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  1. Married? What are you talking about? Girls don't like me. I'm too fuzzy.
  2. Video and Audio from the performance are being edited as we speak.
  3. Thank you, everyone! I wouldn't have met Val if it weren't for OCReMix and MAGFest, so this community is, in part, responsible for where my life currently is. Thank you all for your love and support.
  4. The beard is pleased with your offering and would like to grab your butt a little for it.
  5. Got them and will be downloading them when I get home. Are full res available on them? We're trying to cobble together stuff for promos and performance requests in the future, and those would seriously help us out. They were fantastic! Do it....for Fogo.....
  6. http://level99.thestuffoflegends.net/OCR/LIVE/Pictures/737849_472081729516411_1325238337_o.jpg Can't wait to rock out even harder next year, folks. MAGFest won't be the only venue we play but goddamn was it a blast. PS. Fuck your screen resolution, these pictures are worth it.
  7. I think the photographer just hates Senor Cardgage, which is why I was in, like, one picture that he took. But then I forget about that every time I see DAT OA FACE
  8. Oh crap my shoulder and neck are killing me, my throat is dry as a bone and just as pleasant, I can feel the MAGFlu creeping up on me already, and yet I still can't put into words just how amazing this weekend was. Post MAGFest Depression is going to be the worse this year. It is offset only by two things: 1) there are some people still sticking around a bit after today so its not like everyone says goodbye at once and 2) I both bought and got rid of a copy of Shaq Fu this weekend.
  9. http://rivalrivalrival.bandcamp.com/album/street-fighter-x-mega-man-ost Free Album GET
  10. Level 99


    Oh man, that baby is A-Maze-Ing Congrats, and welcome to the select club of OC ReMixers who now have offspring. Best to you, the wife, and ze babby.
  11. Everyone remember the rules of an album release: 1) Download album. listening to it is optional. Bonus points if you say you downloaded it and only listened to the preview. 2) Decide that the album has too much of the following: techno, vocals, rock, orchestra. Can be a combination of them. 3) Go on to youtube, ocremix, or neogaf, and complain about such while making sure it is known that you disapprove of the efforts of a hobbyist community to come out with lots of high quality music for free. The more places you complain, the better. "OverClocked ReMix: ruining video game music for stuck-up internet twats since 1999!"
  12. I love when people speculate about album releases. The fanciful things y'all come up with make for great entertainment in comparison to what ACTUALLY goes on during a release Keep up the imaginations, people.
  13. I'll not mince words here, go check out the big, explanatory, sappy post yourself: http://www.8bitx.com/OCAD/?p=1566
  14. We don't really publish a schedule, order, or priority of albums because it's not necessary or even good to do so. The only deadlines that are set by staff are internal, and since we all have regular lives on top of doing stuff here on OCR, the deadlines are not entirely steadfast. Things slip, things accelerate, nobody can predict it. All you really need to know is staff and directors are always hard at work to bring you great music. So, obviously, the next thing to come out will be...another OCR album, and you will hopefully enjoy it! That being said, DKC3 is being worked on now and is getting close to final preparations. Not 100% if it is the next one that will come out BUT it is coming very soon, that you can rest assured. I would also just like to chime in to everyone that I've had to listen to this album multiple times while getting it ready and it is a massive behemoth of great music. It is worth the wait.
  15. Thanks to everyone who's gone further and elaborated on their feedback. I, and I'm sure the rest of the crew, would absolutely never take offense or think negatively of getting constructive criticism like this. As was said, some people had REALLY high expectations of this. I know my own personal goal with every mix I'm a part of is to meet & exceed expectations, so even if a single person had a legitimate problem with a song, I like knowing why so that it can be taken into consideration for the next time (by that I mean something that isn't a bias, eg. vocal bias, genre bias, etc.). The violin and guitar parts were originally penned by me and then modified heavily by their respective performers. They didn't stray terribly far from what I had written though, as I wanted the piece to feel very slow and deliberate with its melody usage. Some could call it safe, I would rather it be interpreted as how close I wanted to stick to my target influence. I really wanted that smooth, buttery Floyd vibe, especially with the violin/guitar interplay. You can blame me if Amy's part is too conservative, since she was going off of what I gave her. My violin arranging is not nearly what others can do, but as we do more we're learning more and I'm sure we'll all sit down to discuss more arrangement improvements. The great thing about this is that any changes we make will be included in future live performances, so the possible flaws of the posted mix are not necessarily detracting from the song forever. I can kinda sorta see where some people are hearing a violin tuning issue, but it's a product of it being a live performance. Even if the violin were autotuned out the ass, sure it would potentially meld better with the guitar tuning, but it would lose a lot of its personality. I'm sure Amy will read this and start mentally kicking herself for not being perfectionist enough about her violin performance, so whether or not she's going to try to improve upon it in the future is kinda moot since she is already doing so. The more we practice and perform as a group, the tighter our a) timing tuning and c) chemistry will be. It may be hard to live up to the expectations that our credentials as musicians imply as we're fused together, but we're gonna keep pushing for it! I'm sure I'm about as sensitive to timing as others are to tuning, so I can understand the hypersensitivity being an issue. All the feedback has been respectful, nothing has been seen as unfriendly or petty, and I truly thank everyone for taking the time to leave their impressions here. At the University, everyone is still learning.
