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  1. Yngwie Malmsteen Young and wild (pre-accident) Drunk era With Japan Philharmonik Tony Macalpine Tears of Sahara (2015 version) www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBgaksTijkQ Promo for his upcomming album Greg Howe David Valdez (You probably don't know him, but he is awesome) Legend www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwwb2sMtNKw
  2. My room was so full of shit, I couldn't even setup my guits anymore, so I decided to use massonite sheets and hang them with the tools.. should have done that earlier !!
  3. It was an ok game. Way over-rated and boring to replay.
  4. Cool, heavily cyberpunk I hope ? I just got it and will probably start watching it tonight !
  5. Just a bunch of seventh chords as you can see in the video. e----------- b----------- g-3---3--- d-2---2--- a------3--- e-2-------- etc and move around, and add an F powerchord sometimes.
  6. I received quite a few facebook messages from people requesting my two following tunes for intros for their shows. Although not a real ocremix songs, those tunes are on ocremix albums anyway. and especially with this one
  7. There's http://www.twitch.tv/bustatunez
  8. How far did you get ? It's still a very solid game to this day even vs the new ones. My memories of Majora's Mask was the stupid expension pakc which I didn't buy, but rented once. So I played about an evening and that's it. It looked veeery boring, at least the intro/first hours were.
  9. Looking for .wav or .aiff instrument librairies to import in a sampler (SampleTank 3). Looking for something really basic, the 128 GM instruments from Guitar Pro would be perfect, but I'll take anything else you throw at me. Basically, say I have a folder called "Piano" and have a few wav files (A0 Piano.wav, B0 Piano.wav, ..., G7 Piano.wav) is what I'm looking for. Any idea ? Looked for soundfonts but it's generally not a folder with wav files..
  10. I can't wait for Megaman X Corrupted
  11. Considering buying for the 1st time since I saw the announcement this morning.
  12. You don't have the right DAW for orchestral stuff and you have the limited version on top of that so I don't think you have the orchestra librairy that comes with the full Reason. Reason is cool for beats and electronic music, I use it, but after years of struggling for stuff like orchestral things, I''m telling you CHANGE NOW hahah.
  13. Not Steam, but Battlefield 3 is 0.99$ on Origin right now (95% off instead of 20$).
  14. Money, perfume, a crystal head (Vodka) and bought myself a reflex camera.
  15. Seemed to me like someone who wanted to make a cash pass.
  16. www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ7nTbfWYqw
  17. Buy some ? Interfaces; I don't like most of them. I decided to invest a few more dollars to get everything right away (I have a FA-66 from when they were made in Japan by Edirol); ¼ inputs, XRL inputs & phantom power, RCA inputs, s/pdif (optic input/output), MIDI in/out, 4 outputs with direct monitoring and FireWire. What I really needed, that you won't find on every product out there around 100-200$, was FireWire, direct monitoring, midi i/o and 4 balanced outputs. You have your normal 2 outputs (left right) where the volume knob on the interface affects the volume of those outputs (to your speakers/monitors) and the 2 other Left Right outputs are not affected by the volume knob. It's perfect to feed a mixer. Personally what I do with that is route those 2nd outputs to the RCA input and can therefor directly manipulate the sound from my computer. For instance, I can watch YouTube or play CoD and downtune the sound as I'm watching/playing (for fun) or simply just record something off the net directly where downloading isn't possible. Anyway, depends of your needs. FireWire was what I needed because I wanted the processing to be done by the unit itself, not the computer CPU like with USB interfaces. I'll go with Focusrite eventually, when I'll upgrade.
  18. I'd say get Reaper, but you need to be willing to learn seriously the basics. It's super powerful and if you know it very well, jumping to most other DAWs (except Ableton/Reason/FL) will be +90% the same. You'd save $ and could focus on an interface, IMO the most important of all.
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