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  1. SIMPLETON! This lovely little game finally got remixed... Such a weird game at that. Awesome Zircon, just awesome.
  2. Excellent song, one of my new favorites. I love your FF1 remixes Darangen, they are just so well done. Great job man, Keep up the awesome work.
  3. Gee, This was one of my favorites when it was posted in the S&KIII Project forums. Glad to see it make it to the front of OCR, and such a wonderful addition it is. Great job RTF, Can't wait to see what else you cook up.
  4. This sing just kicks ass, and I'm not even a big fan of rap. Its just so awesome. Rap haters can go die. This is just fun.
  5. Excellent remix of this song. Brings back the nostalgia of that damn lava killing me countless times.
  6. Absolutely stupendous and bitching at the same time, I don't see the need for the negativity some people may gave this, but its quite good and kept me entertained to keep listening and enter the world of the almighty playlist.
  7. Very nice electronica, but for some reason, I find myself agreeing with other posters, as it sounded much better in the WIP forums. Great mix nonetheless.
  8. Hey just so you know, when you say the word 'hole' and you mean entire, it's spelled whole. Not trying to be a jerk or anything; just letting you know. Anyway, as far as MMOs go, I'm not a big player, but I played RO a long time ago during the alpha days, some of the beta, and on a few private servers. That game is filled with hat quests, but it was still pretty fun as far as the social aspect went. Ahh. None taken. Thanks!
  9. I played Guild Wars mostly through all the betas and events and was hooked for the time being. I eventually made a guild with a bunch of random people I met. We did quite well for ourselves, placing in the top 50 of 2000 or so guilds. I'm not sure what guild battles are like right now, but we did over 50 battles at that guild hall map ( I don't know if they have more than one map now, forgive me). The actual battles were quite intense and very fun. I remember when I first played though, I thought it was some form of CTF, so our hole team ended up blitzing their base the hole round with one guy carrying the flag around screaming random shit, pretty funny at the time. Great game nonetheless, a delightful and refreshing change over the usual mmorpg, although GW is more of an mmog than an mmorpg, game is still fun as hell.
  10. Very catchy and I like how simple it is. Nice work Sadorf. The Ecco series deserves more justice (along with every other sega game out there).
  11. Extremely good remix. I very much enjoyed it to the point of digging out my old Quake cd with all of ID's classics and playing through all of doom once again. Thanks Dan and thanks to everyone else who worked on this project.
  12. Excellent track. I've always loved Rayza's style of music and this is no exception.
  13. Just posting to say good luck to everyone on this project so far. This games soundtrack is too good to pass up and from the WIP's I heard from the first forum, everything was is going awesome. Hope you finish soon.
  14. I don't have time to read 133 pages of thread but... Has either the last boss or secret boss from Demons Crest been mentioned? I remember having a rough time with them both.
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