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  1. ...Hmm. I like how busta chose to use the rhythm from the CREID version of Omen, unless Omen actually has that rhythm in it somewhere but I seemed to miss it. Pretty nifty stuff.
  2. or maybe, just maybe, you should go play a good game, and then realize how lackluster and unpolished Sonic Heroes is, or if you are one of those forsaken "new wave" Sonic fan, you should go play Sonic 3K. It can be a game breaker, not to mention, it's fun the first run through but then it loses it's replayability very fast due to repetitive game elements and a lack of diversity in design. It's not horrible, but it is certainly lowly enough to be considered a failure as a product.
  3. As I see it, we've been promised "innovation" and the promise that "THIS" game will be the one to fix the series for 5 years now. That promise sortof loses its value after so many letdowns. As I see it, the primary problem is games getting rushed out without adequate post-production. I mean, hell, just playing through Sonic Next the word rush is written all over what could be a really great game, in fact, I wish they would've patched it up and sent the patch over XBL or something. Every Sonic game that gets announced for some reason has to be released THAT Xmas. I think it's SEGA corporate policy, and I don't think it is compensating for the fact that good games take longer to make in this day in age. I mean, look at 90% of their IPs. It's like seeing the name SEGA attached to a game incites an aura of mediocrity.
  4. Ok, do you want me to list the number of times that people, possibly you even have bought into this optimism? Sonic Advance "Oh hey cool new 2D Sonic games DO WANT. Chao Garden on the go, hell yes." Sonic Advance 2 "Woah this game plays differently but it looks fun, maybe this is how Sonic should play." Sonic Advance 3 "Hopefully the level design will be more dynamic than 2. This 2 character thing reminds me of Knuckles Chaotix." Sonic Heroes "Holy crap a new Sonic Game, holy crap Chaotix, holy crap Shadow's back, holy crap it looks like they are going back to the roots with the design and stuff" Shadow the Hedgehog "Oh, the concept is retarded but the gameplay sounds like it could be fun. Mixing sonic with guns? It could work." Sonic Rush "Oh cool it looks like they are finally fixing the advance games. I mean, the advance games werent THAT bad, right?... The boost thing looks fun." Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 "Oh it'll be a nice change of franchise look it looks they are going back to SA cept more open-ended cool cool." Sonic and the Secret Rings "I dunno, Sonic 2006 sucked but this one looks like it could REALLY turn the franchise around because it plays different." You could also include all of the recent offtopic spinoff games too, which have all sucked, including Sonic Riders, the sequel, MARIO AND SONIC AT TEH OLYMPIC GAMES, and somehow Nights 2 fits in here as well. How many times do you let yourself live in denial before you learn to quit putting faith into a dead franchise?
  5. http://www.sega.com/gamesite/sonicunleashed/us/videos.php Well, the game itself looks like a nice change of direction. Faith in a Sonic game though is wasted energy though.
  6. http://www.sagexpo.org for press site, which details the event. Takes place August 17th-24th. CONTEST DETAILS Remix a Tune From Sonic CD (be it the JP\EURO or US Soundtracks) Sounds simple enough aye? The contest ends August 1st, with results being voted on during the expo by the expogoers, and the winner being announced Wednesday, August 20th. I was hoping this contest could be for fun, or that being an artist showcased on the expo might be enough promotional power to win you over, but tangible prizes are in the talks. Sure it might sound odd for me to be coming to this site of all places to advertise this expo, however it is really relevant to my goals for the event as a whole this year. The Sonic Amateur Game Expo is an annually held event that has become quite predominate in the Sonic fandom circles. Going off last years statistics we had approximately 5000 unique hits per day last year, so there is the event statistically does moderately well. This is the 13th iteration, and I am hosting the event this year. The entire Expo's purpose is not only to allow fangamers to show off their products, but to bring attention to fangaming as an art form, much as the mission of this site. As part of extending this video games as art mission, this year I'm trying to put a bigger emphasis on the different roles that make up game design, which includes music. I'm also taking efforts to increase non-sonic specific game support from freelance developers and fangamers of other franchises. To be honest the scene is sort of suffering, because while the event does extremely well, we are sort of running short of talent that can keep up with today's high standards, and hopefully we can draw some more talent into the community by taking special guests into the community from external interest groups that just happen to both have interests in video games and have the skillsets we need. In the past we've had many special guests, including the voice of Sonic from Sonic Adventure to Sonic Heroes, Ryan Drummand, and this year we hope to showcase even more amazing people, even relevant to this interest group. As such, I want to invite OCremix to participate the event, and with the invitation comes some remix competitions for you to go crazy over.
