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  1. Oh thanks for this info .. definetly not a fan of having my stuff removed. I don't really plan on buying books, it's mostly for things I already have. Will it display pictures in a PDF ?
  2. We've had an interesting discussion on the chat many moons ago but my brain doesn't record very well. Let's start from scratch.. Let me start by saying I MUCH prefer to read a real book than look at a screen, so I don't want anything backlit like an iPad. I'm looking for a reader that has the following specs; 1) Not a multi-function tablet, just a reader. 2) Must read many formats (and at least PDF). 3) A display that looks like paper and shows even when it's OFF. 4) Must display graphics, not just text, and accuratly, not deformed (for plans, tech manuals, scanned music sheets, etc) So, to Kindle or not to Kindle ? Enlight me with your experience please..
  3. Here's a great site where you can get a well scanned of the original. https://archive.org/details/principlesoforch00rims The author died 107 years ago so don't worry too much for the "free" stuff.
  4. Even for an old computer like mine which is almost 10 years old, the change the ssd made was phenomenal for the OS. Would love to have one for my samples too now that I think of it haha.
  5. Well that's what I meant, I'm your age, own a house, have two cars, 2 kids and even with a good paying job, I can't afford that just like that, I have other bills like you. I understand you didn't get my comment when I think about it.. I'm from an industrial town and I remember some kids I knew had summer jobs paying around 15000$ for ±3 months, without imposition (because they were students). 15000$ right in their pockets. They were able to afford expensive guitars, amps, bikes, etc.. but yeah a kid working at McDo's in the big city is a different story. Anyway, when they got the real job after they finished school, they didn't know what to buy so they put their money in cars and stuff, still living at their parents for a few years.. when you make 50k$ a year, live at your parents and are 19 years old (a kid), you usually don't have "much" to pay yet.. Now on topic; cause I think it's worth investing in pro-level tools when you can.
  6. 12k$ isn't "much" if it's your passion and you're young with a good job, living at your parents and whatnot. I know guys who bought 8000$ guitars, or spent 28000$ on a motor, etc... And I'm sure one can make much more than 700$ with something like that and determination. Great tools work great. This said, I wouldn't be ready to pay that lol, but maybe one day..
  7. Nobody deserves to make money from covers and that's my opinion. Make your own music instead of stealing others. And that's how I say things, you can call me an asshole
  8. The Black Mages don't count, it's Nobuo's band, he composed those songs. Lidsay Sterling is one tho, you're right.
  9. You can laugh at what you want, but can you show me a success story selling VGM COVERS... please please please A LUCRATIVE one.
  10. The wal-mart one is 140$ more because of the graphic card while the newegg bundle has none (but has one integrated). That means the processor has a smaller work load = better for you when gaming. I'm sure you can find a better deal cause that card is not worth 140$ lol (around 50$). I wouldn't go with Windows 10 ! Either build will slam any studio session on the wall, and you'll be able to with any 200 tracks project, I'm sure. http://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=1438&gid2=887&compare=intel-hd-graphics-4600-desktop-vs-geforce-gt-720
  11. Hey I made a backup tool, nothing crazy but works well. I learned a few things. Try it (save it to a .VBS) 'PresentationstrMessage = "This backup tool will ensure an integral copy of your files. It will re-copy a file from scratch if any error happens, like between networks for instance." & vbCrLf & "" & vbCrLf & "You will finda report in the backup-ed folder: ""Backup Log (date & time).log""" & vbCrLf & "" & vbCrLf & "Note:" & vbCrLf & "this tool will copy the CONTENT of the folder to backup."Msgbox strMessage, 64, "Backup tool (Frederic Petitpas - 2015)"'Choosing the backup source, without the "new folder" optionSet objShell1 = CreateObject("Shell.Application")Set objFolder1 = objShell1.BrowseForFolder(0, "Choose the folder to backup", &h201, "\")If objFolder1 Is Nothing ThenWscript.QuitEnd If'Choosing the destination, with "new folder" option (by default)Set objShell2 = CreateObject("Shell.Application")Set objFolder2 = objShell2.BrowseForFolder(0, "Choose backup folder", 1, "\")If objFolder2 Is Nothing ThenWscript.QuitEnd If'RécapitulationstrMessage = "Content of the following folder:" & vbCrLf & """" & objFolder1.title & """" & vbCrLf & "found at:" & vbCrLf & objFolder1.self.path & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "WILL BE BACKED-UP TO" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf &"the following folder:" & vbCrLf & """" & objFolder2.title & """" & vbCrLf & "found at:" & vbCrLf & objFolder2.self.pathMsgbox strMessage, 64, "Backup tool (Frederic Petitpas - 2015)"'ConfirmationIf MsgBox("To start the backup, click OK.", vbOkCancel or vbDefaultButton2, "Confirm") = vbCancel ThenMsgBox "Backup cancelled."WScript.quit()ElseEnd If'Writing the batchDim objShellSet