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  1. I haven't forgotten; I just finished the semester.

  2. Yeah sure, I'll start planning one.

  3. yeah, no prob, I'm glad you like it; don't feel any need to credit me in the sig itself (I honestly think it looks better without it)

  4. psst the caption contest is getting antsy

  5. So did you ever submit that Parasite Eve mix?

  6. chth did you invite me on fb personally or something or was it like a mass invitation to bandcamp subscribers

    just, y'know, curious

  7. you might consider taking that "Sent from my phone." thing off of your phone

    it's kind of silly

    y'know, just saying

  8. No problem, glad you like it.

  9. sig: v2wl2.png

    y/n? w/e?

  10. Heh, right before STH's thread got deleted, I'd said "except for the part where Darke straight up deletes his threads"

  11. well that didn't last long :oops:

  12. your Cirno was practically screaming for a gif so I made one http://i.imgur.com/AEXem.gif

  13. you do that, lol

  14. uhhhh okay...?

  15. your sig is making me want to replay TWEWY so bad right now

  16. you do realize there's a little signature area in your User Control Panel that you can put stuff in (like youtube links), right?


  17. why is terra's body moving up and down D:

    fix it

  18. no harm, no foul

    I'm not exactly the most eloquent fish in the book; I just wanted to have a bit of fun with your generalized statement, but I guess that came out wrong too, heh

    (also I'd kinda already forgotten about the discussion)

    ah well

  19. psst your sig's a bit too high so I took the liberty of resizing it to the proper size http://i.imgur.com/69wu1.jpg

  20. the best thing about the argument is that is has absolutely no bearing on what will happen to the game

    we're all in the peanut gallery

  21. if you follow the "edit sigs" link, there should be a something near the top that looks like this http://signavatar.com/5223_s.gif (that's my randomizer)

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