  7. I will admit, unwary parents and grandparents are the whole reason there is a market for mediocre Licensed movie games. "aww that was a cute movie lets get the game", I see this logic all the time at Gamestop.
  8. I've considered dabbling in the art to pull in some extra money. I was relatively pissed off though when I discovered that not only is it very difficult for DJs to make decent money (honestly, if it's better than being a friggin busboy), but DJ enthusiast communities get freaking pissed with the capitalist DJ. (Makes it kindof hard to get information on what is actually good, what is necessary for a rig, and what matters.) I figure, scratching my own tunes, and working out of Deckadance with a mixer board could be a pretty fun venture for some extra cash, as I'm desperately in need of it to construct my recording studio and augment my sample library.
  9. Up until the melody comes in it sounds like something that would fit as circumstantial background music.
  10. god damn man, you need to fill me in with what sample-set this amazing orchestral sound is resonating from. Is the guitar live? Bravo dude, I really have nothing critical to say, this track is just churning out amazingness.
  11. The intro has sortof a very seperated feel to it... It doesn't feel like the measures are smoothly transitioning between each other. Maybe if you made the attack on the 1st beat a little less fierce, it would blend together a bit better. It just, for me at least, doesn't really fit with the moving sound you are trying to create in the intro... Then things become friggin amazing, and I <3 you.
  12. you have english lyrics for this? I'll make a vocal demo tomorrow. and holy crap dude, the 7-string version sounds ridiculously awesomer... Edit: Might as well post the only resume I have now, a rough cut of a cover of Love Song by The Cure: http://camp.misterworm.net/shadixstash/lovesong.mp3 I'm no pixietricks, but I hope that I can make this go somewhere. I wanted to do an english vocal of Wily Stage 1 too, so this conveniently fits into my master plan.
  13. This is friggin amazing. OCR has long needed more NiGHTs love, however... I can't help but ask what song this is supposed to be? I came in thinking it was Dreams Dreams, but I don't recognize any part of it. Is it the file select theme? Edit: I feel retarded, you friggin linked to the original >.>
  14. I take it I get no points for my groovy basslines then? EDIT: Actually, if I know the parts you are talking about now there aren't any groovy basslines to speak of >.>;;. It ends sort of abruptly, because I decided how I wanted to end it, and then pasted it in and made some crappy transition that doesn't really fit. Also, please oh please remember that the guitar track is a placeholder for live guitar. As far as the acoustic goes... Hmm... When you say poor execution, are you refering to any point in the song more than the other? Judging from another listen, it seems like mainly the new segments suffer from this problem. Do you have any references that have a good guide on EQing? I don't think I've ever got this far into a remix I had serious intentions for to really get good EQing down.
