****cries and balls over the shut down of CTRP**** ok, where was I....Yes, great remix and I just love that flute you've got in their, and the gentle beat of that bongo or whatever that small hand beaten drum is. Good stuff!
  3. Great stuff wingless, I am always amazed at your work, and I like the happy/ calming feeling that this one brings. I like your twin song scheme too, I think that this song would be best if I were playing a game of solitaire or something. Or if this were the song that played while i was put on hold, it would fit perfectly and make me feel much better. Don't ask me why I put these songs in their "best scenario from my point of view" But who know, maybe there's someone out there just searching for the right time and place to listen to a certain remix......Ya, I feel stupid now. I'm done
  4. I'm writing this one as i listen. It's got a great beginning, and the techno noises are awesome. This really converts the song into that genre well, although I'm not a big fan of repeated phrases that match the key of the song....especially "C'mon!". Great around 2:30, and I love the that techno noise, whatever you'd call it. It's starting to get repetitive so I'm just gonna stop writing
  5. I think this is a very cool song, sure anyone could've made it, but I still love listening to it. I t gets kinda annoying after awhile, because it's not quite the original 'orchestrated' piece. but still good
  6. I love how calming this song is. i woke up in the morning once craving to hear this song....and I didn't even know the name of it. I went through all of my zelda remixes until I found it, and then put it on repeat and went back to sleep. I absolutely love this song.
  7. My head is throbbing...this is way too chaotic. I have a headache....
  8. I listen to jazz every now and then because I love the drums in it, and If you've read any of my other posts, you've probably come to the conclusion that I'm a drummer. so ya, I love jazz.....good stuff
  9. very good, and yes...very happy. I also own this game, but I'm too lazy to hook up my snes and play it old school-like. I wish there were more remixes of this game, because it had an outstanding soundtrack (in my opinion) I thought that it was gonna be a lame game when I first rented it (around 6 years old maybe?) and then it was so good that I went to the used game place and bought it. I still have it in my Super nintendo drawer....it's been in there for about 6-7 years! If I were home I'd go look at it right now, but oh well. That probably won't happen for another 2 years.
  10. I love this song, it's very relaxing and has a 'gentle' feel to it. I think that most of F4T4L 3RR0R's remixes are original.
  11. I Love this song, and it sticks out among the rest of the CT remixes.....there are way too many Zeal techno remixes, although I like a lot of them, there's still way too many. But this song, I love the trial song in the game, and you did a very good remix of it. I actually made a game and had this song going in the background for the beta...and it fit awesomely! (it was an FPS called Heyjohnny) Thanks for this one spekkosaurus(sp probably wrong)
  12. I like this mix, but It gives me a headache after a little while....I guess i'd give it a B or something.....I like the song you remixed though
  13. I like the starting of this song alot, and I think that the name of it fits the song very well. very good, and very original. Good Job S|r Nuts
  14. Great remix, I love the kind of messy bass noises, kind of an ultrabassed out square/Electric Guitar sound and then at 1:31 the clean track comes in. I absolutely love the drums in this song, and I love the non-repetitiveness of it. I'd have to agree
  15. !!!!!......!!!...!!!!......!!!!!!...!!!!!!!..!..!!!!...!!!!!!......!!!...!!!!.. AMAZING Mr. Boyd, Simply amazing! now if you'll excuse me ....!!!...!!!!......!!!!!!....!!!!!..!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!...!!!!......!!!!!..!!!
  16. GREAT REMIX! I loved it the second I heard it. I've always loved the wingless' tunes, and I think he's working on a remix request for me at the moment. He did a perfect build-up, and he's a fricken genius....just visit his site
  17. I think this song goes best when there a 5 or more people in the room just talking/playing VG's and stuff. I actually had it playing while a bunch of my friends were over, and it seemed to put a good mood in the room. So I personally don't mind how long it is, because if it's in the bg of a bunch of people hangin' out, it really doesn't matter.
  18. Absolutely Incredible! I've always loved this song, ever since i got it. and one day at my friends, he turned this song on and said it was his favorite, and I hadn't said anything about it to him....So it's obvious how incredibly great this remix is. The Orchestration keeps the exact same feel, in a good way, as the last song, but also adds a new, powerful energy to it. I can't imagine the day I'd ever me as good at remixing a song so perfect as this one. Great Work Disco Dan
  19. I agree, and I do enjoy those clever jazzy sounds he fits into this song. Lounging music was never this complex though, it's usually pretty basic....and kinda boring. I'd say that this is more jazz or funk, he just turned the tempo down a bit. I really enjoy the piano in this piece, I think it goes along with the bass line really well, although the bass line could go down an octave or two, in my opinion. Overall great remix, and a great song selection....who doesn't love the Marble Zone theme? A+
  20. I can hear the similarities in various Earthbound songs within this beautiful piece, although I haven't quite finished the game yet , but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a completely awesome and well put together piece. I understand that most remixes are very time consuming, and therefore I show my respect to all you remixers out there. I would be remixing right now if I had the correct equipment......and I'm getting there, but until then I 'll enjoy beautiful masterpieces that inspire me to make something incredible, such as this one.
  21. I personally think that mellogear made a horribly painful and annoying song into a great and exciting remix....I'm surprised that this song was even chosen to be remixed persoanlly, because it's not a song that you hear for more then 5 seconds most of the time, unless you left it on this screen and fell asleep, then had it stuck in your head, hated it, but slowly loved it because that's what happens when incredibly horrible and repetitive songs get stuck in your head, and then was so driven by its beauty, you had to make a remix, I really see no pot in remix it.
  22. Wow, this is a very very well done piece, and I totally agree with what you guys are saying, about how the bad quality recording adds to the effect. this is pretty nice.
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