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  1. Don't worry, I'll be posting on my Youtube channel all the tracks that are on the album, even the ones that won't make it to OCRemix youtube channel proper. I'll have three varieties: single track listening, full disc listening and full album longplay listening so you can choose how you want your experience. It's coming soon. Don't you worry!
  2. Yep! Totally got it now! Thanks! And whoa, I'm popular contributor of the month! How'd that happen?! XD Also, just saw the pre-trailer WIP from Jose and it looks AMAZING. Fans will be completely stoked after watching this trailer!
  3. Okay, we're wrapping up some website design and a cool little addition we felt would be neat to add is developer's commentary from each of the remixer's on their own tracks. However, we are missing these folks and their commentary: @Chadlee @YoshiBlade @Jason Covenant @PrototypeRaptor @musicbyscottb @Tuberz McGee and @Jorito for To the Horizon song. If we don't receive developer's commentary for your individual tracks by the time website and album goes live, your song just won't have a little additional thing to click for people to read your thoughts on your track selection.
  4. That's fantastic news, Jose! And Might I say, the trailer is looking quite fantastic. One of the best I've seen! But then again, I'm sorta biased here! Good to know that the deadline is taken into account here, we would love to have it land (even if it is at the TAIL end of the year) within the 15th anniversary of the Legends release of the game in Japan. A good Christmas present for us all!
  5. Alright, going to give all tracks one final listen through tonight! If all goes well, I'm going to submit the package to OCRemix and let the approval process do the rest!
  6. We are super pumped about this album and we are stoked to be bringing this your way soon! We are excited to have all the Skies of Arcadia fans enjoy what they love and have more of that awesomeness through this music. It brings back so many good memories listening to all these songs. It is a shame we were unable to do a fourth disc, but we do plan, with some coordination with OCR to reveal 11 side tracks that didn't exactly make the cut and are in varying degrees of WIP as an unofficial addition. It won't be available in the main downloads and we're still working out the kinks of this aspect, but the main goal is getting the three primary discs out by Christmas.
  7. GUESS WHAT Y'ALL?! ALL tracks are now finished and turned in. Sure we got two remaining tracks to master, but the bigger point here is this: We have a FULL and COMPLETE 36 track, 3-disc album finished on our hands! Now is the time to finish up any last minute admin stuff, designing the website, working with OCR on trailer creation and setting a release date around Christmas of this year to hopefully still land within the 15th anniversary year of Skies of Arcadia: Legends release! To top it off, we are working with DJPretzel himself to see if we can get a limited run print of physical copies of this album! Every contributor will get about 2 copies (One for themselves and one to share), while the rest will be handed out as promos and prizes/gifts free at Magfest and other events that OCRemix attends. There won't be any other way to snag these puppies if you weren't contributing, so another reason to come out to these fantastic events and meet OCR staff in person in hopes that you might get one of these beauties. More words to follow on that part. I'm just jazzed that it's all done and now it is time to clean up and get this out there to you! Now without further adieu, The final track list which also has been updated on the first post of this thread: Disc 1 - Defend the Home Isle 01 - Main Theme (Title Screen) - Claimed by pu_freak - Genre: Orchestral/Piano - 'The Voyage Begins' 02 - Vyse's Theme - Claimed by SBeast - Genre: Metal - 'Legend in the Making' 03 - Blue Pirate's Theme/Ship (combo track) - Clamed by OA - Genre: Rock/Dance - 'Blue Skies, Pirate Surprise' 04 - Air Pirate Island - Claimed by Ganae - Genre: Orchestral - 'Rogue Sanctuary' 05 - Air Pirate Secret Base - Claimed by Silent Ice - Genre: Dubstep Reggae - 'Secret Bass' 06 - Dungeon Cave - Claimed by Orphanin - Genre: Orchestral - 'Into the Deep Dark' 07 - Battle 1/Battle 2 (combo track) - Claimed by fxsnowy - Genre: Dubstep - 'Arcadian Assault' 08 - Victory in Battle / Bombardment Victory (combo track) - Claimed by GlacialSpoon - Genre: Techno - 'Victory! Glory! Profit?' 