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  1. Tested with Safari, FF3, and Opera on Windows Vista x64 at 1920x1200, and the problem seems to be fixed. Though there's still too much grey at the bottom, but it doesn't look like that can be fixed without some design changes. The grey space is worst on Opera on account of its default font, but I don't usually look that far down the page anyway. Otherwise, lookin' good! Edit: Decided to hit the site with a few more browsers. Looks good enough in all IE versions between IE 5 and IE 8. You'd go crazy trying to get it to render exactly how you want it in each though, so I say it's good enough
  2. He lived only half an hour away from me, yet I never went to hear him play... I guess I've learned my lesson. Better go see Herbie Hancock and Sonny Rollins while I still can. Me he rest in peace!
  3. No, none of Intel's current Core 2 Duo processors feature hyper-threading. Furthermore, hyper-threading does not double your performance power. Intel suggests that the performance increase of switching from single thread processing to hyper threading is between 15% to 30%. SIMMs haven't been used since the Pentium II era. You're a bit behind the times here. Also, RIMM never got off the ground as a competitor to DIMM for the home PC market. They saw some use in sever and workstation applications (particularly for their ECC), but never survived in the home PC market due to their cost. Intel b
  4. I'm going to third the Creative Zen. Great players, and I think a better alternative to an Apple product. Though I have to say I've never seen or used a Zune before. Might want to look into that.
  5. You can only guarantee that the file will be in RAM if you still have it open in FL, and even then, it won't be in the form of a FruityLoops file, it'll be a bunch of more or less random values scattered across the program's memory. A file recovery tool might work, depending on how FL saves files. You can search around on Google, there are a few decent ones out there. Have it scan the directory where your original file was and see what turns up.
  6. I can confirm those problems exist in Firefox, Safari 3 Beta, and Opera 9.10. It would appear to be a database problem on OCR's end. Except for a few bugs needing squishing, everything looks fantastic. Kudos!
  7. I don't think anyone's mentioned Mu Tools' MU.LAB yet: http://www.mutools.com/products.html All your audio and MIDI recording/playback stuff, VST support, routing fer yer plugins, and it's available for OS X and Windows.
  8. It's not exactly video game music, but Battle of the Bits (http://battleofthebits.org/) occasionally puts out vinyl of music written for classic hardware.
  9. And it's deleted already. Score one for the good guys!
  10. I'm assuming you play an instrument? If not, try learning to play something. Piano is highly recommended if you plan on continuing writing music, though most people given the choice will pick up a guitar (it's easy to learn, but hard to master). If you already play an instrument, why not try playing in a new style? If you already play some piano or guitar, why not try playing jazz, and especially try improvising? Or, if you're more of the studious type, have a listen to some music you would normally never listen to, then study it. If you're a fan of modern pop and rock, check out music by Ha
  11. Just seconding what Feral-Fox says. Using the X-Fi's "Audio Creation" mode, there is no coloration of the sound (Gaming mode boosts frequencies 200 Hz and lower, and Entertainment mode boosts 1 KHz to 3 KHz, IIRC). It'll also use the onboard RAM and processor do to some effect processing. That said, I still wouldn't recommend it for recording use since its maximum sampling frequency is 96 KHz, and it only supports 2 channels in simultaneously. Besides, if you're going to spend the money on decent mics and a decent studio to record in, why wouldn't you spend the money on something from RME? A
  12. I can't believe I forgot Ableton. I even have a copy of Live 6 LE floating around somewhere... Most instruments and samplers should work without any difficulty, since the most significant compatibility issue is related to the new audio engine in Vista; any drivers, or software that needs to access the drivers with low latency are affected. Samplers and instruments that sit above that should not be affected. I probably didn't need to list Kontakt then, but I'll leave it up there for now. Thanks!
  13. As of 2007/09/17, this is the current status of Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit hardware and software support. Reply with corrections and additions, and this post will be updated to reflect the proper information. All samplers and VST instruments should work without troubles. Any that do not work will be listed here as we discover them. Just to note: all 32 bit apps should run properly in 64 bit Vista using the WoW64 32 bit translation subsystem. ===================== Software: ===================== Sony ACID Pro 6 - Mostly functional 32 bit, unofficially unsupported. Vista support begi
  14. I was going to PM you actually, my audition went very well and he gave me a spot immediately. I played Take Five with Paul Desmond's transcribed solo. Just barely finished the solo and he said he'd heard enough. Managed to avoid courses with Carol Ann Weaver, though her crazy is spilling over into other courses I'm in. She wrote all over the board in 1302 and then wrote underneath "Please do not erase until September 18." The early music course was taught by B. Menich. I didn't think she was all that great. I managed to get a spot in Music 275 this term though (aka the obligatory "Make musi
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