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  1. Not really. If you can get all the members to sign it, fine, that's what we prefer. However, if you're acting on behalf of a group and some members are unavailable, you can sign for them. We only do this on a case-by-case basis though, so try your best to get them to sign.
  2. As a 27 year old man that's had an obsession with the Purple Jester for over 15 years, I thank you for this.
  3. Something like that.... Actually, the name comes from one of our Fanfic readings. In Brewdening Love, the following line was read: " As I slept I had a Nighthorse about james." There are so many amazing references in this fanfic and this one stuck out. It would either be a good name for a media group, or a metal band. You guess which one we went with.
  4. Yo bros. You all remember OCAD, right? Well this is like OCAD....AFTER OCAD! Nighthorse Media. Main Website: http://www.nighthorsemedia.com/ Nighthorse Forums: http://www.nighthorsemedia.com/forums/ DAT YOUTUBE!: http://www.youtube.com/user/NighthorseMedia So we have a bunch of shows we're doing, most are youtube but some are audio only. Right now we have the first episode of No Skill Gaming, featuring Brushfire and myself, uploaded. I'm currently uploading our first First Achievement Review, and there's a whole metric fuckton of material coming down the pipe. Oh, and we're continuing our drunken fanfic readings on Nighthorse so there's always that. CHECK IT OUT
  5. Just gotta say, your latest mixpost made me cream in multiple, multiple ways. Amazing source + amazing style (love dat bomb boy) + amazing ReMix = thrice the amazing.

  6. Screw you, Andrew: https://www.fitocracy.com/profile/Level99/?feed Screw you and all your attempts to get me to work out again. It's all just teasing because we all know I will never be able to challenge your good looks and shiny features.
  7. So we have a very likely chance to be at PAXEast to perform in some fashion. Anyone else going to be there?
  8. True story, however I prefer the Wii Classic Pro controllers via usb interface to the 360 controller. If you can't get ahold of a 360 controller, just get x360ce on the internet and configure your device that way.
  9. Yeah, I hate this AND the burning rangers stage. The turns after the boat section in billy hacter are manageable if you don't care about retaining speed and can do the drift without accelerating. Also fuck yeah this game is amazing.
  10. Larry is currently tackling some hardware failures that need addressing before this can come out. There is no time frame for completion right now.
  11. Yes I did. I only had enough time yesterday to do about 75% of the updates to existing projects and added a few based on sequentially reading through this thread. Dinner plans with neighbors every Tuesday and had some personal things to take care of as well. It will get updated today. See above response. I'm working on it, yo.
  12. YES I AM STILL ALIVE AND IN NO WAY IGNORING THESE POSTS TO PLAY SONIC AND ALL STARS RACING TRANSFORMED Phew, diverted that bullet! (Read: I'll have some free time hopefully after work today to tackle this before I do anything else)
  13. I fear Tony and his cadre of musical warriors because of the sheer fact that his recording setup is an angry robot face. Oh, and your performance was awesome. <3 Were you using an iPod and clicktrack to keep Kunal in sync with the keys so you all played in-time? If so, how well did that work for you?
  14. Nah, song was done a while ago. Luiza and I cranked it out fine ourselves. Thanks for checking, though.