09 - Sailor Town - Claimed by Bluelighter - Genre: Marching Band - 'A Sailor's Respite.' 10 - Fina's Theme - Claimed by Moseph - Piano w/Accompaniment - 'Light of the Silver Moon' 11 - Drachma's Theme - Claimed by Tsori-Deedubs - Genre: K-Indie Folk - 'Better Days' 12 - Little Jack - Claimed by Chadlee/Rotten Eggplant/John Stacy - Genre: Jazz - 'On Wings of Feathers' Estimated Run time: 46 mins Disc 2 - To the Horizon 01 - Kingdom of Nasrad - Claimed by shredd - Genre: Metal - 'Blasting the Sand Demon' 02 - Bombardment 1 / Bombardment 2 (combo track) - Claimed by Deedubs - Genre: Trance - 'From the Perilous Skies to Your Heart' 03 - Entique's Theme - Claimed by Deedubs - Genre: Waltz - 'Valse pour un Prince Rebelle' 04 - Kingdom of Ixa'taki - Claimed by Garpocalypse - Genre: Folk - 'Valhorteka' 05 - Theme of Reflection - Claimed by Yoshiblade - Genre: Trance/Dance - 'Inner Reflections' 06 - Remote Town - Claimed by RebeccaETripp - Genre: Celtic - 'Rusted Hopes' 07 - Dark Rift Theme - Claimed by ZykO - Genre: Creepy Ambient - 'The Darkness is Already Here' 08 - Yafutoma Dawn / Eastern Air Pirates (combo track) - Claimed by Jorito/Aster/Furilas/Lauren the Flute - Genre: Spaghetti Wester - 'Il buono, il brutto e il pirata dell'aria' 09 - Theme of Loneliness - Claimed by Sentient Pulse - Genre: Chill EDM - 'Shrouded Void' 10 - Valua City - Claimed by Kylok - Genre: Folk Rock - 'Undervalued' 11 - Gilder's Theme - Claimed by Jason Covenant - Genre: Experimental - 'Coding Angel' 12 - Delphinus - Claimed by Jorito + Others - Genre: Orchestal - 'To the Horizon' Estimated Run time: 64 mins Disc 3 - I Am Legend 01 - Military Facility Dungeon - Claimed by djpretzel - Genre: Funk Rock - 'The MFD' 02 - Ramirez's Theme - Claimed by Guifrog - Genre: Orchestral Dubstep - 'Brain Sound Tilt' 03 - Gigas Theme - Claimed by PrototypeRaptor - Genre: Electronic - 'Black Moon' 04 - Nervous Crisis 1/ Nervous Crisis 2 (combo track) - Claimed by GlacialSpoon - Genre: Dubstep - 'Nervousness is Just Bravery Disguised' 05 - Boss Battle - Claimed by Tuberz McGee - Genre: Progressive Metal - 'Life in a Vyse' 06 - Great Silver Temple - Claimed by Sam Dillard - Genre: Orchestral - 'Shining Silver' 07 - Armada/Armada Battle (combo track) - Claimed by Deedubs - Genre: Orchestal/Electronica - 'God's Ambition' 08 - Last Dungeon - Claimed by Supercookmile/Deedubs - Genre: Synthezied Loneliness - 'In Solitude, I Scream' 09 - Zealous - Claimed by Glejs - Genre: Electronica Trance - 'Unknown Menace' 10 - Last Battle - Claimed by Deedubs/Sixto Sounds - Genre: Orchestral Metal - 'Silver Nightmare' 11 - Legendary Sinking Continent - Claimed by Scott Buckley - Genre: Orchestral - 'The End of a Dream' 12 - Credits - Claimed by Juke - Genre: Orchestral - 'Hearth and Home' Estimated Run time: 58 mins Total Run time: 168 mins - or - 2 hours and 48 mins
  8. Don't usually link to external content and videos, but for those who are not familiar with the game and its story, here is a recap for anyone interested and for those who've played and want to revisit nostalgia:
  9. I've started to rearrange the tracks into their final album order. Disc 1 is fully complete and arranged in how I want it to be. Discs 2 and 3 are kinda waiting on.... Jason Covenant and his Gilder's Theme track. I have absolutely no idea what his will sound like and as a result, I cannot fully commit a final album arrangement for Discs 2 and 3 without knowing where it could fit in the mix. So right now, we're just waiting on the final few tracks to filter in and we can finalize this album and get it going with all the steps with OCR to get it released!