  16. Beg your pardon? What sounds out of tune? If by mutes did you mean bends, the strings being bent out of note and back in for effect? Also, while by design this style was not supposed to be something that's never been heard before in music, it was something I feel has not been fully captured in other Aquatic Ambiance remixes (the lush pad backing, the violin/guitar interplay, the inclusion of Life in the Mines, etc.). So I guess I'm wondering what you meant by "never heard before". I'm not trying to counter criticism, but I would like to know more so that we can improve if it is something that merits attention Edit: I'm also wondering what everyone's comments about the "lack of confidence" or "tacking on" of the violin are based off of. Would really like to hear more explanation of that so that Amy and I can potentially change the part for our live performances if that specific criticism is commonplace. And thank to everyone for their comments and feedback, we all appreciate it very much!
  17. Also considering how layered a lot of these arrangements are, some tracks would require us to have....like, 12 people on stage at the same time. And I don't have that kind of time/money/attention span to take care of. Ohh look, a friendly bee!
  18. This has been in the makings for a while. Andrew, Amy, Deia, and myself have been performing at OC ReMix panels for the last two years or so honing our live chemistry together. We started playing mostly pre-existing ReMixes but were already working on writing new ones just to play live. We felt like we would have enough live material to fill a full concert setlist this year at MAG, so that's what we're doing! The Waverace 64 mix you hear in the teaser is brand new, and one that we've been working on for a few months. Really proud of how the "demo" turned out. We haven't given a full reveal of the setlist yet, but you can infer plenty from the description on the YouTube. I'm fairly certain footage from the show at MAG will end up somewhere online if its good enough, as for an album and the rest of it, you'll just have to wait and see!
  19. David, Arrow, myself and a whole bunch of other people went to the midnight showing of it last night. It was worth the lack of sleep ten times over. I will try to sum up my feelings spoiler-free. As a movie alone, it is the Disney standard level of quality: outstanding. Character development is natural and explained in a way that does not pander to intelligent people but is still understood by children. There's a great amount of subtlety in facial expressions and body movement to indicate emotion, basically on the level of Pixar (and since these are video game characters, many of which are already known to some of us, that's an impressive feat). The story is somewhat typical at a high level but deals with lots of complex issues, such as life roles, making your own destiny, the subjective nature of good vs. bad, etc. Writing is excellent and, I'll be honest, I got a little teary-eyed a few times during the movie; a true sign that I was emotionally invested in the characters. Even for someone who's not familiar with any video game history or relevance, its a completely enjoyable feature. The art direction is phenomenal, but I'll get into a bit more detail in the section below. Soundtrack was great, if not a bit on the teen-poppy side of Disney. The majority of the songs were enjoyable and fit the movie theme, though, and there's a large amount of chiptunes usage to keep the VG context. I wouldn't say it's appropriate for kids five and under, unless their parents are sure that some simulated gun violence and suggestive comments (mostly from Sarah Silverman's character) is alright. Voice acting was spot on and the voice cast was selected with near-perfection. As an homage to video games, it delicately balanced catering to the fanboy crowd without alienating anyone or going over the top with references constantly. At no point during the movie did I feel like they were either ditching the Video Game relevance or were trying to square-peg-in-round-hole it. In other words: it always feels like the nods and cameos belong. There's an incalculable amount of nods to a huge amount of source material throughout, so only repeated viewings will yield the full extent of their research and writing. Remember how I mentioned art direction being phenomenal? The upgrades and transitions to a 3d world for all of these older characters seems fitting and appropriate in both animation and design. The seamless blend of what one would think is actual footage of games with modified and original artwork only hits home after the movie is over, when you think about how much work must have been done to make it believable. I can't recommend this movie enough. I was afraid it would either start beating me over the head with game references or just have used it in the ads/trailers to trick a demographic into seeing it, but the cast and crew showed a true, sincere love and reverence for their source material and the culture that surrounds it. Edit: was just looking at the cast on IMDB and they got the current voice actors for a number of the cameo characters, which is...really fucking awesome.
  20. Your picture belies your tallness. There should really be a "to scale" image next to this, a la comparison of dinosaur height to human height.
  21. Check and see how much you do have to spare, we can likely come to an agreement. Its a garage sale, I'm open to haggling. Be warned: the jew powers are strong with me, though (coming from a jewish family its kinda my nature )
  22. Its definitely on the list of things to do if the stuff doesn't go very quickly. Its just the matter of time investment per possible getting-rid-of-stuff-ness. The cases I have are definitely not...LOOKERS, but they get the job done. I wanted to offer the components if any enthusiasts were looking for specific things (I know I hunted for about 2 years specifically for a Geforce 6800 GT AGP, which is mine forever and definitely not for sale ) I'll get started when Sunday rolls around, thanks for the suggestion.