  15. Ok, upgraded wip ready for crit. http://camp.misterworm.net/shadixstash/boom8.mp3 I hope I resolved some of the issues. I do know of one oopsie note I made in the 1st new segment, it's like it changes keys abruptly when the "solo-ish" thing should not be changing keys. :E
  16. Hmm... Man has it been awhile since I have posted anything on here. I need all the critique I can get on this. This is quite out of my zone, trying to program distorted guitar. I'm getting slightly better, but I still definetely do not like it, and FL is definetely not the best option for Guitar writing. (If you are wondering how I'm handling the playability factor, I'm going to optimize it and change it up in Guitar Pro once I'm done so my friend can actually err, play it >.>.) http://camp.misterworm.net/shadixstash/boom6.mp3 Right now I'm hammering out the relevancy issue. It dawned upon me yesterday that the song didn't even sound remotely like the original, so I've been reincorporating some of the real song back in trying hard not to make it sound too midirippish. I suppose it won't matter once we record the guitar tracks though. (if my friend ever gets that friggin hub >.>) Also, once I can be arsed to write decent lyrics, which I fail at (I'm not going to use the cheesy lyrics from the song, however, I'm currently debating how much of the original vocal melody I should keep, because I hate that too, but I've derived so much as it is that I dunno if keeping it is a good idea), I'm going to be recording vocals.
  17. I love this song. But hmmm... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TopkgGxGzQs I just noticed that cleverly placed Judas Priest reference. (Skip to 2:33)
  18. I might be mistakened but didn't DrumUltima start an unmod site after the board closed?
  19. That review really is quite inaccurate. I've come to believe that the person writing that particular review merely based his review on what other reviewers had said, giving praise to things not worth praising (the voice cast... honestly. "ILL STOP U IBLIS TRIGGER". The only voices worth praising are Lacey Chabert's and Eggman's great voice acting.). What many of these articles forget to mention is that Next had a rather good plot. (Especially for a Sonic game) The level design is also not horrendous and simple as that article claims. For the first time, we actually get some of the level variety that the 3D Sonic games have been lacking. There ARE some level specific gimmicks, and each level's level design actually has a different flow. (Go play Sonic 2 or any Sonic game to figure this out. The difference between the designs of the zones.) Kingdom Valley, for instance, has probably the best segment in the game, with it's emphasis on multiple crossing paths to the finish, a definite throwback to the Genesis style. In fact, if I had wrote that article, I would have to say the level design is the saving grace of the game. Now onto the bad... The controls are definitely not too good. While, contrary to popular opinion, I believe Sonic's speed is fine, his game suffers from a really bugging homing attack. Shadow, on the contrary, I believe has the most entertaining gameplay of the bunch minus his vehicle segments (The controls on the vehicles, ESPECIALLY the motorcycle, are... not so good ;-. Silver's gameplay is fun, however it feels limited and too slow, mainly because his movement speed is a chore to work with. All of the secondary characters except for Blaze control horribly and have ridiculous attacks. It would be as bad if jumping, the primary attack mechanism in the 2D games, hadn't been rendered obsolete due to the inability to actually damage things with it. The sad part is most of this could theoretically be fixed by a patch.
  20. ono... The end of the world is upon us. xD
  21. http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/01/08/aus....ap/index.html -- This isn't all though, after all these mysteriously dead birds appeared, birds have been acting odd WITHIN my town (which isn't too far away from Austin)... As if not paying attention to cars driving close to them (we almost ran one over this morning) , and another one acting weird in one of my neighbor's yard. Some of them were seemingly normal, but there were quite a few acting lethargic on the ground. Whatever it is I hope we all don't start coming down with Bird Flu.
  22. lol... I guess I should've mentioned that I wasn't done with it. I still have like 2 minutes of material I somehow need to work in. I'll do that... Implementing percussion has been really difficult as I'm not used to working in 3/4 and I havn't really had any resources for ideas on how to implement them.
  23. Some time ago I posted a WIP for a remix of the Xenogear theme, "Bonds of Sea and Fire". I've been working hard on this mix and I've made some significant progress. I need all the criticism I can get. I'm not going to stop until I get this up to OCR standards; that has been my goal from the start and I feel like I can do it. http://www.purevolume.com/vgmshadix/ One goof I just noticed is an error in the piano composition towards the end.
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