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  1. Updated OP with info. Also I listened to the whole EP twice on the way to work today and it sounded GREAT.
  2. You have no idea how hard it is to make an EDIBLE pancake that is also that size and shape and have it remain intact from pan to plate without burning it. Seriously, it took a lot to get that thing good. Also the bonus is that the back cover is a picture of me eating this in all its gross glory. So basically what I'm saying is that OCR is about me eating pancakes. No, in all seriousness, this cover was meant to do two things: 1) satirize the Brink of Time cover in a way that makes it relevant to what we do here at OCR, and 2) have a good bit of fun while still remaining classy. We take individual ingredients used to make one thing and use it to make something else entirely, which we then distribute and devour. And it tastes oh so very very good.
  3. Aww, damnit. I should have posted that we went with something internally. My wife and I actually hosted a photoshoot involving some breakfast and it turned out great (Thanks to Larry's suggestion). I've been super busy and haven't had a lot of time to check my PMs here, but I like what you did with this, Cherna. Rest assured that we're not stopping just at volume one so keep that image handy for volume two! And anyone else who wants to do one can feel free to do so, but for the volume one we've already got our images
  4. She was official before, but not as the main arranger of a song. She was featured on Brandon Strader's Zelda mix, Bottled Choir. This is her getting on the site on her own writing, arrangement, and mixing prowess, which is the major achievement. Anybody can lend their flute or voice or fart to a ReMix that gets posted and be listed, because anyone who contributes gets credited. This means Beth's e-penis has level'd up. Go her. It was a pleasure working on this with her and I absolutely love the result.
  5. The entire game music rip area is full of gray. I look at it in the following perspective: If a game has an officially release music package, you should buy it instead of getting a rip. (Example: Bastion) If an official release doesn't have a particular song you want from the game, get the release and then a rip of just that song. (Example: Final Fantasy Tactics) If a music package doesn't exist and a music rip does exist, get the rip. (Example: Smart Ball) If a music package doesn't exist AND there's no rip, rip it yourself (Example: House of the Dead: Overkill). Owning the game and then getting the music from it was how a lot of us got our start listening to VGM. Just taking the tape recorder to the tv output. However, if you can actually buy the music and support the musicians responsible for it, you should definitely do that.
  6. I was really just offering because I need to empty some boxes and figured some other people would possibly like them Your epeen. I can't rival it.
  7. My Eugenics program is coming along very smoothly. I now have an abundance of the following 5IV Pokermans: Gible Fletchling (Talonflame is amazing for Fly/Flame Body to keep you in fighting order even when trying to hatch eggs.) Absol Larvitar Magikarp Dratini Gonna be working on Flabebe and Eevee's next. Let me know if any of y'all are interested in some fighting 'mon.
  8. Step 1: Breed Absol to the point where you can have a team of 5-6 IV's knowing Thunder Wave and False Swipe. Step 2: Farm Mirby's Friend Safari for Dittos using said team until you get a 5-6 IV Ditto. Step 3: Start a perfect IV breeding empire, charging money to competitive Pokemon players a la Chinese WoW gold farmers. No, seriously, the Absol team is ridiculously helpful since it reduces the time spent having to go back to the Pokecenter to heal/refill PP if you only use one catcher Pokemon.
  9. Gonna focus entirely on farming friend safari to get 4 or 5 IV Ditto. See you in a few years, guys.
  10. This explains some of the stares you were getting when I dropped by the lounge at the dealer today then, I guess... I just can't take you anywhere, can I? Or rather, you just can't take yourself anywhere, can you? I wonder if the 3DS can recognize O-faces.
  11. If I get one more Lvl. 1 Froakie in Wonder Trade, I swear to Arceus...
  12. I used wonder trade. Am I gonna die? As far as I've read, the bad trades are few and far between. They can be kept under control if it DOES happen by basically quarantining the box that they've been sent to, taking all the other pokemon out of it. It's the use (moving, attempting to trade, attempting to release) that spreads the bad code at this point so yes, you'll likely be hampered in some way BUT worst-case is to send all your good pokemon to a friend and start the game over. A hassle but that's what you'll be risking if you do wonder trade until/unless it gets addressed.
  13. Me: 0559-6824-9255 Vilecat: 2423-3212-6224 Add us, biznitches.
  14. I'm addicted. I need more safaris though. 0559-6824-9255 ALSO ADD MY WIFE she needs those too. 2423-3212-6224 I'm sure its redundant but please, do it for me. She kinda whines when I have people she doesn't. Also apparently she has all the berries and o-powers or whatever. This is what happens when I stay away from the forums for too long and recess back into high school gamer mode. Edit: oh yeah forgot there's a whole thread for friend codes. I guess I should post it there. I'm a horrible OCR Staff.
  15. Also please check your PMs on IRC whenever you're around. There's one or two other things we've found that need slight modifying, mostly to do with Fujita's inclusion as the original creator of two of the songs on the soundtrack.

  16. Speak to Larry and DJP about policy in regards to who gets credited with what, and where. I appreciate your concern, and understand how it probably looks from here, but it was definitely not intended as a slap in the face. My position is to simply follow our guidelines for projects, package things up, validate and get things ready to roll.

  17. What do you mean? The associate producer stuff? It was decided a bit ago that anyone who works on the album on the OCR staff side gets credit for their time and energy, hence why ToN, Palpable, Willrock, Gario and myself are listed.

  18. I got the lady a copy of X as an early birthday present today. The socially maladjusted sect of society, and their children, were out in full force this morning. She's been very much enjoying it though, loves the attention to detail and new visuals thus far.
  19. Well, I guess I kinda have to be there, since OverClocked University is playing and whatnot. OA, diotrans, DragonAvenger, Vilecat, Viraldemon, Tom C., and myself will most definitely be in attendance. We'll be running a booth throughout the weekend as well, so I guess any impromptu meetups can be planned when we're there since most people won't know what their schedules are until we're at the freaking thing. Also you all should really go on Friday. Benjamin Briggs, Mega Ran, and OCU will be playing then and I can assure you there isn't an act that night you'll not regret missing. tl;dr meet at OCR merch booth if anything, we'll figure it all out then. Rock on.
  20. I know a group of people who might be looking for a guitarist in this area. Let me see if I can put them in touch with you.