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  1. I loved the heck out of this game growing up. http://www.joystiq.com/2012/08/02/rise-of-the-triad-returns-to-pc-this-year-powered-by-unreal-eng/ And I love the remixed music in the trailer.
  2. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, I've felt Oblivion and Skyrim could have been nice with some 2-4 player multiplayer going on. MMO seems like too many people for an Elder Scrolls type game. Unless they're making it more like the standard MMORPG-fare, which IMO makes the whole thing feel unnecessary. I don't know, I guess I'll have to see what it's like when there is more information available.
  3. Did the OCAD server get the world recreated (since getting restarted for the server update)? I logged in and noticed I was back at spawn, and looking at the map the chunk I was working in isn't there anymore...
  4. I had to stop seeding for a bit due to network issues. I'm back up and running though, and I'll just leave it on unless I start having issues again. I'm with General Gilliam though, this was a very welcome surprise after a bad day at work. I'm only halfway through listening to disk 1, and it's stellar work so far.
  5. Do you mean like a profile manager? http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/540449-minecraft-profile-manager/ I use this to keep multiple versions available (with and without mods).
  6. I hopped on briefly to check out the damage after seeing the post about the griefer. I didn't stay on long though.
  7. Same with my house. Doors gone, walls with ladders gone, chest is gone, my nice little wheat garden dug up. Good times
  8. I realize I could very well be wrong, but I believe that they realize the tile interface is not useful to anyone above a casual user. It really does seem geared towards the tablet or netbook market (people who mainly use a computer to check email and news). I kind of see the tile interface as Microsoft's version of what Google is doing with the ChromeOS (in a way). And even if they don't give an option to disable it, at least it appears to be easy to switch away from. I hope that as they are closer to releasing it (or after it's released), they start advertising those features more towards the casual user. The videos going out now seem more like a "Hey guys, check out this cool thing we're going to do" and less like a "Hey superuser, this is what you're going to be stuck with in Windows 8". I'm kind of glad to see this kind of passion in what they're doing that they want to share it as it is worked on. Overall, it doesn't seem like it's enough to make me want to jump from Windows 7 to it. However, if I were building or buying a new computer in the future, I wouldn't mind having it. I supposed I'll wait and see based on future news though.
  9. If you steal an item from the store, everyone in town will call you "Thief", but nobody will haul your butt to jail. - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
  10. The torrent downloading worked pretty well for me once I wasn't trying to download both games at the same time. But I wish I had seen the HTTP download, probably would have gone faster. Good tip!
  11. The site is still down however I found this: http://www.mektekdev.com/site/index.php Which also seems to have its own set of links to it (downloading it now, so I don't really know for sure). Edit: This also has a link to the MTX download.
  12. Breathtakingly epic. It carries the film soundtrack theme well.
  13. And it's also the compatible method if you also play flight/space sims where pulling back on the stick means changing your pitch up. I used to play those before I started using the mouse on FPS games, so I was already used to down to look up. I had the same problem here for that game. I think over the course of the main three (never played Wars or ODST), I managed to convert a player to inverted simply because they got used to it when they took over my controller. I still have a similar problem with keyboard/mouse games. But not because of the inverted mouse. I don't use WASD to move which throws other people off.
  14. I completely agree with that. If their intent was to have the characters not know, it would have been nice to have known. I actually prefer that over them knowing what will happen to the timeline. On that note, why was Kyle Reese a priority target at all? It could be that the TX of the third movie gave Skynet what the future Skynet had known (Kyle Reese was sent back after the T-800, a reprogrammed T-800 was sent back after the T-1000, etc). That would have given Skynet a HUGE tactical advantage because Connor is running under advice from his mom about the original war. For all we know, this version of Skynet could decide that it won't create time travel, or that it will try to send a larger force back. That could even be the basis of a movie. The resistance has to stop Skynet from sending a large force back to kill Sarah Connor and manage to stop all but a single T-800, so they shove Kyle in after it before destroying the installation. A lot of this stuff would have been nice have mentioned. It could be that they wanted to leave themselves room for future movies and explain it then, but I'm sure that was not the case. Despite these issues, I still liked the movie, I'll still buy the DVD, and I will most likely see the next one they make.
  15. I was under the impression that Connor was running under a "worse case scenario" mindset when it came to keeping Reese alive. I don't think any of the characters really know what would happen if Reese was killed. I believe that extended to Skynet, which would explain why Skynet wanted to kill both of Reese and Connor. So Connor was concerned that it would undo everything for the humans, including his existance, and Skynet was concerned that it would not impact their current timeline at all, only an alternate one. I don't think that they could have explained outright what the impact would be, because if it was known in the movie, then how one side acted would not make as much sense (although I doubt that much thought went into it). Connor would still probably want to protect Reese even if it would only affect a different timeline to protect that one as well, but if it was known that killing Reese would undo everything I would think Skynet would have just killed Reese and been done with it.
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