  10. Seeing how the SD3: Light and Darkness is coming up on some last minute troubles with this issue, I'm trying to curb the problems now. This is to ALL remixers on this album, Please get with me and provide some sort of contact info for the album website and project. This could delay the overall release. Thank you!
  11. @Darangenand @pu_freak, please check your PMs. We have some urgent things to discuss before we finalize the album.
  12. Congratulations on getting this done! Well executed accomplishment! Looking forward to the album!
  13. DJPretzel turned in his track ahead of schedule! Yes!!! And it is pretty damn amazing! Also, for those who have been keeping track of the track listing, do you SEE all that bold green?! We are looking at the light of the end of the tunnel now. This three year journey is finally coming to a close! Skies of Arcadia fans, I sincerely hope you are ready!
  14. I would like to repoint out our track listing progress which is current and up to date as of this evening: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19MJ6_QsHxvDJJlDN_bHbLXddLij8AmwKLn_7TANeN1g/edit?usp=sharing Our masterer is hard at work at bold greening up all the tracks and making sure we make our 15th anniversary release date on time. When is that, you ask? Well if you count the Legends Gamecube release in Japan of December 26, 2002, then we have until December 25, 2018 to be within our release window of 15th anniversary! We are working real hard to make that date! Wish us luck! As you can see, we got only a few more tracks left to finish by our talented remixers! Let's wish them luck and wrap this amazing album up once and for all! I hope you fans are starving for some Arcadia music!
  15. @Moseph If you are reading this, I really would like a unmastered wav file of your song ASAP. If we cannot get your wav by mid August, we will have to quickly find someone else to quick claim Fina's track and replace yours. We cannot work with mastering this track alongside the others on an MP3 which is the final and last file we were left with. Please get back to us ASAP or risk your track being dropped after so much work being done with it! Please!
  16. Here is an interesting article that was brought to my attention regarding Skies of Arcadia. http://n4g.com/news/2184437/how-skies-of-arcadia-pushed-the-dreamcast
  17. Things have been a bit stagnant right now. The final few tracks being stalled due to real life reasons for a bunch of the remixers and the mastering for the same reasons. However, we hope to get the remainder of these tracks finished by end of summer and proceed with the final mastering and setting up the album for hopefully a Christmas Release. We may completely miss the 15 year anniversary of SOA, but hopefully we can make the 16th year anniversary.
  18. For those whose tracks are finished and are NOT in BOLD GREEN font - please get with @Rotten Eggplant and give him your stems for your track so he can more better and effectively master the tracks for this album. Thank you!
  19. Great news everyone! Jason Covenant has finally agreed to take the last track: Gilder's Theme! With this, every single track has been claimed and we are already mastering the finished tracks and as of this posting, 4 are completed and marked finished! We are well on our way of making this huge album a reality hopefully sometime later this year! Get excited Arcadia fans!
  20. We are down to one last track unclaimed and I'm trying to claim a promise made to me about 2 years ago from @Jason Covenant a.k.a. Prophecy saying he would take the last unclaimed track, whichever one that was. I tried tracking down a reliable contact info from him, but outside of the PMs here at OCR which he hasn't checked since 2016 and websites for him that have been laid barren since 2011, is there any reliable way of contacting him?
  21. With no word from the MIA Kaiyoti, Gilder's theme is back up for grabs. That leaves us with his theme, Little Jack and Last Battle (which we'd love to be metal/rock). 3 unclaimed tracks, open for anyone.
  22. Last Battle is back up for grabs! We have Last Battle and Little Jack left to claim! Depending on which goes first, I may yet call upon @Jason Covenant to fulfill his promise and claim the final one! We're almost there to claiming that promise!
  23. I love how you went past the original soundtrack and included some from the expansions. I appreciate that.
  24. Try the bandcamp version, that's up still.
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