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  1. Hey guys, I admit I don't really keep up with the community here at OCR anymore, but Pentavision, makers of the DJ Max music game series, announced on their Twitter account a while back that they're soliciting for music contributions for the next update of their touchscreen arcade music game, DJ Max Technika, and I figured that a bunch of ReMixers and other artists here would be interested in contributing. I mean, who DOESN'T want their song in a professional, commercial music game? Basically, they're going to pick community contributions and include those in their next arcade update, "Technika 2.5: It's Your Up!" So that means, taking community-submitted songs, having visual artists make images and videos to go with them, and making charts so that they become official tracks in the new version. The downside is that they're not offering any money or anything for contributions; it's purely a "bragging rights" kind of affair. I'm not sure what the full legal details are for IP ownership of submitted songs (someone who submits will probably get details on that and could clarify?) but I mean, if you're submitting to OCR, you probably support the idea of giving tracks out for free, right? For those of you who are familiar with the DJ Max series, they're willing to accept remixes of DJ Max original tracks, but ideally they're looking for entirely original material. All genres are welcome. As for visual artists, I think they're trying to tailor the videos to match the songs, so your submissions will be sort of like a mini-portfolio, and if they like your work, they'll get back to you to request something more specific. Anyway, since the OCR community is one of the brightest spots online for people with an interest in video games and free music, I couldn't not post about this here, and I think it'd be awesome if some people from here ended up in the game. I'm not their representative, just a player who's been following the game, so questions should be directed at their official Twitter account, @PlayPentavision. Some links for reference, including submission guidelines: Initial announcement: http://twitter.com/#!/PlayPentavision/status/26770026287595520 Submission details: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/8cd2pb Follow-up: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/86rij7
  2. Years ago, when I had ambitions of becoming a remixer, this was the song I wanted to make. Congratulations on fulfilling my dream.
  3. Thanks for setting a good example for all remixers to follow, McVaffe. Nice interview, too.
  4. Considering that it's just a throwaway April Fools joke, I think this trailer showed quite a lot of work. Bravo to IGN for putting together something that looks like a watchable movie despite low-budget special effects.
  5. Wonderful production qualities. The bassline in particular is ecstatic. The lyrics are painfully cheesey, though. (It worked for Singing Robot, but for this song it's a little harder to enjoy the kitsch effect.) The piano parts at the beginning and the end are also really great - so clear and clean, masterfully layered composition on top of the well-known melody. Despite the general quality of the singing itself, though - which is standard Salzman superb quality - I think I'd still prefer an instrumental version, so that lines about the water "spinning backwards" wouldn't distract from appreciating the superb instrumentation.
  6. Much better than the WIP I heard like ages ago. The singing is somehow not awful. Cheesey lyrics but you pull it off.
  7. The first one is the best: the chozo are a fictional race of beings who are not As They appear} super metroid is a game of Thrones A Clash OF Civilizations? and the remaking- of World Order arcueid brunestud is not a racist but. The Moral QUANDARY of Race kozue amano is most famous for his work on the iPhone OC ReMix should be available to the public in the st Louis County Missouri square enix will be hosting a book signing at the DC booth/ Minx table3 SUNDAY, July th: at pm the nintendo ds is a good thing. for- Your- website- blog or- other site feature i can has cheezburger? k thx by. he who controls the past controls the future: Who controls the present controls the past. Goerge Orwell. welcome to corneria I Like Swords I like swords I like swords I like swords
  8. Really catchy. I love the synth textures, the pulsing beat, and the wonderful improvisation. The bass really gets me. Standard techno in the best way possible. Wonderful remix of the source material that brought me to OCR a long time ago... And I love the piano ending. It's classy.
  9. I guess I'm behind the times, because I'm still going crazy over the Zelda medley.
  10. You have my official thumbs-up for this policy.
  11. I'm interested in participating in the tournament. My Pokemon friend code is: 4424 7983 2459 edit: oh yeah, added it to the database, too.
  12. I passed the Elite Four about a week ago with a team that was mostly below level 50. It took a massive number of revives and Hyper Potions, plus a fair amount of luck, though. Win Time: 33:03 Winning Team: Dialga Lv.52, Empoleon Lv.48, Kadabra Lv.45, Staraptor Lv.41, Pachirisu Lv.42, Medicham Lv.36 My strategy for that Bronzong? I set Dialga against him, used up a shitload of potions, and just let Pressure suck up the PP for all his moves that actually do damage. I had a lot more trouble with the champion's Lucario, which I eventually beat with an ungodly number of Revives and then some luck with Empoleon's Surf move. Now I'm just trying to write my 20 page essay, but when I'm done I'm going to go back to expanding my pokédex (Got the national dex last Friday) and training my new team. I'm considering using Drifblim and Lucario. I haven't decided whether I need to pump up Drifblim's defense (so that super-effective Crunch won't slaughter it) or something else like attack and speed. God, though, but immunity to so many types of moves is sexy. I gotta find a bronzong that actually levitates, though. Mine just has Heat Resistance, which is a pathetic subsitute, especially when the move Earthquake is so much more common (and more kickass) than most really good fire moves.
  13. I'll be there at the San Jose concert (and Fanime too), though I haven't bought tickets yet... still trying to organize my friends so we can get seats together. Really, really hoping they don't sell out before I get mine.
  14. Listening to this the first time, I was pretty dubious of the flute intro. It wasn't the timings that bothered me; it was just that it was so similar to the original that I wondered where you could take it. I had a suspicion, and it turned out being exactly on the money. The mix blows up from small scale to much bigger, not unlike Hans Zimmer's theme for Tortuga in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. This is basically Frog's Theme as it was meant to be heard, and that's something I've always wanted.
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