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  1. Nice first two posts on the forum.
  2. You have no idea how I hate this whole licorn faggish thing everyone finds so funny. Hey, I know someone who's almost 40 and got these colored magical horses all over his desk at work (he said it was just to troll) ...... get trolls instead !!!!
  3. My daughter is not yet 3 and always requests metal in the car (lamb of god, children of bomdom, etc). Dunno if I'm bad parenting, but she's awesome. I'll be daddy a 2nd time in february:) For the milk, I don't understand those who don't breastfeed their own babies. One on my gf's friend had a baby a few months ago, and she said her boobs were sexual toys, not for a baby. You would expect more maturity coming from an highschool teacher... My gf almost gave up tho, she wasn't able to get the milk during the 1st week, but once open it rains haha.
  4. Bought it for 64 bit, keyswitch for Miroslav and the easy browsing.
  5. Hahaha, guess I was a little. I'm building some templates but all I have for now is Miroslav, so for each instance of Miroslav, I have 16 instrument slots. I made one with strings only, one with percussions only, etc But I'm trying to make one more general with a little bit of everything. ]1[| French horns 1 LP ]2[| Trombones FF LP ]3[| Tombones 1 ]4[| Bass drum hall 00 ]5[| Cymbals Hall 00 ]6[| Gongs 01 ]7[| Oboes-Clarinets ]8[| Marimba [9 ] Cinema Strings [10] Split Choir [11] Ethereal Orchestra Strings [12] Bassons 1 [13] Classical Guitar 2 [14] Bell Play 1 Comp [15] GM Perc Map 2 [16] METAL PLATES
  6. : What do you put first ? : You must build some combinators, and your ressources are limited ; you must choose wisely the order of your needs. Make a tremplate - Group(s) of 16 instrument(s) ]1[| ]2[| ]3[| ]4[| ]5[| ]6[| ]7[| ]8[| [9 ] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] Track 16
  7. How do you compose ? One of my colleague loves the "Djent" thing and, that reminded me of some kind of system I made for myself centuries ago where I would put everything as 16ths and write grooves this way: 4/4 : [] Where a dot equals a silence with a lenght of a 16th, and the numbers equal the uninterupted number of 16ths in a row. "tatatata ta tatatata tatata " You can loop it and you have a groove, which I'd call, a 4143 Certainly, that was not any kind of official method, but enabled me to think of grooves and stuff during the day, and I could just take a piece of paper and write it down in 2 seconds. I had other tricks too, I'll post them later I guess, but... Do you have develloped any kind of method on your own that you could share ?
  8. Would use Reaper and set Audition to be the external editor, so you can edit what you're working on in Reaper directly. I much prefer Sound Forge tho, for the simplicity, as a wav editor.
  9. Plan to work my way into a company as an electro/automation tech but just for the rates, probably not to end up boss/pencil-pusher. Wanna keep learning and work on the feild. Musically, that above job will enable me to purchase the tools I'd like to have to devellop my secret craft and, also, keep me sane. I think I'd be sad if I did music for a living. Finally, I'd like to get good enough to maybe do vgm soundtracks or shows, but really I'd like to play live shows with a my own stuff (metal band). Tours ? Nah.. ocassional festivals and stuff yes. I'd like to devellop on YouTube as well. That's about it lol.. I'll soon be 30, I'm not dreaming of living of my music anymore.
  10. they should just post their videos on youtube, their certificate is a joke anyway and it can get boring very fast
  11. Looking for orchestral drums. I only have Miroslav for my orch VST and the timpanis in it are just ridiculous. I do have more tools and samples in Reason but I'd like to find a VST of some sort so that I don't necesserly have to reWire.
  12. Been composing with Guitar Pro since 2002 and never knew I could use it directly with standard notation instead of tabs to compose ? Tried and never worked... how do you do it ? I'd much rather use the notation instead.
  13. For some reason I think some of my music is awesome on some aspects yet sucks on other (a good compo with terrible production or the exact inversion). I never share anything either and what I "have on the net" is not what I am musically. Most of my good stuff is incomplete songs or sketches, like way over a thousand. I accept more my music than before as some sort of "discharge system" and melting pot of thoughts/emotions, but whenever I show it to people I'm always shy/uncertain.
  14. Haven't read it all but if your talking about building a device in which you can plug your current controller with a MIDI in port, and have already the parts list for everything, I'd be up to it.
  15. 1 apple + 1 apple = 2 apple 1 sound + 1 sound = louder sound I think you confused master with limiter.
  16. Ohhhh yes... MM2 too hahaha never got to the alien
  17. OMG therer so many hahah notable ones would be FF7, BF2&3, Quest64, Half-Life
  18. Obviously scanning Google for forums with question concerning the release. He's on many other forums doing the same thing ;P That company has an incredible customer service btw
  19. Damn, hope it stays at 99$ to upgrade, at least a little while.. just bought my wood for a patio lol
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