objShell = WScript.CreateObject( "WScript.Shell" )Set wsc = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")Dim objFSO, outFileSet objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")'Open write streamSet outFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(wsc.SpecialFolders("desktop") & "\TmpBckpCmdFile.bat", True)'writeoutFile.WriteLine "@echo off"outFile.WriteLine "color 70"outFile.WriteLine "set x=" & objFolder1.self.pathoutFile.WriteLine "set y=" & objFolder2.self.pathoutFile.WriteLine "cls"outFile.WriteLine "echo Don't close, wait for the backup to finish..."outFile.WriteLine "Robocopy ""%x%"" ""%y%"" /E /XA:SH /XJD /R:8 /W:15 /MT:32 /V /NP /LOG:""%y%\Backup Log %date% (%time:~0,2%h%time:~3,2%m%time:~6,2%s).log"""outFile.WriteLine "(goto) 2>nul & del ""%~f0"""'close write streamoutFile.Close'Run the file and wait for completionSet shl = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")file = shl.SpecialFolders("desktop") & "\TmpBckpCmdFile.bat"shl.Run file, 1, true'ConfirmationstrMessage = "Backup done!"Msgbox strMessage, 64, "Backup tool (Frederic Petitpas - 2015)"
  12. You should worry about making money with your own music instead. You can stop thinking about selling your VGM covers. Not trying to kill your dream, but dream of something else for your own sanity lol Hey I'm not "laughing", but it's funny to see such discussions pop once a while. Anyway, do it, who cares if you make 9$ a year selling covers.. not me !
  13. In the mean time, my non-optimized scripts work and save me hours, and I want you to post yours too (while you continue debating) lol Here's some pictures of my ReaperReason loader thing
  14. Thanks for all your replies and suggestions, I'll probably get a book !
  15. My C is super basic so it wasn't hard to be "organized" here, but this is the perfect example where a repetition of the IFs could be avoided. It repeats until I get a result between 50 to 200 bpm for 1 to 20kHz. Is it simple to include a repetition until that condition is met, inside that "while", with what you posted above ? Is it simpler in Python ? #include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>int main(int argc, char *argv[]){ double A, B, C; A = 15; printf("Tool to find the tempo in phase with the period of a frequency \n\n"); while(1) { printf("Hz: "); scanf("%lf", &; C = A/(1/B); if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; if(C<50) C=2*C; if(C>200) C=C/2; printf("BPM = %.10f \n\n",C); } getch(); return 0;}
  16. I'll try to find how to update the code with your method and do a compare test because I just did a test with 4200 "àäâabcdèêëéfghiìîïjklmnoôöòpqrstuùüûvwxyz" .txt files and it indeed took a good amount of time (about 3 minutes & 10 seconds) on my old computer (6000+ AMD). I'll give your suggestion more thought a little later this week when I get a chance.
  17. Hey thanks for the reply. I'll check your script a little later cause I'm heading to work but quickly here's what I need to precise; I switch to ~2 but it could be anything else. The point is that you cannot rename ABC.jpg to abc.jpg because it will make an error and stop right there, saying the filename already exists. Cannot use anything else than VB/PowerShell/Batch on the computer at work because everything is blocked. I cannot install anything ;( but I'll check Python for sure. I know C a little tho
  18. While I'm working on something much bigger that Reaper/Reason ReWirers will love, I thought I'd share a few scripts and see if you can return some of yours ? Especially for Reaper ? I don't know anything about Reaper scripting yet... edit : deleted the codes / too long.
  19. Well, you have some theory nerds who can't compose a song. You have classic nerds who can't improsive anything and just robot-play what they see on a score. Etc. I have enough theory to talk music with other musicians, without going into a deep song surgery... Relying on "theory" to create is missing the point. You have to be able to flip the switch and say fuck theory imo. I'm always gonna go in the opposite direction when someone will say "you can't do this". Theory isn't the same for everybody anyway, at some point. I'm interested by mathematic concepts for instance and will sometimes play with polyrithmy and Fibbonaci or something.. I don't see the point of explaining that after, but I have fun while doing it and although it's a little concept, I forget about it and just escape in my little world. Things like that. edit : yes man, it's a vast ocean and you're heading on a journey that will last forever.. you'll learn and experiment new things in 50 years music has no end.
  20. Escape man. Let your mind go, don't try to find it in a book on theory ! Sure, learning is great, but some people will dress walls around them.. Experiment and have fun.. I like your "Prisoniers" tune btw, there's potencial there.
  21. I guess I'll just post some bands from where I'm from (Qc), so you have a good chance of not knowing them. Agonist; the singer left for Arch Enemy Quo Vadis; tech death melodic or something, this song never gets old. This is more heavy metal, not death ... was a good success in the 90s (sings in French) Unexpect; they toured with Dream Theater; it's like the Cirque du Soleil of multiinstrumetal.
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