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  1. dude be my friend with that name

  2. I recognised the theme at about 0:49. I like the way it fades through new-age to dance. It's very relaxing, yet at the same time so adrenal (a lot like S|r NutS' material). Only downside is that it takes a while to start (I mean, a 50-sec intro is a bit long...) Other than that, It's very good. 9.5/10.
  3. Not bad. Not bad at all. The looping of the drum gives a sort of 'happy' feel to it. I like it when the drums cut at 1:50 and 2:40. Unfortuneatly, the drums don't seem to vary a lot. If there were a few different loops in the mix, it may be improved. 9/10
  4. I've just listened to tracks 0, 1 and 9 and I want this album so bad! I don't know to how to use torrents so apart from downloading the tracks one by one, how else can i get the entire album onto disc? Is there a .zip?
  5. I absolutely love the song, but I'm sorry: the last 45 seconds with the drum and bass kinda ruins it. You wait for 3-and-a-bit minutes for a good ending and this dub bit brings it down a taj. i give it .
  6. OMG THIS IS SUCH A BRILL MIX! ABOUT TIME WE HAD SOME THRASH METAL IN DOOM! **heart races to 50 to the dozen** Ever thought of adding lyrics to this mix? it would've really improved it. Then again, WHY HAVE THEM? It's great enough as it is. Great stuff N-JekteD
  7. OMG This is one of the best mixes EVER! This mix is the reason i got into OCR. I actually found this track by mistake. I was looking on Media Guide (I know, what was i thinking?) for "Sonic the hedgehog" as a joke (soz) and found this. Best Mix Ever. Thank you S|r NutS, you got me into OCRemixing. Oh, and any day now, I'll be submitting my first Mix: I won't tell you what it is, coz you'll nick the idea
  8. It's different to what I thought it would be... I thought it would be like Demonik Elektronik... Anywho, it's a good mix nonetheless. I like the metal style guitar going in with the pop style melody, they go so well together. Then there's the organ, need I say N.E.more? It's not my style of music (I'm more into dance and Metal) but I like it. Good Work analoq!
  9. Is mine the only one that doesn't work? The HMTL's turned off. All I get is what I type:
  10. I don't like the Eastenders theme tune myself, but at about 0:30-0:35 the Eastenders tune kinda appears, but just in a different key.
  11. Is it me, or does the Marble Zone Track (original) sound like the EastEnders theme tune? Any Brits will know what on earth I'm talking about... Besides that, it's not bad. I may not be into jazz (ie. the piano) but overall it's very good. I think the only downside is that it goes on a bit. 6:20 is quite a long time. The mix that I've made is 3:13 (it's a Sonic mix), almost half and has much variety as this one. Don't start looking for my mix tho, it hasn't been submitted yet. 28%
  12. My name is "28% Will Do Fine" my style is gothic my best games are sonic and doom no pink.
  13. What Egg Emperor in Sonic Heroes? The best time I defeated him was 1'34" (Team Dark), but it took me days to do that. If anyone did better than 1'34", I'd love to hear. P.S. Sonic Adventure 3 out xmas!
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