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  1. This was a excellent idea, and a great mix, to say the least. It gets a definite 9/10 BTW, for those who were asking, here's the lyrics: (crowd noise) [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and give a warm welcome to: Team Gato (applause) First Part My name is Gato, I have metal joints. Beat me up and win fifteen silver points. (boos and laughs) Second Part They call me Gato, I have metal joints. Beat me up and earn fifteen silver points. They call me- (interrupted by crowd booing) Third Part (phone rings) [Chick] Hello? [Gato] What's up, girl? [Chick] Gato, is that you? [Gato] You know I'll always love you. 'N' you know I got some metal joints. Are you ready? So, let's go. [Chick] Oh, Gato. (YEAH) C'mon C'mon. They call me Gato (Gato), I have metal joints. Beat me up, and earn fifteen silver points (WHOA). They call me Gato, well I have metal joints. Beat me up, and earn fifteen silver points. (Slight moan and a chuckle, followed by more booing and laughing) Fourth Part [Woman] Uh-oh, here comes trouble. Biatch! (echoes). Yeah, Yeah-ee. Hi, my name is Gato (groan). I got metal joints (Yeah). Beat me up and earn silver points (What!?). Beat me up and earn silver points (Yeh). Do ya think you can take me? (uh-uh) I'd like to see ya try - BIATCH! (echoes) You know you wanna earn some silver points (groan). Yo, that little [blank] Crono. (Yeah, Yeah-ee) He says to me, says, "Gato! Give up your silver points!" (Hmm) I says, "Crono, I ain't fighting you amigo. So put down (What?) your sword and let's smoke this joint." He says, (groan) "[blank] get your own, I just want my points. And (What?) to get my points, I'm gonna beat you up." I says, "Put down the sword, so you can see what's up, And we'll go at it, punk, I'm gonna [blank] you up!" (Yeah, Yeah-ee) (music stops abruptly and crowd boos) [Announcer] That's it, you guys are outta here! words within parenthesis throughout last part are the background voice... ignore those if you want.
  2. The Gerudo song from OoT has been my favorite Zelda song for a while, and this mix definitely does it justice in my ears. It gives me that same feeling that the original did, images and urges of thievery (that didn't sound good ~ nevermind I said that). It does sound much like the original, but that's the beauty of it. It's also great fighting music, like some great ninja or shinobi battle or something. Great job Mr. Peeples. 10/10 Also, being the music enthusiast that I am, as I listen to a song, I don't focus on one thing within the song, I listen to everything.... the bass is fine, though I've not heard it with a subwoofer or anything like that, I can tell that that would be everyone's problem. Amplifying the bass doesn't help every song, though it does help most.
  3. Another great mix of Memories of Green, this time with the main CT theme, I like it a lot. The transition to the CT theme was done almost perfectly, but it kinda just jumped out at me. Nice all 'round though, good job Rimco. 8.8/10 so did I.... the whole repeating thing did not work, like you also said. I cut it down though, so it only does the last time, and then it was better for me.
  4. Great mix, loved it, but it does kinda remind me of Chrono Cross, with that whole military thing near the beginning. The first tempo change hit me as a bit of a surprise at first, but it works, works very well. and the ending fits it just perfectly. Keep up the good work! PS - a note to this "dude" Don't know if you intended to sound like you actually thought the mixer was not known, but if you look at the profile of the mixer, Unknown is the alias of a mixer, Tyler Heath, who is one of my faves
  5. Nice work by the FFDJ. Cid's Theme is and always will be one of my fave FFVII themes, and this is a great trance version. Love the intro, too, I always mouth it and sing along when I listen to this one. No cuts from the cloudsNashes end, just straight listening to great skillz. BOOYAH!! BTW, I like your stuff a lot too, Proti, you have your fans, and FFDJ has his
  6. I adore this song! Kudos to Star for another job well done. love the whole concept, beginning to end. Actually, he has one line, at the end of the Ultimate Slideshow... so his song would have to have at least one line
  7. being one of my three fave Xenogears remixes (the other two being Pillar of Salt and 7 Years Broken) I definitely recommend this one, a definite 11/10 on my scale
  8. This is a truly excellent piece you've done Jared... on the song's intro, very nice, I remember the original very vividly, and the intro ties into the original's intro well, which you added... being a hardcore Xenogears fan (well, maybe not HARDCORE, but very close), this song brought back memories, especially of that particular scene in which I believe it was named after, when Chu Chu gears up for a fight, also the scene with Maria running down the hall, I love this game, my second fave (first is Final Fantasy VII)
  9. this has always been one of my personal favorite songs from the soundtrack, and this remix is a very good rendition... after listening through it a few times, some of it sounds a bit like it came straight from the game and was distorted at certain points. I like this version, and the Fei thing was a very nice touch.. kudos to you!
  10. Can't say I'm surprised with this one. Excellent work, beautiful piece that should have played in the game. the songs are not religious in any way, but this particular one would not be out of place... anyone who's played the game may know what I'm talking about. I love this song, I get anxious when I hear the intro while playing the OCRs in the background while playing RagnarokOnline (the BGMs get a little old after a while...) 30/10 on the [cloudsNashes] scale
  11. I LOVE this song, and to have DJP singing it is just as equally awesome, he's got a great voice, I wanna hear pixietricks do it next! Edit: having just listened to it, I remember it reminding me of certain 80s music dance remixes (See DJ Sammy's newer version of Heaven)
  12. about the song, I LOVE this song, hell, my brother got people to sing it (via text) over a zone in EverQuest once (if anyone's familiar with the MMORPG), this song is immensely popular, and for good reasons. RABBIT JOINT, PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER COVER!!! 10/10 on my scale... just finding out that this song is not SOAD (bash me with the n00b-stick if you want) is a little surprising... I am a huge fan of the band, and my first mix list of their first 3 albums included this song. on the comments on whether SOAD would have done this song or not - IMO, they would have probably done this song or a song similar, just never put it on their albums... I mean, just listen to some of their stuff from the self-titled, Steal This Album! or even Mesmerize, it's got "I'm on crack and I'm good at singing too" written all over. I'm not suggesting they're on anything, but some of the songs are just wack.
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