  15. We're finalizing what songs we want to put on it, as well as any new arrangements we want to make for it. Couple that with us sorting out a potential PAXEast Jamspace concert and the arrangements we're creating for that, with the current workload were HOPING for sometime this year. We'll be sure to hit you in the eye with the corner of the disc case when it does come out. It was our first live performance, at MAGFest 2011. I remember distinctly there being both video and audio for it, so youtube search for "OCR Live" to hopefully find it. We went under that moniker until we decided to make OverClocked University a "real thing".
  16. I forums every now and again. This statement makes me very happy. I'll have to set up my Saturn in the basement the next time you come over so you can experience the original with the seemingly tighter controls. Graphics on the Saturn, while amazing for the time, will probably make your eyes barf, though. I actually hated NiGHTS the first few times I played it. Sure, the music was fantastic but I was 12 years old when I got it and I had NO IDEA how to be good at it. Took me over a month to actually beat a level. But it gripped me and I was persistent and then just absolutely loved every aspect of it. It didn't help that my Saturn's battery backup never worked right so I was never able to save my games and had to beat the whole game from scratch every time I turned the machine on. We were REAL gamers back then. Like real cowboys only less smelly and we didn't ride horses. Playing through it with Val these days. It was fun solo, love the steampunk alternate universe take on the colonies, and awesome music. But playing it with two, three, four friends local co-op? It becomes a fine wine, aged from the days when four player arcade games were all the rage. Absolute blast. This was another one that caught me way offguard. Had a dormmate who was a bit of a japanophile and I walked in on him playing it one day. I had no clue what was going on on the screen but he insisted that I give it a try. From the opening movie I think I met one of the loves of my life that day. ------------- The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse My Dad rented this for me a kid. I was never that much into Disney but I liked some of the movies. I was a little hurt when he got me that game because I thought he was treating me too much like a child (you know, me being nine years old and all trying to act a bit more grown up at the time). I initially refused to play it. Then I got bored. Really, really bored. The title screen and intro music didn't do much for me, but the music was pretty good there. Then the story started and I felt like I was right on the money: this game was for kids. PLUTO HAD BEEN KIDNAPPED, OH NOES! But when the first stage started... It hit me: I totally glossed over the fact that I saw a big "Capcom" intro logo. This was a playformer, and a damn solid one at that. With costume changes that had different abilities, kinda like Mega Man, some great music and really good level/character designs, this game was ridiculously fun, whimsical, and challenging. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up buying it when I saw it used at Blockbuster when I was 13. I spent a huge chunky of money on it: $26 (I was really bad with money management). $26 for a used SNES game in 1998?! I WAS MAD. So good, though. Highly recommended.
  17. I have one that's about five months waiting for eval. Lots of people are waiting. Considering how many mixes you have to be posted, I don't think you need to worry about a lack of your material being represented on the site for a good, long time. Sit back and relax, man. The judges be working as fast as they can. Edit: I've changed the wiki to say something a bit more realistic and accurate: "If the currently judging date is past when you submitted your arrangement, you have had no contact about it and do not see it on the judging queue, contact a judge about it." If its a fallthrough, best to contact Liontamer or OA about it (if you have not already done so). Any judge will actually do, though.
  18. Latest info: 1) We'll have an EP available for purchase soon! Buy it from us in person or via bandcamp when it is released. We'll have 1000 physical CDs as well as digital distribution. The album will be released 1/3/14. 2) Our next show is MAGFest! We play Friday, January 3rd at the Gaylord National Harbor. 4PM on Second Stage. We will be debuting two new live arrangements and will be selling our new EP for the first time ever there. ------------------------------------- Welcome to OverClocked University! As this is the first day of class, please take a seat and we'll go over the course syllabi: Who We Are: OverClocked University is a group of performing musicians made of up a handful of OverClocked ReMix veterans, who perform at OCR panels and various conventions. They arrange video game songs, both familiar and obscure, with a penchant for rock arrangements. As of now, the band consists of four core performing musicians: OA/Andrew Luers - Guitars Level 99/Stevo Bortz - Guitars diotrans/Amy Hsieh - Violin DragonAvenger/Deia Vengen - Bass Thomas Colegrove - Drums Songs are arranged by one or more of the performing musicians, and played live with backing tracks for drums and additional instruments. The group is supported by the following people: Brandon Strader - Videos Rexy/Bev Wooff - Videos Palpable/Vinnie Prabhu - Performance Technical Expert Vilecat/Valérie Legendre - Performance Technical Expert What We're Doing: Going around to lots of places to rock face with as many VGM fans as we can manage! We're always working on new arrangements, and we're currently in plans for our first full-length album. We've been playing OCR panels for over two years now and we are starting to book at conventions and concerts with a full setlist in-tow. We just played our first full set at MAGFest and have the video uploaded for your enjoyment. Check it: How to keep tabs on us: Do your homework and like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OverclockedUniversity This is where we post the most up-to-date info on upcoming shows and video/audio releases. Also be sure to check our artist page on OCR for posted mixes that we've done. http://ocremix.org/artist/12421/overclocked-university Go to our WEBSITE, which is a bit lacking but we're working on a new version: http://university.ocremix.org/ What Songs We've Played Live: Waverace 64 - Gettin' Wet in the Sunset (Title Theme/Sunset Beach/Player Select) Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Back in Black (Terra, new arrangement of Ailsean's Terra in Black) Chrono Cross - Dotting Your I's and Crossing Your Chrono's (Guldove) DuckTales - Where No Fowl Has Flown Before (The Moon) Star Fox - Worlds in Crisis (Corneria/Space Armada/Ending Theme) Chrono Trigger - Bending Light (Memories of Green/Schala's Theme) Donkey Kong Country - Where's the Ocean, Andrew? (Aquatic Ambiance/Life in the Mines) ICO - Take My Hand (Heal) Ragnarok Online - Pwntera (Prontera) Shadow of the Colossus - Wanderer on the Offensive (Double Live Edit) Street Fighter 2 - Family Man (Guile, Zangief) Plants vs Zombies - Proper Lawn Care (There's a Zombie on Your Lawn) -------------------------------- Are y'all ready to be schooled?
  19. If you're considering doing a panel at Anime Detour, might want to check in with some Midwest OCR folks. I know we already did a panel at Anime Detour in 2010, where OA, Brushfire, and myself were present. OA is a local to that area, Brushfire and I are not. For most panels I guess its generally preferred to have an OCR staff member there as representation in an official capacity, but if you're able to work with staff folks ahead of time I don't believe it is a hard requirement. We have a powerpoint that we continue to edit and update for each convention. Mixpost isn't normally something done at a panel. Sometimes they get done around the date of a panel to inform folks on the site about it. Anyway, I suggest PMing OA to get the ball rolling on a potential panel in his local area, seeing as having someone from staff would help you greatly to figure out what to do.
  20. Thanks, man! Really wish we had time to hang out at MAG, would have loved to have met ya. Let me know if you're ever in the Baltimore area, you me and Xenon can hang out or something.

  21. Good thing she never knocked me off my post of #1 hottest judge....in this fanfic I wrote called "Deia's Big Day where Stevo is a Judge". HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEIA! Continue your unparalleled assault against the queue, making crafts, wearing funny hats, and catering to sir fuzzy nuts' every demand.
  22. Modland access was one of the big deal-makers for me, yeah. Unfortunately/Fortunately, he does tweak it as time goes by but he normally makes it more resource intensive. After the 1.1 update, my old iPhone 3g started chugging on a number of formats. What model are you using? It may be the SID player part itself or it may be that your machine can't HANDLE the awesomeness.
  23. Modizer is the single most useful app for music on the entire iOS store.