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  1. Happy b-day Zargg.

  2. That may be, but I'm majorly bummed that I can't upgrade my original $50 pledge to $100 now.
  3. I used foobar2000's File Integrity Verifier. I redownloaded those files, and scanned them right away. They didn't show an MD5 mismatch this time, so it was either an error present from an earlier form of the torrent or one I somehow introduced while adjusting tags and adding to my music library. Sorry for jumping the gun there without full diligence.
  4. I finally got around to adding this to my music library, and I noticed that the following FLAC files flag as corrupt (MD5 mismatch): 2.16 - bLiNd & Ashleigh Coryell - A Ring and a Promise [Lamentation and a Promise (Prologue 2)] 3.03 - Between Heaven and Earth (Isolated World) 3.04 - LuIzA - Forbidden Perception (Taboo Storyteller) 3.06 - Devastus - I'm a Force of Nature (The Power Which Supports the World) 3.07 - E-Bison - Holy Mother! (Dark Madonna) 3.10 - The Dual Dragons - Gunning the Metal Knight (Battle ZEIK) 3.11 - Radiowar - What's Left (Agitation to Destruction) 3.15 - Ergosonic - And So He Flew [Migratory Bird of the Wilderness (Rudy's Theme)] 4.03 - Theophany - Moonrise (A New Moon ~Malduke~) 4.08 - diotrans - The Ultimate Sacrifice ("Asgard Did His Best, Didn't He?") 4.11 - Jovette Rivera - The Eternal Journey (To the End of the Wilderness ~To a New Journey~) Screenshot of scan results for these files. Does anyone know if these files have been corrected, or if fixed versions exist?
  5. Not a bad cover, but I gotta say... I like the original better.
  6. Greetings! Hope you enjoyed the first day of Blip (and second, if you went last night)!

  7. To repeat my FB post when sharing the page link: YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME. I've been pulling for Hyadain to submit this ever since I discovered that he submitted SMWS.
  8. 1440x900 is one step "down" from 1680x1050. It's a standard 16:10 resolution.
  9. Hi, just noticed your friend request. Don't recall if we met at that big gathering in Bryn Mawr or not.

  10. So glad you decided to accept this one. "Foregone Destruction" is one of my favorite tracks by van den Bos, and this ReMix does it justice.
  11. When trying to do your GUS install, I get the error "Install cannot determine the UltraSound card type installed." Was there something I missed?
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