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  1. Are there any passable general MIDI soundfonts, nothing incredible, just something I can use that sounds somewhat accurate, and doesn't drop out all the time on an SB Live! Value?
  2. I thought this was an awesome piece, the one complaint I have is that I was not too keen on the drum sounds that were used. Besides that, however, it was really awesome to listen to.
  3. I enjoyed this remix absolutely. The song was never a favourite of mine, but it always had a unique atmosphere to it, and you orchestrated and dramatized it very well. The opening was absolutely fantastic, and for the remainder of the piece your usage of dynamics and all of the typical arranging conventions was very well done. A very impressive mix and indeed far beyond my current abilities.
  4. Very cathartic and relaxing. I've never played the original (something I look forward to doing in the future) so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I liked the mix a lot. It's very peaceful and atmospheric, and the guitar is wonderful.
  5. Yeah, the length is a little disappointing, but overall I love the piece. Really, really fast, and really really nice. I like it a lot.
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